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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B10

Nissan Sunny Kyoritsu Sales Co., Ltd. (日産サニー共立販売株式会社) sold more than 30,000 cars as a Sunny Shop.

Datsun 1200

日産サニ共立販売(株) Nissan Sunny Kyoritsu Sales (Limited)
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Datsun 1000

Datsun B10 Sunny 1000 Price List (価格表)
sunnykyoritsu_a.jpg sunnykyoritsu_c.jpg


Excel Sunny Power Kit

EXCEL power kit upgrade offered aftermarket via Kyoritsu Sales.

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36PHH Solex Mikuni Carburettors - pattern is that of the DHLB and DCOF carbies.

POST clyons8: They are a good upgrade for round port motors. I run the DHLB variants on a round port small chamber A14 and it hauls ass.

Old school PHH Solex's. Their bores are much closer together (compared to DCOE DHLA and later PHH bore spacings) offering the intake charge a smoother transition into the cylinders. With the DCOE bore spacing you get a fairly steep curve/angle between the throttle valve and cylinder port.

EXCEL-POWER-KIT, personalization in engine tuning


 発売元 日産サニー共立販売株式会社
       瀬田部品センター 東京都世田谷区玉川瀬田町724
                     電話 709 2141-4
 Developed and Marketed by EX EXCEL
 Excel power kit サニー 用 ¥ 58,000
 Selling Agency Nissan Sunny Kyoritsu Sales Co., Ltd.
   Seta Parts Center 
        Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Tamagawa Seta-cho 724
        Phone 709 2141-4
 Developed and Marketed by EX EXCEL
 Excel power kit for Sunny  58,000 Yen

In the photo is Lloyd R. Maxwell of Maxwell Dynamomoter Company out of Pennsylvania. Mr. Maxwell was one of the first to create electric chassis dynos. He held several patents.

'power' を積んで 安全に加速しよう!
Let safely accelerate laden with 'power'!


SOLEXCEL kit installed on A12 engine
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