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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Come To Sunny Side

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Categories: Documentation | Datsun B310

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"Come To Sunny Side" was a marketing push for 1980 B310 Sunny (campaign starting late 1979). The four models were featured in many advertisements.

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174_5d094d7e069b4.jpgPost 491736

Most fuel efficient Sunny (As expected)

  • 1980 JDM GX with California license plate
  • could it be sailboats on San Francisco bay?
  • EPA fuel economy #1
  • Come To Sunny Side
  • 燃費のサニー Sunny Fuel Consumption
Come To Sunny Side
Your Friend あなたの味方
Sunny fuel consumption 燃費のサニー

B310 1400 SGL
174_5d0953d6115e9.jpgPost click for topic

  • can make out it says 1400 SGL
  • EPA paragraph says Datsun 210, so that's USA EPA fuel economy ratings
  • something about Sunny Photo Contest サニーフォトコンテスト

Sunny Side Gals

Title: Come To Sunny Side [four models giving hand sign]
1979 October all B310 B310
Format:24 pages Size:21.5x26cm Publication Number:9101T

サニー特集号 Sunny Special Issue
* 小野みゆき #Miyuki Ono
* 服部まこ   #Maku Hattori
* 堀川まゆみ #Mayumi Horikawa
* 高原美由紀 #Miyuki Takahara

174_5d0b29dc3e9ed.jpg#cover 174_5d0b29f2f039c.jpg#2-3 174_5d0e747deaa7c.jpg#4-5 174_5d0e748491601.jpg#6-7 174_5d0e748bb8444.jpg#8-9 174_5d0e7495e975d.jpg#10-11 174_5d426bbe0e028.jpg#12-13 174_5d426c4d5d3ee.jpg#14-15 174_5d4401b15cb5c.jpg#16-17 174_5d4401bb8d42c.jpg#18-19 174_5d468e8f358d5.jpg#20-21 174_5d47bb03149d9.jpg#back


Completely New - Silent Sunny
Special Issue

174_5d0b29dc3e9ed.jpgPost 491745

SGL Sedan

174_5d0b29f2f039c.jpgPost 491745

Red -- Range

小野みゆき Miyuki Ono
174_5d0e747deaa7c.jpgPost 491745

Green -- Coupe

堀川まゆみ Mayumi Horikawa
174_5d0e748491601.jpgPost 491745

Blue -- California

5 Door Sports Sedan — 高原美由紀 Miyuki Takahara
174_5d0e748bb8444.jpgPost 491745

Yellow -- Sedan

服部まこ Maku Hattori
174_5d0e7495e975d.jpgPost 491745

Ladies Coupe

174_5d426bbe0e028.jpgPost 492064

SGL Sedan

174_5d426c4d5d3ee.jpgPost 492064

Fresh Sunny family, Original Bazar

Original Bazar

  • Silvia City Adult modeled by the Sunny Side Gals
  • Sunny Boys & Girls
  • Sunny-chan small-coin bank figure

174_5d4401b15cb5c.jpgPost 492064

The Sunny family circa 1980 including
* Sunny Van
* Sunny Truck
* Sunny Cab Vanette
* Sunny Cab Truck

A10 Stanza and S110 Silvia

The Trio -- buy them all at the Sunny Store
174_5d4401bb8d42c.jpgPost 492064

5-door Sports Sedan

5DSS - Sunny California
174_5d468e8f358d5.jpgPost 492064


Back Cover

サニークリスマスプレゼントフィンランドのサンタのおじさんからステキなクリスマスプレゼント! A wonderful Christmas present from the uncle of Finnish Santa!

174_5d47bb03149d9.jpgPost 492105

Sunny     サニー
Christmas クリスマス
Present   プレセント

応募用秖に住所・氏名を書いてプレゼントコーナーヘ提出しよう! Write your address and name on the application form and submit it to the present corner!

Sunny Shop:
日産サニー新亰亮販売株式会社 Nissan Sunny Shinsho Sales Co., Ltd.

Advertising tagline: Aiming tomorrow for people and cars (harmony)

日産自動車株式会社 ...


54ssa.jpg 54ssb.jpg 54ssc.jpg

Completely New - Quiet Sunny

Come To Sunny Side (blue) S54 11 48pp
すっかり新型・静かなサニー Completely new - Silent Sunny

B310_54_11_p1.jpg B310_54_11_p2.jpg B310_54_11_p3.jpg B310_54_11_p4.jpg B310_54_11_p5.jpg B310_54_11_p6.jpg

1979-10 October S54, 46 pages Come To Sunny Side
s54.10.46pp1.jpg s54.10.46pp2.jpg s54.10.46pp3.jpg img_1_m.jpg

19800346pp1.jpg 19800346pp2.jpg 19800346pp3.jpg

Your Friend Sunny

Come To Sunny Side (blue) S55 (1980)
あなたの味方・燃費のサニー You Friend - Sunny Fuel Consumption

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