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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

For 1981 North American sunny models, the "new" DCH306 carburetor - the Hitachi DCR306 -- is introduced

  • Vacuum-controlled Secondary Throttle actuator added
  • Replaceable fuel bowl sight-glass added
  • Vented fuel bowl incorporated




1981 USA DCR306 came with the whole gamut of features.

* Removable fuel bowl sight-glass
* Vacuum-Secondary
* Externally-vented fuel bowl
* Altitude Compensator ports
  (although some DCH306 had these previously)

Removable sight-glass
174_58bf26b05e7a4.jpgPost 484291

Vacuum-Secondary introduced
174_58bf26a9eb102.jpgPost 484291

typically anti-tampering features helps prevent mis-adjustments
21219.jpgAlbum 21219

Fuel bowl is now externally vented.
23419.jpgAlbum 23419
This goes to a special 5-hose Charcoal Canister. The canister has a Vent Switching Valve which is open when the engine is not running, so that vapors from the fuel bowl can go directly to the charcoal filter. When the engine starts, vacuum from the intake manifold closes the VSV.

See main article: Carbon Canister

*Altitude Compensator ports marked 1,2,3
23418.jpgAlbum 23418
4, 3, 2 are used on Altitude Compensator models


1982 USA

X, 2 are plugged; only used on Altitude Compensator models
24053.jpgAlbum 24053


DCR306 numbering appears to be continued from DCH306 versions.

DCR306-100 1981 FED A12A
DCR306-101 1981 FED A15 MT
DCR306-102 1981 FED A15 AT
DCR306-104 1981 FED A14 MPG
DCR306-106 1982 FED A12A
DCR306-107 1982 FED A15 MT
DCR306-108 1982 FED A15 AT
DCR306-109 1982 FED A14 MPG
DCR306-110 1981 CAL A12A
DCR306-111 1981 CAL A15 MT
DCR306-112 1981 CAL A15 AT
DCR306-116 1982 CAL A12A
DCR306-117 1982 CAL A15 MT
DCR306-118 1982 CAL A15 AT
DCR306-120 1981-1982 CAN A12A
DCR306-121 1981-1982 CAN A15 MT
DCR306-122 1981-1982 CAN A15 AT
DCR306-103 1981 FED A15S 16010-M6660 


1981-1982 B310 USA "210" w/A12A,A14,A15
1981 N10 USA "310" w/A15S
1982 N10 USA "310" w/E15S
1982-1983 B11 USA "Sentra" w/E15S
NOTE: 1982 Sentra "MPG" model used electronic feedback carburetor DFP306 

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