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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Kick Panel

From Datsun 1200 Club

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The Dash Side Trimming covers the side of the foot well, just forward of the front doors. These are popularly called "Kick Panels". The factory right and left speakers are mounted on the kick panel. The flare may be attached to the passenger-side panel.




13444.jpgAlbum 13444

  • The panels have a cut-out area for the (optional) speaker, which can easily be removed and discarded in order to fit the speaker.
  • Early panels (up to 1978) have kidney-shaped/triangular plug in each panel, which gives access to the lower Door Hinge bolts. The plug differs RH to LH.
  • panels and plugs came in Black (early 1200), Brown (1978-1988) and Gray (1989-up)
  • panels are the same RHD and LHD
  • panels are the same for sedan, coupe, van and truck

287.jpgAlbum 287 3745.jpgAlbum 3745 10150.jpgAlbum 10150 10808.jpgAlbum 10808


The kick panel finishes the dash side panel of the firewall, covering the speaker and the lower door hinge
28828.jpgAlbum 28828 28827.jpgAlbum 28827

23934.jpgAlbum 23934

28838.jpgAlbum 28838 28826.jpgAlbum 28826


Right-side panel. With speaker cut-out intact. Unless the optional stereo is installed, no speaker is mounted on this side.
28824.jpgAlbum 28824 28826.jpgAlbum 28826

Left-side panel. The extra two holes are used to mount the flare bracket for the Japan market.
28825.jpgAlbum 28825 28827.jpgAlbum 28827


For the Japan market, the Emergency Signal flare was mounted to the kick panel:

Main: Flare



174_65b2ca2b43efe.jpgPost 498220


Carbon Fibre kick panels have been made.
13222.jpgAlbum 13222

Kick panels with designed speaker enclosure:
7310.jpgAlbum 7310

Covering with fabric:
23388.jpgAlbum 23388

Part Numbers

NOTE: the kick panel is called 'Dash Trim' later 'Dash Side Finisher' 
  • 66900-H1101 TRIM-DASH SIDE RH -7803 Black
  • 66901-H1601 TRIM-DASH SIDE LH -7803 Black
    66904-H1001 PLUG-DASH SIDE RH -7803 [black]
    66905-H1001 PLUG-DASH SIDE LH -7803 [black]
  • 66901-G1060 FINISHER-DASH SIDE, RH 7804-8910 BROWN
  • 66900-G1060 FINISHER-DASH SIDE, LH 7804-8910 BROWN
    23389.jpgAlbum click to view
  • 66901-95W00 FINISHER-DASH SIDE, RH 8910- GRAY
  • 66900-95W00 FINISHER-DASH SIDE, LH 8910- GRAY
  • 08410-61212 SCREW-MACHINE pan head M6x12
  • 08410-61220 SCREW-MACHINE [different finish]
  • 36528-22500 WASHER-PLAIN replaced by 01311-00051
  • 64891-W5000 PLUG 7804- D=30 [black leather finish 30mm]
  • 66919-H1001 CLIP-trimming -7804 (6) BLACK
  • 66919-G1060 CLIP-trimming 7804-8910 (6) BROWN
  • 66919-95W00 CLIP-trimming 8910- (6) GRAY

66919-H1001 superseded by 01553-00291 CLAMP 10.9mm head, 13.9 length, 5.6mm stem used by Honda & Nissan
23356.jpgAlbum 23356

Ealry dash side plugs — right (plain-shaped) and left (kidney-shaped)
28115.jpgAlbum 28115 28116.jpgAlbum 28116 キッキングボードのフタ カバー 左右セット Kicking board lid cover left and right set

サイド トリム スピーカー 保安炎筒ホルダー

キックボードパネル kickboard panels

キックパネル kick panel

フットパネル foot panels

サイド パネル side panels

サニーキックパネル (Sunny kick panel) 

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