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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Passing Lamp

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Category: Body Electrical System

A passing light feature was an option for B110. If your turn-signal lever has a push-button on the end, it's the passing light switch. Push it in, and the headlights activate while it's pushed in (regardless of whether lights are on or off).

Passing Light Switch

This is composed of two parts:

  • The switch itself is part of the turn signal (on the steering column).
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  • The relay. 1200s don't use headlight relays, except for this optional Passing Switch. It looks very much like the Horn#Relay.
    • 25230-89912 RELAY-passing lamp (4-connector relay on early models)
    • 25230-89905 RELAY-passing lamp (3-connector relay from 1971 Apr)


Note that this Passing Lamp just wires in series with the standard wiring. From the 'L' fuse to the high-beam wiring, the switch bypasses simply the regular switch, firing the Main Beams.

Passing Light Switch circuit. The red circle indicates the part of the T/S switch that is different from a normal T/S switch
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