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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Transmission Diagnoses

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Diagnoses and Corrections | Transmission

Please add to these Transmission Diagnoses and Corrections based on your experience.


Difficulty Switching Gears

  • First gear won't go in if car rolling
    • By design: 1st gear is not sychro
  • Noise, trouble shifting into one specific gear
    • Bad synchro
    • Bad gear, perhaps chipped

Slips Out of Gear

Although rarely occuring this is one of the weak points of the 56- and 60- transmission designs.

  • Shifter mechanism
  • chipped gear


Component Determination

Try to determine if it is a transmission or some other component:

  • Clutch pedal down, noise goes away. Clutch pedal up, noise starts
    • Transmission input shaft or counter gear
  • Noise only when clutch pedal depressed
  • Noise at any gear, at certain road speed
  • Vibration in any gear, at certain higher speed
  • Noise in a particular gear over a range of speed. No noise in lower or higher gear
    • Transmission

Potential Causes

  • Low on gearbox oil
    • Leak
    • Not filled with enough oil
    • Filled too full
  • Worn bearings (whine at high speed)
  • Bad bearings or bushing (knock at low speed)
  • Clunk - worn splines


See main article: Vibration

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