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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hall-effect distributor conversion

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Electrical System | Ignition Modifications

Convert your newer Hitachi D4A Distributor (A14/A15/A12) to Hall-effect using VW distributor. Only need to drill one little hole. Hall Effect is a magnetic sensor with built-in amplifier in the sensor, to create a standard voltage signal before it is sent to an ignition controller. The dizzy is locked, no mechanical advance or nothing -- the controller does that, so this is good for a custom turbo spark curve.



This can be used with an ECU or with a programmable ignition controller like MSD 6AL-2. A points distributor can also trigger ECU or controller, but the Hall Effect works reliably at RPMs in excess of 8000 RPM and need no periodic adjustment.

Finished product
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Main Forum discussions:
* Hallified A14\A15 Dizzy
* crank angle sensor

Parts Needed

Parts Needed
* Hitachi D4A Distributor 1973-up large cap type
VW/Audi electronic ignition Hall-effect type distributor
* wire shield
* Disrupter ring (trigger ring)
* Hall Effect sensor plate
* rotor shaft

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1980-1983 Volkswagen/Audi electronic ignition distributor (hall effect type) for 4-cylinder engine.

Rockauto $122
South Africa
* Golf Mk1 1.8 and others
USA 4-cyl 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
* 1980-1983 Audi 4000 MFI
* 1980-1983 VW Dasher, Jetta, Rabbit, Scirrocco, Quantum


Remove the Hitachi contact plate
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Modify the Golf rotor shaft by cutting a flat on one side so the Hitachi rotor will slip on. Use file and hacksaw.

Remove the Hitachi rotor shaft & install Golf rotor shaft
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The Golf's upper shaft has 2 pins underneath, where the springs get hooked up, make them fit in between the weights, and when your tighten it from the top, just add a little washer, the make sure the shaft gets tightened, so it's locked with the bottom shaft.

Install the locked contact point plate (this disables vacuum advance)
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Install the Golf sensor plate (drill one hole)
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Fit Golf wire shield in place
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Install circlip
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Put Disrupter ring in place, key and top circlip
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