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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

Datsun 1200 used dual horns (Japan STD models used a single horn). The horn system uses a three-connector relay, which is bolted to the right-side strut tower just below the ignition coil.



All 1200 used a low-tone horn and a high-tone horn -- except STD which only came with the high horn.

H18 type was used in Coupe and GX Sedan
H10 type was used by all other

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26310-H1000 HORN-HIGH ALL
26310-H1800 HORN-HIGH Coupe, Sedan GX
26330-H1000 HORN-LOW Sedan DX
26330-H1800 HORN-LOW Coupe, Sedan GX


1000 sedan DX used low & high, of the same cast-metal construction as the 1200 sedan horns. The steel/tin back plate/cover can rust.

Datsun B10 1966-1970
26310-18010 Miyamoto High <> 26310-27700 Sedan,Van
26330-18010 Miyamoto Low <> 26310-27700 Sedan DX (OPTIONAL STD)
26310-25700 Mitsuba High Coupe
26330-25700 Mitsuba Low Coupe
85150-00001 Backup Horn (OPTION)

Sedan type (cast metal)
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Miyamoto 350 cycles per second
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The horn relay is bolted to the right strut tower, under the coil.
No. 3: horn relay
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The main horn (high horn) is bolted to the radiator Core Support panel.
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High horn (sedan type)
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The low horn is bolted to the right Hood Ledge just in front of the battery box in early cars. The bolt is used as the Body Ground Point.
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Horn Button

The horn contact is part of the turn signal switch. If this tab is bent, or electrically burned, the horn won't work. Ditto if the T/S switch is loose.

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The horn contact touches the underside of the Steering wheel hub. If this outer ring improperly lubricated. the horn can have intermittent problems. The Horn Button on the steering wheel connects this ring to ground/earth.

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Horn wiring schematic:
14974.jpgAlbum click to view

  • Fuse 'H' is in the Fuse Box
  • + battery voltage is supplied by the horn relay. The horn button switch earths the relay, causing it in turn to supply voltage to the horn. As the horn is a high amperage device, this keeps the power wires out of the steering wheel
  • Earth (ground) for the horn is just the fact that it's bolted to the core support panel
  • Earth for the horn button goes through the steering wheel hub, which is bolted to the steering gearbox shaft, so it is earthed via the metal of the steering column/gearbox.

Relay Wire Colors
14975.jpgAlbum click to view

* Green: to horns
* Green/white: to 15A fuse in fuse box, Battery side
* Black/green: to steering column connector (for horn button)
* Case bolts to body (earth/ground)
Early Relay
14970.jpgAlbum click to view
Stamped on the relay case are:
* H - connector for Horns
* B - connector for Battery (through fuse box 'H' wire)
* S - connector for Switch (in steering wheel)

The late relay can reportedly be used on early cars, but the wires are labeled differently. Wire colors are the same.

Late Relay 26321-G1600 7510-
25764.jpgAlbum click to view
*  S - BG (wire Black/w Green stripe)
*  R - ?
* IG - ?

Part Numbers

26310-H1000 ASS'Y-HORN, high ALL (exc. Coupe)
26310-H1800 ASS'Y-HORN, high, sports Coupe, GX
26330-H1000 ASS'Y-HORN, low DX (exc. Coupe, exc. Sedan GX)
26330-H1800 ASS'Y-HORN, low, sports Coupe, GX
26320-14800 RELAY-horn
* 08310-51014 SCREW (fixing horn relay)
26320-15400 B120
26320-G1001 B120 1974 今仙
26320-G1600 7510- IMASEN
* 08513-61212 screw, fixing horn relay

26320-14800 RELAY-horn: early type used by Datsun 311 Roadster, 520/521/1300 Pickup Truck, 620/1500, Datsun 510/1600 and many other 1960s/early 70s Datsuns
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26320-G1600 late type (1976-1994)
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