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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Sunny Truck Brochures

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Sunny Truck | Documentation

This page is for Japan-market Sunny Truck. For brochures outside Japan (ute/pickup/bakkie/camioneta), see Brochures.

For Datsun Sunny Truck 1000, see B20 brochures



27156.jpgAlbum 27156 174_5cc955b0dffce.jpgMain

Tokyo Motor Show "Guide Book" 20 showing Nissan truck range
Guidebook_20a.jpg Guidebook20b.jpg

174_5bac02e251869.jpgbrochure 21419.jpg 174_5bac02f01557d.jpg 174_5bac032510a81.jpg 174_5bac032f859f3.jpg 174_5d41557cae24c.jpg 28970.jpg

1972 Truck with cowboy, tri-fold
27519.jpgbrochure 27520.jpg

1972 February
28165.jpgbrochure 28166.jpg 28167.jpg 28168.jpg 28169.jpg

Sunny lineup, circa 1973 - includes Sunny Truck
B210B120brochure.jpg B210B120brochure4pp.jpg

Nissan-Datsun Trucks, circa 1974

NAPS (1976 Jan), H-B120/H-GB120, 10 pages
B120-1.jpg B120-2.jpg B120-3.jpg H-B120.jpg 5101H2_.jpg


1978 Datsun Sunny Truck 1200, black grille emblem with NAPS on cover 12pp
capera21-img600x450-1338204231ixgrjq32269_.jpg uteB120-2.jpg uteB120-3.jpg capera21-img600x450-1338204234dpvezj32269.jpg

1978 New Sunny catalog-manual
28509.jpgcat-man 28510.jpg 28511.jpg

1979 Datsun Sunny Truck 1200, red grille emblem
20831.jpgbrochure 20832.jpg 20833.jpg 20834.jpg 20835.jpg 20836.jpg 20837.jpg 20838.jpg 20839.jpg 20840.jpg 20841.jpg 20842.jpg

1979 Sales Manual
28512.jpgsales 28513.jpg


1982 - Man at left
1983 - Nissan added to cover
1984 - Girl at left
1986 - Girl at left

1982 January 10pp
utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-1.jpg B122S61Sunnytruck-3.jpg 1982B122Sunnytruckbrochure6pp-3.jpg

1982 August 6pp - man at left
utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-1.jpg utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-3.jpg utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-2.jpg

1983 March - Nissan Sunny Truck
h139291673unipex78-img600x450-1265686807j9teew33030-x.jpg h139291673unipex78-img600x450-1265686807yer2xf33030-x.jpg

1986 February - girl at left, 10pp
B122S61yearissueSunnytrackchizu464301-img600x425-1072785887docu0002.jpg B122860210pp2.jpg B122S61Sunnytruck-3.jpg

1987-1988 Nissan Sunny Truck (white header)

1987 03 March 12pp

1987 06 June Nissan Sunny Truck 12pp
s01.jpg s02.jpg s03.jpg s04.jpg s05.jpg s06.jpg s07.jpg s00.jpg

1987 11 November 「日産 サニートラック B122型 専用 本カタログ」 10pp
pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453694p9hwts47579.jpg pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453695vk8mww47579.jpg pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453696q3weth47579.jpg 126744354lucky123x-img600x450-1263166050ouddad11020.jpg 126744354lucky123x-img600x450-1263166050i2gxdf11020.jpg

1988 03 March

1989-1991 Sunny Truck

Painting "Sunny Truck"

1992 July 平成4年7月
H407_0.jpg H407_1.jpg H407_2.jpg H407_3.jpg H407_4.jpg H407_5.jpg H407_6.jpg

Variation 1
fdskt802-img600x450-1358879849j5jqlu25493-x.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879850bprv5v25493-x.jpg f71022717utta0418-img600x450-1219236743txb7ek93185-x.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879850azhlwp25493-x.jpg b122catalogbar2003sw-img450x600-1083759352sh530092.jpg B122sunnychizu464301-img425x600-1043189735docu0003.jpg B122sunnychizu464301-img600x425-1043189765docu0001-1.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879419ux5lwm88819-1.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-13588794200bdbqb88819-1.jpg

Variation 2
n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-1236790907hjiuv785435.jpg n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-1236790907w9l3lb85435.jpg n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-12367909071lt37885435.jpg 

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