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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Sunny Truck Brochures

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Sunny Truck | Documentation

This page is for Japan-market Sunny Truck. For brochures outside Japan (ute/pickup/bakkie/camioneta), see Brochures.



27156.jpgAlbum click to view

Tokyo Motor Show "Guide Book" 20 showing Nissan truck range
Guidebook_20a.jpg Guidebook20b.jpg

Bed of roses - 大きくかせぐサニートラックバラエイティシリーズ Sunny Truck Variety Series
174_5bac02e251869.jpgPost click for topic 174_5bac02f01557d.jpgPost click for topic 174_5bac032510a81.jpgPost click for topic 174_5bac032f859f3.jpgPost click for topic 174_5bac082bcf35f.jpgPost click for topic

variation 2 - green box says Long Body
21419.jpgAlbum click to view

1972 Truck with cowboy, tri-fold
18429.jpgAlbum click to view 18430.jpgAlbum click to view 22524.jpgAlbum click to view fdskt802-img600x450-1358879419ux5lwm88819.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-13588794200bdbqb88819.jpg

white B120 with cowboy inside
k114148667hrrkt164-img450x600-1235411374jgkltp87052.jpg k114148667hrrkt164-img600x450-1235411374vvba8j87052.jpg k114148667hrrkt164-img450x600-12354113746r48u187052.jpg

Sunny lineup, circa 1973 - includes Sunny Truck
B210B120brochure.jpg B210B120brochure4pp.jpg

Nissan-Datsun Trucks, circa 1974

NAPS (1976 Jan), H-B120/H-GB120, 10 pages
B120-1.jpg B120-2.jpg B120-3.jpg H-B120.jpg 5101H2_.jpg


1978 Datsun Sunny Truck 1200 - with NAPS on cover 12pp, black grille emblem
th_capera21-img600x450-1338204231ixgrjq32269_.jpg th_uteB120-2.jpg th_uteB120-3.jpg th_capera21-img600x450-1338204234dpvezj32269.jpg

1979 Dec Sunny Truck (see all pages) Datsun Sunny Truck 1200 12pp, red grille emblem
20831.jpg 20831.jpg 20832.jpg 20833.jpg 20834.jpg 20835.jpg 20836.jpg 20837.jpg 20838.jpg 20839.jpg 20840.jpg 20841.jpg 20842.jpg


1982 - Man at left
1983 - Nissan added to cover
1986 - Girl at left

1982 January 10pp
th_utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-1.jpg th_B122S61Sunnytruck-3.jpg th_1982B122Sunnytruckbrochure6pp-3.jpg

1982 August 6pp - man at left
th_utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-1.jpg th_utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-3.jpg th_utebrochureSunnytruckB122T1982-2.jpg

1983 March - Nissan Sunny Truck
th_h139291673unipex78-img600x450-1265686807j9teew33030-x.jpg th_h139291673unipex78-img600x450-1265686807yer2xf33030-x.jpg

1986 February - girl at left, 10pp
th_B122S61yearissueSunnytrackchizu464301-img600x425-1072785887docu0002.jpg th_B122860210pp2.jpg th_B122S61Sunnytruck-3.jpg


1987 03 March 12pp

1987 06 June Nissan Sunny Truck 12pp
s01.jpg s02.jpg s03.jpg s04.jpg s05.jpg s06.jpg s07.jpg s00.jpg

1987 11 November 「日産 サニートラック B122型 専用 本カタログ」 10pp
th_pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453694p9hwts47579.jpg th_pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453695vk8mww47579.jpg th_pride_of_17-img600x450-1356453696q3weth47579.jpg th_126744354lucky123x-img600x450-1263166050ouddad11020.jpg th_126744354lucky123x-img600x450-1263166050i2gxdf11020.jpg

1988 03 March

1990-1991 Sunny Truck

Painting "Sunny Truck"

1992 July 平成4年7月
H407_0.jpg H407_1.jpg H407_2.jpg H407_3.jpg H407_4.jpg H407_5.jpg H407_6.jpg

Variation 1
fdskt802-img600x450-1358879849j5jqlu25493-x.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879850bprv5v25493-x.jpg f71022717utta0418-img600x450-1219236743txb7ek93185-x.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879850azhlwp25493-x.jpg b122catalogbar2003sw-img450x600-1083759352sh530092.jpg B122sunnychizu464301-img425x600-1043189735docu0003.jpg B122sunnychizu464301-img600x425-1043189765docu0001-1.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-1358879419ux5lwm88819-1.jpg fdskt802-img600x450-13588794200bdbqb88819-1.jpg

Variation 2
n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-1236790907hjiuv785435.jpg n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-1236790907w9l3lb85435.jpg n74341326ma_yu_hei-img600x450-12367909071lt37885435.jpg 

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