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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

South Africa B210

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B210

Datsun-Nissan South Africa sold locally produced B210 models. Most B210s sold in South Africa used the Sunny Excellent front sheet metal and grille, even the pedestrian A12-powered models.



  • Most 1200/1400/1600 used the Excellent-style front (grille & bonnet)
  • 120Y 2-door Station Wagon looks to have Japan 1200 grilles
  • 120Y used standard B210 Taillights
  • 140Y/160Y used Excellent-style taillights

Advert includes B210, B120, 610, 710 and 620
11951.jpgAlbum click to view

140Y and 160Y

Upscale B210 sedans & coupes based on the Sunny Excellent with L14 and L16 engine power were sold for the runabout market.

See main article: 140Y and 160Y

140Y/160Y used Excellent-style taillights, while 120Y used regular B210 taillights.

140Z and 160Z

Coupes based on the 140Y and 160Y, marketed as 140Z and 160Z were produced with special tape stripes.

See main article: 140Z and 160Z

120Y Sedan

1980 120Y
1980_120Y_front.jpg 1980_120Y_front_3-4.jpg 1980_120Y_rear_seat.jpg 1980_120Y_interior.jpg

Restomod 120Y
14717.jpgAlbum click to view 14718.jpgAlbum click to view

120Y with 'D' dogdish hubcaps
SA_120Y.jpg th_mob_photo9980980ec980c176.jpg th_mob_photodc04aac571517503.jpg th_mob_photobf97948067528c9e.jpg th_1420534179457787374IMG_0494.jpg th_1420534179478189306IMG_0495.jpg th_1420534179372880927IMG_0499.jpg th_1420534178387478876IMG_0497.jpg

1977 120Y
1977-c.jpg 1977-d.jpg th_1977-a.jpg th_1977-e.jpg th_1977-f.jpg

1978 (shown with Iron Cross Z Rims fitted)
1978-a.jpg th_1978-b.jpg th_1978-c.jpg th_1978-d.jpg

120Y Wagon

1983 Panel
21125.jpg 1983_panel.jpg 

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