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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Seat Belt Warning System

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

USA models have a seat belt warning system -- if the seat is occupied, the weight switch sounds a buzzer unless the belt is fastened. The buzzer is located under the dash to the left of the steering column.



The front seats have a weight-activated switch. It is important to get the switch in the correct position (see FSM for specific locating details).

14991.jpgAlbum 14991 14976.jpgAlbum 14976

Warning Lamp

To supplement the buzzer sound, 1972 models also have "Warning" lamp prominently situated on top of the dash.
5023.jpgAlbum 5023

1972 USA Owners manual

29368.jpg08   29369.jpg9
Seat belt warning lamp

the front seats are equipped ...


Seat Belt Buzzer wiring schematic: starting in mid-1972 when the Lamp was added, the simple buzzer changed to a buzzer/relay unit.

1971 to mid-1972

1971 Switch Wiring Colors (and 1972 models without lamp):

  • White - to warning buzzer
  • Red - to 15A fuse in Fuse Box (IGN side), L (blue) wire at box


  • Red - through door switches to ground
    (BR wires on door switch)
  • W - to warning switch

Here is a 1971 dash showing where it bolts:
14972.jpgAlbum 14972

mid-1972 to 1973

Switch Wiring Colors (1973 models, and 1972 models with Warning Lamp)

  •  ? - to warning buzzer
  • Black/Red - to 15A fuse in Fuse Box (IGN side), L (blue) wire at box

Warning Buzzer

  • BR - through door switches to ground
  • B - ground/earth
  • BR - to warning switch

1200s with dash-top warning lamp changed connectors
5043.jpgAlbum 5043

Similar looking to non-USA TCVAS relay
17122_5dc4b9ece1c79.jpgPost 493027

Part Numbers

 See Main Article: Buzzer & Warning


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