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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Fuel Gauge Wiring

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Wiring


The coolant/water temperature gauge incorporates a voltage regulator, which controls both fuel and water gauges.

  • If both the water and fuel gauges are off, suspect the regulator
  • If only one gauge is incorrect, suspect a bad connection, usually at the sender
See:  Fuel Gauge Wiring
See:  Temperature Gauge Wiring

Temperature Sender at cylinder head (on right side of head, at the very front):
8122.jpgAlbum 8122

Fuel Level Sender at fuel tank
24469.jpgAlbum 24469

Voltage Regulator is part of Temperature Gauge
19519.jpgAlbum 19519

Voltage Regulator Circuit in Cluster Gauge

Fuel Gauge

Back at the Fuel tank, there is a single Yellow (Y) wire on the sender. This wire is grounded through the sender resistance.

  • connects to Y wire in the main body harness
  • connects to Y wire in the dash wiring harness
  • connects to Y wire in the cluster connector

The sender is grounded through the tank body.

Troubleshooting Fuel Gauge

A non-working Fuel gauge is usually one of three things:

* Bad 'sender' (sensor) which is in the fuel tank
* Bad gauge in the dash
* Bad wiring
  1. Pull the Fuel sensor wire (Yellow) off at fuel tank
  2. Ground/earth this wire
  3. turn IGN switch on and observe gauge:
    • Gauge still dead. It is not caused by fuel sender. Check for loose wiring, at back of dash, or at dash wiring harness connectors
    • Gauge goes to Full. Bad sender

Sender Resistance Check
You can also check the Resistance of the sender. Remove Yellow wire and measure between terminal and bare metal of sender: It should read higher than 10 ohms, but less than 88 ohms. If it is higher or lower than this range, replace the Sender.

Sender Full-Range Test

  1. Remove Fuel sender from tank. This is fairly easy with Sedan, or with ute after removing inspection cover from tray. Not easy with Coupe.
  2. With wiring connected to sender, ground/earth the top of the sender to body ground (using a jumper wire)
    • Float down, gauge should read below E
    • Float up, gauge should read above F

The Fuel Tank Sender (fuel sensor) has a float, and as it rises and falls with the fuel level, it varies the electrical resistance (Ohms) of the sensor. As measured by club members, by moving the float up and down from stop to stop:

12 ohms fully up 
88 ohms fully down
35 ohms half full (per Nissan Factory Service Manual)


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