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How to fit Datsun A14 Engine

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Category: Tech Section

This is the old Tech Section article

See the updated article: A-Series Engine Swaps

How to fit Datsun A14 & A15 Engines
Published by: Davo1200 , On: Sep-25-2002

How to fit Datsun A14 & A15 Engines


Now, these are practically the most simple, easiest of engine conversion. If you want a power gain for your Datsun 1200, with no extra hassles and for a cheap price, a standard A14/15 will give your 1200 a good rise in performance.


Datsun A14 Engine

Bore: 76mm
Stroke: 77mm
Conrod: 133mm
Block Hieght: 204.1mm
Displacement: 1397cc
Power: approx 78hp

Datsun A15 Engine

Bore: 76mm
Stroke: 82mm
Conrod: 133mm
Block Height: 204.1
Displacement: 1488cc
Power: approx 81hp

There is a simple procedure for fitting an A14/15. If you own a Datsun 1200 ute, the chances are your A14/15 will bolt up and start due to the fact that the cross-member has different shaped mounts. The 1200 Coupe, Sedan and Wagon are a different story.

The procedure is:

1. Leave existing crossmember mounts.

2. Leave existing A14/15 engine mounts.

3. Sit engine in bay using an engine hoist

4. Your mounts will not line up.

5. A14/15 engine mounts are approx 2" further back.

6. As your cross-member mounts lean forward, you will need to extend the top backwards 2"

7. Make measurments of steel needed.

8. Take engine out

9. Using 6-8mm flat steel about 2" wide, cut 2 peices approx 3" long and 2 supporting peices that will run down to the crossmember itself. This peice sits vertical.

9. Sit steel plates into position and only tack weld into position.

10. Sit engine in bay and make sure the engine mounts line up with your newly fabricated mounts.

11. Make sure extractors clear mounts.

12. Mark on the new steel mount where the rubber mount will bolt to.

13. Take engine out.

14. Weld mounts solid

15. Drill hole for rubber mounts.

16. Paint welds!

17. Drop in A14/15 onto new mounts.

18. Bolt up, wire up and start.

Thats the simple way. If your A14/15 is producing more hp or you just keep breaking rubbers, use all 4 mounting points!

1. Simply modify your engine mounts to extend forward 2" using steel plate.

2. Drill holes for rubber and in an instant your should be able to use 4 rubber mounts.

Heres a pic..
Modified engine mount

3. Your fuel pump may interfere with the righthand side mount. You could use an electronic pump or just keep 1 mount.

NOTE: This is the old Tech Section article

See the updated article: A-Series Engine Swaps

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