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Main : Mechanical Kangaroo Bag

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Kangaroo Bag
Kangaroo BagPopular
SubmitterddgonzalMore Photos from ddgonzal   Last Update2003/6/28 6:59    Tell a friendTell a friend
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In case your 1200 is missing the genuine article, here's what the bag looks like. Also note the bracket used to tie the Kangaroo down.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 7:11  Updated: 2003/6/28 7:11
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2002/12/2
From: Brisbane
Posts: 2317
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
i got one :P but i had to put a new motor in it, to pump da water cause the old one was dead

Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 7:17  Updated: 2003/6/28 7:17
Joined: 2001/5/3
From: 48 North
Posts: 31584
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
Did you hang the dead one in the shed?

Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 8:14  Updated: 2003/6/28 8:14
Home away from home
Joined: 2002/4/1
From: Christchurch New Zealand
Posts: 417
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
i just put one in from the wreckers $2.50 and 50cents of wireing later i had a plastic tank

Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 14:15  Updated: 2003/6/28 14:15
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2001/11/13
From: Sydney Australia
Posts: 26
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
I put a HJ holden washer bottle in my 1200. It bolted straight up to the mounting holes and doesn't rub the paint off like the bag does. I reckon it looks better to. You can get them new still from holden.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 14:18  Updated: 2003/6/28 14:18
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 1998/12/6
From: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 5806
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
If it doesn't interfere with my air intake and intercooler piping, I might do the same. Thanks for the pointer!


Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/6/28 18:39  Updated: 2003/6/28 18:39
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2001/1/30
From: California
Posts: 2973
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
I've heard told that If you cut one of these open you'd find a Joey inside.

But seriously folks, last time I checked, you could still order these new from Nissan.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/10/2 0:11  Updated: 2006/10/2 0:11
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2003/12/3
From: Burbank, CA
Posts: 2150
 Re: Kangaroo Bag
why did they use these instead of the solid plastic bottle like on later models?