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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Electric Fuel Pump

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel System | Fuel Injection

An electric fuel pump can be fitted if the stock mechanical Fuel Pump goes bad. Carburetor applications call for 4 psi max, so using a low-pressure pump is recommended.



See also: Fuel Pump Blank


  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Primes the carb fuel bowl (no more cranking and cranking just to get fuel to the carburetor)


  • Extra wiring needed
  • Noisy
  • Danger of fire in a crash if pump keeps pumping fuel. For safety fit a #crash relay


You may have heard it said that fuel electric fuel pumps are supposed to be mounted in the rear, near the fuel tank. The main reason why is to pressurize the fuel lines, by doing so it lessens the possibility that fuel will boil in the fuel lines and cause vapor lock when exposed to a lot of heat. However in a stock Datsun 1200 the hot parts (exhaust system) are on the left side of the car, while the fuel lines are on the right side of the car. So location is generally not a problem. Many have successfully run electric fuel pumps in the engine bay of their 1200. See POST fuel pump question

Fuel pump located below battery



B310 USA Datsun "210"

Beck/Arnley 152-0127
5198.jpgAlbum click to view

Patrol & 720

Stock on newer Nissan Patrol and Datsun 720 pickups:
17149.jpgAlbum click to view

* W0133-1601714 Nissan 720 OE Service Fuel Pump
* 16404-28500 filter
* Beck/Arnley 1520741 (
16420-E0100 BLANKING PLATE A-series, E-series, Z-series


CAUTION: Since these draw a high current, wire with a dedicated 10A fuse circuit

2011 Catalog
23871.jpgAlbum click to view

  • 17010-A7600 High-Flow Volume Fuel Pump (General-Purpose)
    • Price: 11,500 Yen
    • Output Volume: 1.3L/min (at P=29kPa, 0.3kg/cm2)
    • Outside Diameter: 60 mm
    • Length: 140 mm
    • Intake: 8 mm (~1/4 inch)
    • Outlet: 8 mm (~1/4 inch)
    • Current: 7.0 amp
    • Carburetor-use, electromagnetic piston type, with insulator
17010-RR710 High-Flow Volume Fuel Pump (General-Purpose)
* Price: 40,000 Yen
* Output Volume: 3.6L/min (at P=29kPa, 0.3kg/cm2)
* Outside Diameter: 60 mm
* Length: 160 mm
* Intake: 12.2 mm (slightly under 1/2 inch)
* Outlet: threaded M12 x 1.5
* Current: 7.2 amp
* Roller Vane type
1984 Nissan Competition catalog
 Due to 7 PSI, a regulator is required
 For use in 17010-A7600 
 Required when removing stock fuel pump
17010-A7600 NISMO High Volume Nissan type "Transistor"
* 16404-29900 Replacement Filter
* 16420-E0100 Blanking plate (for A-series engine fuel pump) $12.08 USD
16889.jpgAlbum click to view


Rockauto - Airtex universal kit

20951.jpgAlbum click to view


Mitsuba Part Number FP-3

21320.jpgAlbum click to view 21326.jpgAlbum click to view 21327.jpgAlbum click to view

18532.jpgAlbum click to view


Because most electric fuel pump output more than the Weber recommendation of 3.5 psi, a regulator may need to be used.

564.gifAlbum click to view

EFI Fuel Pump

Electronic Fuel Injection generally requires a medium to high-pressure pump.

See main article: EFI for A-series engine
See Fuel System


The fuel pump is best wired up with a relay -- you don't want the high current to go through your ignition switch.

Holley universal Fuel Pump Relay kit $107

An oil pressure safety switch can also be fitted to cut power to the fuel pump if the engine stops.

* Holley Safety Switch $29
* Mr. Gasket 7872 $16
* male 1/8 BSPT to female 1/8 NPT adapter $6 eBay

There are also more sophisticated relays that take a TACH signal and crash sensor to detemine when to cut off the power.


22115.jpgAlbum click to view

  • 16-gauge wire for the HOT side (RED or whatever color you want) $5
  • 16-gauge wire BLACK for the earth/ground side $5
  • 10A Fuse/30A for EFI $3
  • Relay of minimum 10A rating, get a reliable OEM unit like this common Nissan part:
    21854.jpgAlbum click to view
  1. Connect short length of HOT wire to the BAT + or ALT + (your choice)
  2. Fix fuse to this short HOT wire, to protect the rest of the new wiring
  3. Then more HOT to the Relay (D). Keep the wire as short as is feasible
  4. more HOT wire from relay to the fuel pump connector
  5. Fix BLACK from new pump connector to a body ground or engine block
  6. connect small wire (20 gauge is fine) from IGN circuit of the original wiring hanress to relay. Connect it to one of these:
    • points ignition: 12V side of the coil resistor
    • electronic ign: + side of the coil
    • anti-diesel valve on the carburetor
  7. Connect small black wire to ground relay switch (E). Can ground it to:
    • body, or
    • engine block
  8. To prevent corrosion, seal all the wire connection ends with a sealer

Improved Pump Relay Circuit

Factory Nissan circuit sees 3 relays. Allows pump to run when starting, and automatically cuts off if oil pressure fails.

RELAY-1: pump power relay
RELAY-2: normally closed IGN to Power relay switch
RELAY-3: sensing relay. Oil pressure falls, grounds Relay-2

Because ACC is OFF when key=START, fuel pump is powered during START.

22224.jpgAlbum click to view

Uses two diodes. The dual-purpose oil pressure switch is for the S110 with Oil Pressure Gauge instead of oil lamp. Datsun 1200 does not need this switch.


Evilsim's fuel pump safety switch:
24125.jpgAlbum click to view

an94541's safety wiring (doesn't include a priming circuit)

Inertia Safety Switch

An inertia switch can also be fitted to cut power in a crash.

22118.jpgAlbum click to view

STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS/Intermotor FV7 Universal $70

Junk yard can net one cheap:
1990 circa Ford ($50.87 New). Mount with button up.

Mount on a steel panel, like the kick panel or firewall. After a bump, pushing on the reset button causes the linkage to reset itself. 

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