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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Featured Cars

Club member LOWTECH has a well-received Datsun 1200 Coupe with many fine custom touches.
27474.jpgAlbum 27474


Toyo Proxes R888 in 225/45R-13 On 7" wide rims. 1.12 G's on the skidpad
8618_4cc493fe8d801.jpgPost 343290 8618_4cc4942840abe.jpgPost 343290

I had 185/60 13's on the front and 205/60 13's on the back previously. The 205's were too tall for the front and would foul on the drivers compartment. The 225/45's are an inch smaller in diameter and I get to run the same size all around which is good for rotating as the tires wear.

Black grill with anodized bronze surround
20091003%20085313%20DSC09208.JPG 8618_4ae8687149228.jpgPost 288237

Flares are made for the 1200 from Classic Datsun Motorsport In Oceanside, California. 35 psi and -1 degree camber for the street. Suspension is all spherical jointed so it doesn't distort much under cornering.
8618_4f07f4f4206bd.jpgPost 393964 8618_4f07f4cf9c210.jpgPost 393964

Poly bushes, the larger 20mm sway bar, 175 pound springs, Koni yellow adjustables, 1 degree negative camber, and the Toyo R888's 225/45R13. It's also lowered 3.5 inches over factory height. The wear is pretty even.

20091003%252520095642%252520DSC09239.JPG 20091003%252520121447%252520DSC09518.JPG

Has a Wilwood pedal box that mount the Master cylinders facing backward under the dash. They're really small and can fit with a little rearranging under the dash. Then the reservoirs are remotely mounted on the firewall.

Custom Parts

27475.jpgAlbum 27475}

8618_49f00b52e8a03.jpgPost 251967

modified rocker cover & 1400 GTR Oil cap
8618_49f00b3880e30.jpgPost 251967 20091003%252520101927%252520DSC09275.JPG 20091003085428DSC09213.jpg

Dash radio blank/heater control blank

Supension and Brakes

POST Custom front struts comprised of 1200 spindles welded to a 510 tube with a Koni race insert and Eibach 250 lb. spring. The inside Dia. of the 510 tube is exactly the same as the outside Dia. as the 1200 tube, so it's a slip fit. LOWTECH used a Wilwood Dynapro single caliper which has the same piston size and mounting lugs as the original but is stiffer and weighs less than a pound! Hawk autocross pads and a Wilwood 10.25" two-piece disc, capped with Datsport's camber plates.
14882.jpgAlbum 14882 14883.jpgAlbum 14883 

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