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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

The carburetor mixes air with gasoline in the proper ratio for all conditions. 14.7 to 1 by weight is the chemically correct ratio, but engines can work with 8:1 (very rich) to 22:1 (lean burn). For best power, it's about 12:1, but for best economy is is about 18:1. The stock Hitachi carburetor (when in good condition, i.e. not worn out) does an excellent job of providing superb economy but providing a rich power on demand. The Hitachi keeps within the appropriate range for all throttle openings, temperature and loads. No dyno tuning is necessary. Since it works on airflow, not engine size, the Datsun 1200 Hitachi works acceptably on engines from A10 to A15 without changing the jets. As the airflow changes, the carburetor meters the fuel accordingly. Changing the jets is necessary for fine tuning. If engine modifications (or if major modifications to the induction system are made such as a high-overlap camshaft), then jet tuning is a must.


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DCG286: 28 mm secondary bore/26mm primary bore - A10 engine

16010-18000 DCG286-1? B10
16010-18001 DCG286-1A B10
16010-18002 DCG286-2  B10 from E#/A10-27321
16010-18003 DCG286-2A
16010-18004 DCG286-3A B10 from E#/A10-211302
16010-18005 DCG286-3AK B10 ISO
16010-18006 DCG286-3B B10
16010-25701 DCG286-9  KB10
16010-25702 DCG286-9C KB10
16010-25704 DCG286-9CK KB10 ISO
16010-25705 DCG286-9D KB10
16010-20300 DCG286-7? B10
16010-20301 DCG286-8  B10
16010-20302 DCG286-8K B10 ISO
16010-20303 DCG286-8A B10
16010-25721           KB10A
16010-25703           KB10A
16010-H0100 NIKKI 210248-011 B10
16010-M0101 DCG286-4A E10
16010-M0102 DCG286-4B E10 (from '70-11)
16010-M0103 DCG286-4C E10 (from '71-6)
16010-M0104 DCG286-4D E10 (from '71-9)
16010-M0900 DCG286-6  E10
16010-M0901 DCG286-6  E10 (from '70-11)
16010-M0902 DCG286-6B E10 (from '71-9)

Has large round top which the air cleaner clamps to
174_5c135ee91a2fe.jpgPost 490161


DCG306 for A12 (manual choke). All Hitachi DCG306 have barrel sizes of 26/30 mm.

1974 B120 Parts Catalog C-288
16010-H1001 DCG306-1A
16010-H1002 DCG306-1B (from 1970-11)
16010-H1003 DCG306-1C (from 1971-7)
16010-H1004 DCG306-1D (from 1971-9)
16010-H5000 DCG306-7  (from 1973-3)*
16010-H5001 DCG306-2  B210 A12
16010-H5002 DCG306-7A B120.A12 (from 1973-8)
16010-H5003 DCG306-2A B210.A12 (from 1973-8)

* DCG306-7 debut of Anti-diesel Valve

16010-M1500 DCG306-6 E10
16010-M1501 DCG306-6A E10 (from '71-9)


B110 sedan/coupe/van
1970-1976 DCG306 manual choke
1972 USA DCH306 Auto-choke
1973 USA DCH306 Auto-choke w/anti-diesel
B120 truck/ute/pickup
1971-1975 DCG306 manual choke
7510-7803 16010-H7802 DCH306 auto-choke w/anti-diesel
                      also capped idle screw begins
7804-7907 16010-G1660 
7908-8109 16010-G1615
8110-8503 16010-G2600 removable sight glass (see DCR306)
8504-8910 16010-G1900
8910-     16010-95W00 DFC306 ECU carb


In Taiwan and Malaysia Nikki carburetors were reportedly used on A12 engine. Nikkis are famous for use on bigger Datsuns like the 510.

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