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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Radiator cap

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Cooling System

Datsun 1200 came with a 13 pound radiator cap. The spring-loaded cap regulates the cooling system pressure, as water under pressure will boil at a higher temperature. Higher temperature equals more efficient cooling but too high a temp and the water boils, which reduces cooling to zero.



Pressure Cap

Use a 13 lb cap as per original specification. The Nismo high-pressure 18.2 lb (1.3 bar) caps are solely for 100C-degree (212F) thermostats. A lower pressure will help prevent leaks in the radiator, heater core and hose connections.

Push-button Cap

Nissan "push button" cap
21430-16300 ラジエーター 押ス キヤップ
21785.jpgAlbum 21785

aftermarket PUSH cap
1973.jpgAlbum 1973 776.jpgAlbum 776

Extra high-pressure

Extra high-pressure caps allows you to run a higher temperature thermostart where the engine to runs above normal boiling point of the coolant. The extra high temperature means the radiator sheds head faster (larger temp differential to the air). This means a smaller radiator will be adequate.

The downside is that old radiators, heater cores and hoses may not be able to handle the pressure and may start leaking.

Nismo | Kameari
23393.jpgAlbum 23393 23392.jpgAlbum 23392


21430-89902 Nissan Radiator Cap

  • interchange: 21431-10600 21431-M0200 21430-U0100 21430-89901 21430-89902

Yellow cap buy at Bprojects
28525.jpgAlbum 28525 28526.jpgAlbum 28526 1047.jpgAlbum 1047

サニトラ ラジエーター キヤップ 

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