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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Temperature Gauge

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Wiring

Datsun 1200 comes with a full temperature gauge in the Cluster Gauge, controlled electrically by the Thermal transmitter (sender) that is screwed into the cylinder head.


Instrument Panel Gauge

The temperature gauge is part of the Cluster Gauge
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Also see:
* Water Temperature Gauge in Instruments and Controls
* Radiator, section Temperature

Dash gauge. It is not unusual with any 10-year old stock radiator for the temperature to rise during summer. If you have this, don't panic. The engine can run all day close to the "H" mark. Just don't let it go over that.

Normal Temperature
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According to Owner's Manual: Water Temperature Gauge, this is the normal range.

Normal Range

Part Number

  • 24880-H1000 GAUGE-water temperature JDM [kaku]
  • 24880-H1000 GAUGE-water temperature B120 -7803
  • 24880-H1800 GAUGE-water temperature JDM [maru]
  • 24880-H1800 GAUGE-water temperature B120 7804-
  • 24880-H1800 GAUGE-WATER TEMP USA [round gauge]
  • 24880-H3100 GAUGE-water 1972 JDM

  • 24880-H5500 INDICATOR ASS'Y-water temperature JDM B210


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Voltage Regulator

The instrument panel voltage regulator is integrated with the Temperature Gauge and is not sold separately. This regulates:

  • temperature gauge
  • fuel gauge

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    • For round and rectangle gauge panels
  • 24880-H3100 Gauge W/temp 7804- $50.60 USD
    • also used by 620 truck 1972-1979

Thermal Transmitter

The temperature sender (sensor) is called the thermal transmitter. If varies resistance according to temperature.

Transmitter at right front corner of head
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25080-89900-1.jpg 25080-89900-1-1.jpg


The late Sunny Truck has an ECU-controlled carburetor and uses a coolant temp sensor (in addition to the coolant temp sender for the guage).

* JAPAN C22 K.A15 JAPAN 1985-1991 (5-door high-roof)
* JAPAN B120 A12S 8910- [fitted to front of intake manifold]
* LD20/LD20T/LD28, CD17/CD20,E13S/E15S/E15E/E15T,RD28,MA10S,Y44E,SD33
* CA18E/CA18ET,L20/L20E/L28E,Z18E/Z20E,FJ20
* 19 mm hex
* M12 x 1.5 threads
* rectangle connector
Most Fuel Injected Datsun-Nissan
* BECK/ARNLEY 1580135

Location on Late Sunny Truck


Yellow/White wire connects to the Sender near the front of the cylinder head.
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This YW wire goes straight to the Cluster Gauge connector. See: Instrument Panel Wiring.

Late Sunny Truck: Transmitter <--> Y/W/R engine harness <--> Y/W instrument harness <--> Dash Round Plug #1 <--> temp gauge <--> Instrument Panel Voltage Regulator


The coolant/water temperature gauge incorporates a voltage regulator, which controls both fuel and water gauges.

  • If both the water and fuel gauges are off, suspect the regulator
  • If only one gauge is incorrect, suspect a bad connection, usually at the sender
See:  Fuel Gauge Wiring
See:  Temperature Gauge Wiring

Temperature Sender at cylinder head (on right side of head, at the very front):
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Fuel Level Sender at fuel tank
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Voltage Regulator is part of Temperature Gauge
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Voltage Regulator Circuit in Cluster Gauge


First, clean the connections of the wire to the thermal transmitter (engine temp sensor).
Yellow wire just about hose clamp
Remove the wire and clean the connector. Replace. Make sure the wire fits tight.

  • If both fuel and temperature gauges do not work at all, the fuse is likely burnt out. Inspect the fuse. If the fuse is good, the instrument panel voltage regulator may be bad
  • If both fuel gauge and temperature gauge read incorrectly (high or low) or fluctuate, the problem is likely the shared instrument panel voltage regulator. But first check the wiring connections. They may be loose or corroded.
  • If gauge reads MAX hot with ignition OFF, gauge is defective.
  • If gauge reads MAX hot with ignition ON, but cold with ignition OFF, transmitter is bad
  • Ground sensor wire at engine. If gauge fluctuates, gauge is bad

Accuracy Test

  • Buy a 20-ohm resistor at Radio Shack or other electronics store.
  1. At the engine, locate the thermal transmitter:
  2. Pull the wire off the transmitter and put a 20-ohm resistor from the wire to earth/ground
  3. Turn IGN switch to "ON". Gauge should read about halfway (straight up and down).

Nissan Electrical

From the 1973 Datsun 1200 Factory Service Manual.

Ohms  Temp
100   50C (122F) 

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