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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Turn Signals

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Category: Lighting System

Turn signals (flashers, blinkers, indicators, winkers) -- all 1200s have them. The Hazards (4-way warning flashers) are part of the turn signal circuit, although not equipped in some countries. Optional was the Passing Lamp -- a turn signal switch with built-in passing button at the end of the stalk, which flashes the high beams.

See also: Side Lamps


Also See


These components comprise the T/S system:

* Turn signal switch (in steering column)
* Hazard switch (on column cover)
* Light Switch (in dash)
* Wiring & Fuse
* Lamps (lens & socket & bulbs)
  Front Combination Lamps
  Cluster Gauge (dash indicator bulbs)
  Rear Combination Lamps

RHD & LHD use the same T/S switch assembly. Just rotate it 180 degrees.
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Switch Removal and Installation

  1. Remove Steering Wheel
  2. Remove Steering Column cover (clamshell)
    2136.jpgAlbum click to view 19648.jpgAlbum click to view
  3. Unplug wiring connectors down along steering column
    23136.jpgAlbum click to view
  4. Remove position screw
    24404.jpgAlbum click to view
  5. Loosen the two clamping screws
    23135.jpgAlbum click to view
  6. Pull straight off column

Flasher Location

The flasher units (hazard and turn-signal) bolt to each side of the pedal box strut:
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The other flasher bolts to the other side of this strut.


The flasher can is bolted to the right side of the steering column brace.

NILES Hazards & Turn Signal flasher unit bolts to right side of column brace
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USA 1200s have two flashers.

NILES Hazard flasher unit bolts to right side of column brace
15957.jpgAlbum click to view

NILES Turn Signal flasher unit bolts to left side of column brace
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See Turn Signal Testing

Part Numbers

AUS Flasher

AUS Datsun B10 25520-89981 (Audible) > 25520-89900
* NILES 12.8V CF101 23Wx2+5W+3.4W
AUS Datsun 510 25520-89985
AUS Datsun B210 25520-88991 (supercedes 25520-88959)
* Datsun B10 AUS
* Datsun 910 Bluebird AUS/EUR
* Nissan S110 Silvia JAP
* Datsun S110 Silvia/Gazelle EUR

Japan Flasher

Japan-market 1200s used a single flasher unit to operate both the Turn Signals or the Hazards (depending on position of the Hazard switch).

1200 including truck
25520-89974 UNIT-flasher, hazard & turn signal
* supercedes 25520-89962 
B210 1973-1975
25520-89974 UNIT-flasher, hazard & turn signal

Late B210 used seperate flashers for Turn Signal & Hazards.

B210 1976-1977
25520-89000 > 25520-13200

USA Flasher Units

T/S flasher unit and Hazards flasher unit look similar (both are two-prong flashers), but are different specification. The load varies: Hazard flasher activates all lights at once, while T/S flasher does one side at a time.

X: battery
L: lamp
Candlepower: 32 [32CP]
Cycles per Minute: 80 to 90 C/M

In the orginal B110/B210/B310 fitting, the T/S flasher was a large 40mm diameter NILES unit, while Hazard used the smaller 32mm NILES unit.

15957.jpgAlbum click to view

Newer style
19656.jpgAlbum click to view

Early Style
24407.jpgAlbum click to view 24406.jpgAlbum click to view

24409.jpgAlbum click to view

Turn Signal Flasher

T/S Flasher
B5520-89993 UNIT-FLASHER 12V 50W $14 USD
NILES CF115 (23W x 2 + 3.4 w [49.4 watt])
* superceded 25520-89901
used by
* Datsun B110 USA
* Datsun 510
* Datsun 520/521
* Datsun Fairlady AUS

24408.jpgAlbum click to view

B210 USA spec is different: 25520-89976 or 25520-89966

B310 USA spec is different: 25520-89983 (clip on, not bolt-on).

Hazard Flasher

Hazard flasher
* supercedes 25520-89990 (original B110 spec) 
* superceded 25520-89996 (original B310 spec)
NILES F215AF (23W x 2 + 3.4 w [49.4 watt])
used by
* Datsun B110 USA
* Datsun B210 USA
* Datsun B310 USA

Aftermarket Units may replace one or both part numbers.

NIEHOFF 562 (suitable for Hazards) is compatible with:
* 25520-89976
* 25520-89978
* 25520-89983
* 25520-89996
* 25520-89997
* 25520-B8060
* 25520-E46000
* 38300-634-671
* 38300-671-671
* 38300-671-672
* 38300-692-671
* 38300-692-672
* 38350-634-003
* 38350-634-671
* 38350-671-003
* 38350-671-013
* 2113-66-470
* 6832-10-072
* MB031754
* MB031755
* MB031756
* 6832-10073
* 7861-22000
used by:
71-85 American Motors 
80-87 Aston Martin 
71-85 Chrysler 
71-85 Dodge 
71-85 Dodge Truck 
67-82 Ford (English) 
70-84 Honda 
61-82 Jaguar 
68-82 Lotus 
61-81 MG 
70-84 Mazda 
67-80 Mercury 
83-91 Mitsubishi 
71-85 Nissan-Datsun 
71-85 Plymouth 
71-85 Plymouth Truck

Universal Flasher

Flasher for either T/S or Hazards. My Sunny Truck is using this common USA unit.

Aftermarket universal thermal flasher
BUSS FLASHER 552/536 12V $3.19 @ O'Reilly
flashes 2-3 Turn Signal 32CP lamps 
flashes 2-6 Hazard lamps
clip on type [no bolt-on tab, so zip-tie it under the dash]

Electronic Flasher

An "electronic" flasher may be used to accomodate non-stock bulbs, but requires extra wiring.

By contrast, the original thermal flasher types only work with a specific number and wattage of bulbs.

TS/Beam Switch Assembly

  • Standard type
  • Passing lamp type

19645.jpgAlbum click to view

Hazard & Parking Light Switch

4-way hazard flashing lights

Main: Hazards


Light Switch

The main Lighting Switch (headlight switch) feeds power to the #TS/Beam Switch Assembly (lever on the steering column).

  • 25160-H1101 SWITCH COMP-lighting B110 (also B120)
  • 25160-H1110 SWITCH COMP-lighting, with fog lamp switch (op.)
  • 25160-H2510 SWITCH COMP-lighting, w/o fog (op.)
  • 25160-H2511 SWITCH COMP-lighting, with fog (op.)
  • 25165-H1000 KNOB ASSY-lighting
  • 25165-E7500 KNOB ASSY-lighting, with illumination, w/o fog (op.)
  • 25170-H2510 LAMP ASSY-illumination (op.)


Also here's a custom update: Add a Bluebird multi-switch (which looks like the B310 Steering Column switch). Bolts to the 1200 column:

  • T/S switch
  • Light switch
  • Wiper switch

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