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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Nuclear Fun Run

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Meetings

How much fun can a Datsun meet & drive be? Nuclear Fun

DatsunsNW Nuclear Fun Run 2006
8820.jpgAlbum 8820
New Silvia

If you look real close, toward the bottom of the tower you can see the yellow detonation cords going left to right. The thing was drilled full of holes and looked like it was laced with high explosives already.

It is 499 feet tall (~160 meter), right on the mighty Columbia River, slated for upcoming May 21 implosion.

Perfect weather. It was 74 degrees F (in celsius that would be ...1 degree above shopping mall temp), I got sunburned real good, today I look like a Lobster, I mean the kind in the ocean. Twelve Datsun and one Nissan met at 10am for the Fun Run ... at Fred Meyer in Scappoose, Oregon just across from the candle factory.

Driving those 30mph uphill curves I had to keep the A12 at 4000 to 5000 RPM foot to the floor to try to keep up with the 510s.

 V I D E O  Trojan Demolition (click to view)

Nuclear Fun Run 2006 & AMI BBQ -- Two Datsun events on One Day. Is this is great country or what?


DatsunsNW Cruise: Nuclear Fun Run 2006 - Saturday, May 13th
A very scenic cruise through 40+ miles of twisty back roads. Beautiful forests all around, with multiple great photo opportunities for the taking. The major destination was a picnic at the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainier Oregon. This was one of the final opportunities to see the engineering marvel before it was imploded on May 21, 2006. After that, a group made the trip to Altered Motives for their barbeque. Yet another great way to spend a day enjoying our Datsuns!

POST 6/13/06 Nuclear Fun Run 2006 & AMI BBQ — Two Datsun events on One Day.

Cruise to the Trojan Nuclear plant on Saturday. See it before they tear it down!

The Datsun cruise is followed by a BBQ, Datsun Show-n-Shine and small swap meet at the Datsun custom shop in Tualatan, just south of Portland off Interstate 5. Don't forget to exit or you may end up in Los Angeles!

Moar Photos

dd thinking about the Datsun Roadster engine
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Datsuns cruising
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Scodat blue 1200 coupe at right

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