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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Datsun B310

Datsun model series B310 was the fourth-generation Sunny. They were sold 1977-1983 and marketed in various countries as the Datsun 210 or Datsun Sunny. In some countries it was designated Datsun 120Y, Datsun 130Y, Datsun 140Y or Datsun 150Y, depending on the engine fitted.



For more details and how the Sunny family was developed, see History of Datsun 1200.

B310 was introduced to Japan in November 1977 and exports started a year later.

WikiMedia - WB310 Wagon (sweepback style)

Blue Wind limited version 1979 "Blue on blue" A14 4-dr
BLUE_WIND.jpg th_Sunny_limited.jpg th_Sunny_limited-back.jpg

B310 vs. 310

Datsun model B310 was the fourth-generation Sunny family:

1978-1982 B310, marketed as Datsun 210 in North Ameria

It is sometimes confused with the Datsun 310, which was a totally different model.

Datsun 310 was a front-wheel drive model from the Cherry/Pulsar family:

1979-1983 Datsun 310 (Datsun model series N10)


Van (VB310) in Japan came only with Round-eye headlamps
Wagon (WB310) came only with 3-piece bumper
 7901-7909 カリフォルニア A14 round-eye
 7910-8010 カリフォルニア A14 square-eye
 8011-     カリフォルニア A15

International Comparison

1980 Australia

1980 USA

1980 Malaysia


Safety bumpers were optional, while most B310 models got lightweight bumper. Safety bumpers were mandatory for North America.

See main article: B310 Bumpers


1977-1979 came with round headlights. Late 1979 changed to square headlights.

See main article: B310 Grille

10685.jpg 11947.jpg 9936.jpg

Tail Lights

See main article: B310 Tail Lights

North America


  • 1979 and early 1980 Model year: round headlights
    Until Oct 1979
  • 1980 late Model Year: square headlights 'D' grille emblem
    From Oct 1979
  • 1981-1982 Model Years: square headlights 'DATSUN' grille emblem
    From August 1980
    North America models got 'DATSUN' badge

Model Identifications

This legend will help partially to understand the plate codes listed below.

B310 Model Identification


Body type
K = Coupe
W = Wagon (Sunny California/Sport Wagon)
V = Van (Squareback wagon)
(Base engine, which for B310 is A12S, A12A, or A13S)
* H = High Engine (for B310, this is A14S)
* P = Power Engine (for B310, this is A15S)
(Right Hand Drive)
* L = Left-Hand Drive


Destination Country/Territory Codes
* M = Australia
* V = California, USA
* U = USA FED (Federal, meaning non-California)
* N = Canada
Transmission Codes
(4-speed manual)
* F = 5-speed manual
* A = Automatic
Engine Suffix
* E = EGI (A14E or A15E)
Body Suffix
* R = 2-door sedan
B310 Trim Codes
(DX [Deluxe])
* S = STD (Standard)
* G = GLA (Grand Luxe Automatic)
* A = ES (Coupe Elegance Sport, 7910-)
* S = CT (Standard sedan)
* Y = CITY DX (City Deluxe)
early Van Standard
SPDX A (late Van Super Deluxe A)
* P = DXA (mid Van Deluxe A)
* P = SPDX (early Van Super Deluxe)
* H = GL# (GL, GLA)
* H = GS (Coupe Grand Sport)
* H(LA) = SGL
* X = GX
* X = RSE (Coupe Rally Sport, 7910-)
* X(LA) = SGX
SPT (Coupe Sport 7910-, no suffix code)
DX (Coupe Deluxe -7909, no suffix code)
J = DXA (late Van Deluxe A)

ID Plates

The "Car Number Plate" (Type Plate) is found on the cowl dash panel, in the engine room, on the center of the firewall.

Old-style Plate type used through September 1979

New-style ID plate type used starting October 1979

This style plate was first used in October 1979

  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Japan: If you didn't know, Datsuns were made by Nissan
  • Type KPB310
    • K = Coupe
    • P = 2nd biggest optional engine
    • B310 is the model series
  • Chassis No. JN1PB04S2B9259790: VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
    • JN1: Japan, Nissan
    • PB04S2: Manufacturer-specific
      • PB04S: KPLB310
      • 2 is the check digit
    • B: Model year 1981
    • 9: Fuji Plant
    • 259790: Chassis Number
  • Model KPLB310FUG
    • F = Five-speed
    • U = United States
    • G = GL Trim
  • Color, Trim 804 P
  • Engine A15 Engine(S) 1488cc: S = single carb
  • Trans Axle FS5W60A HB37: 60-Series Transmission and Hitachi 3.700 ratio Differential, B-style carrier
  • Plant 9: Fujiya

A12A plate

early Japan plate H9400 VB310 68 horsepower A12

Japanese plate for LHD USA vehicle (FU B310)

Japanese plate for LHD CANADA vehicle

FUC - C is unknown


Australia (M-code) A15

1981 Panel Van
V = Van
R = 2-door
V = 2-seater(?)
M = Australia



B310= 4th generation Datsun Sunny


E1 10 346.01 (A12 Engine)
E2 10 80.024 (A15 Engine)
   11 17
   12 18 78.004
   15 03 78.020 (A12-Mechanical)
E4 15 0310041 (A15-Mechanical)
   15 0310040 (A15-Automatic)

Trim Color Codes

Interior Trim Color

P = Black (黒)
G = Brown (茶)
815 [Cornflower Blue]


See main article: B310 Badges

th_20121107_130816_DSC04399.jpg th_B310_140Y.jpg


* 1978: Japan only
* 1979: Export first year. Early 1979 USA has locking fuel door
* 1980: Change to square headlights, intermittent wipers
* 1981: Change to rectangular gauges
* 1982: final year


KB310: Coupe
B310: 4-door sedan
B310R: 2-door sedan
VB310: Van 4-door (square back wagon)
11701.jpg 2893.jpg
VB310R: Van 2-door (square back wagon)
th_SV6b.jpg th_SV7a.jpg
WB310: Wagon 4-door (Sunny California, and all USA wagons)
8853.jpg 7645.jpg

North America

Coupe: A14, A15, automatic, 4-speed or 5-speed
A12A - 2-dr Sedans only. Only with 56A 4-speed
A15 early: Wagon only

Chassis Numbers

1979 introduction


B310 with 13" wheels were fitted with Datsun A10 (Stanza/510) front suspension, including the struts and steering linkage. This includes the large 245mm disc brake rotors. It used the larger W50 balljoints so the front track is wider than the rear by 30mm

tire edge to body edge
rear: 2.5"
front: 1-3/8"

B310 with 12" wheels have even track front to rear.

Rear Axle

  • B310 sedans and coupes got coil-spring 3-link rear axle assembly.
  • Wagons got coil spring (Wagon = slant-back wagon, called "Calfornia" in Japan market)
  • Vans (square back wagon) got a leaf spring rear axle
  • GX models (including California wagon) got a rear sway bar

The differential is H150 in all cases.

Key Dates

1977-11 Introduction
1978-12 Minor trim update
1979-01 California (WB310) introduction
1979-10 Facelift (square eye introduction]
North America
* 1978 Sep 16: EPA announces Fuel Economy of 35 mpg
* 1978 Sep 21: First advert in Canada
* 1978 Sep ~23: Canada Press introduction with "Datsun Media Challenge" Rally in Calgary

$4899 USD for 1980

Also See

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Photo Index

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th_B310_140Y.jpg th_150_emblem.jpg

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