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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

DGV connections and adjustments

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Fuel System

Settings forWeber 32/36 Carburetor.



Adjust Fast Idle for 2200 RPM when engine is cold (choke fully on).

After getting the engine warmed fully up, adjust idle speed & idle mixture according to "best lean idle" method. See Idle Speed and Mixture Adjustment.

Idle speed Screw

Adjustment screws

warm idle adjuster screws



The return line has a smaller hole than the fuel inlet line, so don't get them mixed up! Most Webers do not have provision for a return line, as the 32/36 does not need it. Keep the fuel pressure to the Weber-specified and you won't need it either. It is only used in emission-controlled versions.

The bowl vent (Charcoal Canister fitting) is only used in emission-controlled versions.

If any of the fittings are undrilled, they can be drilled out and fittings pressed in, or tapped for a screw-in fitting.


Vacuum Advance

The A12 will run fine without vacuum advance. Still for the most part-throttle power, connect it.


How to hook up the crankcase breather?

Connect the crankcase breather hose to to the air cleaner. Some 32/36 air cleaners have a round hole, a fitting can be connected there to attach the breather hose.

white fitting attaches to round hole

Breather Hose with special anti-backfire baffle
PCV_upper.jpg 13527.jpgAlbum click to view

Also see: discussion engine question?? in the main forum

Carburetor Tuning

Tuning is a Must

If you buy a kit for your specific engine, it will run fairly good out of the box, but should still be tuned to match your engine. If you obtain one second-hand, count on swapping jets, emulsions tube and other tuning parts to make your engine run right. Black smoke, smelly exhaust, jerky acceleration and poor fuel economy is what you get before you tune it. It may "feel powerful", but you can make it run even better with some patience and the right parts.

See Main Article: Weber DGV Tuning
* Tuning
* Jetting
* Adjustments


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