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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B310

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Datsun B310 Coupe was a 2-door model with a hatchback. There was also a 2-door Sedan which had a trunk and traditional roomy back seat.



1978-1980 Round Headlights
1980-1983 Square Headlights

2-door Coupe has fastback styling | 2-door Sedan has level roofline with a roomy trunk (3-box style)
KB310.jpg B310R.jpg

Marketed as Datsun 210 in Canada
21586.jpgAlbum 21586

Coupe trunk is implemented as a Hatchback (unlike the KB110 Datsun 1200 Coupe)
174_5d81e23430e79.jpgPost 492632

round-eye (early) models
4618.jpgAlbum 4618 14588.jpgAlbum 14588 4149.jpgAlbum 4149 19861.jpgAlbum 19861

A14-type B310 Grille
19858.jpgAlbum 19858 19581.jpgAlbum 19581 11790_4b195dbc2077d.jpgPost 294173

Economy Champs

Also See: Fuel economy

B3101979Coupe-HighestMileage.jpg B31079datsun210.jpg


North America
USA FEDERAL emissions
A14 + 4-speed

174_61636d6b4106b.jpgPost 495991 174_61636d7821a3a.jpgPost 495991 20121107_131551_DSC04440.jpg 20121110_115005_DSC04665_x.jpg 20121110_115005_DSC04665_x_1.jpg 20121107_130816_DSC04399.jpg 174_61636d8dd0169.jpgPost click for topic 20121107_131954_DSC04458.jpg 20121107_132001_DSC04459.jpg 174_5d0effcb85a63.jpgPost click for topic 20121107_132019_DSC04461.jpg 20121107_132027_DSC04462.jpg 20121107_132031_DSC04463.jpg 20121107_132036_DSC04464.jpg 20121107_132045_DSC04465.jpg 20121107_132051_DSC04466.jpg 20121107_132057_DSC04467.jpg 20121107_132103_DSC04468.jpg 20121107_132140_DSC04469.jpg 20121107_132227_DSC04471.jpg 20121107_132305_DSC04472.jpg 20121107_132323_DSC04473.jpg 20121107_132341_DSC04475.jpg 20121107_132354_DSC04476.jpg 20121107_132447_DSC04481.jpg 20121107_132529_DSC04483.jpg 20121107_132705_DSC04490.jpg 20121107_132712_DSC04491.jpg 20121107_132747_DSC04492.jpg 20121107_132506_DSC04482.jpg

Lectra 2+2

Electric Datsun B310.
174_5765f1f308f32.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f19d0d860.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1b2d6ffe.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1c251072.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1ceb6f88.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1d6d77a5.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1dfa9d9b.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1e99ee48.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f1fbb34a6.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f203b6833.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f21d67595.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f22809e26.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f2323a0a2.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f23cb2ed1.jpgPost 479336 174_5765f246f0f42.jpgPost 479336

Photo Features

POST 1978 Coupe SGX brown

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