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Main : Mechanical : Drive Train Nismo F5C56A vs Late ute 56A gearbox 3of3

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Nismo F5C56A vs Late ute 56A gearbox 3of3
Nismo F5C56A vs Late ute 56A gearbox 3of3Popular
Submittera12gruntMore Photos from a12grunt   Last Update2016/5/27 13:15    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Nismo F5C56A vs Late ute 56A gearbox

PS: The F5C56A is a dogleg 5 speed so first gear is behind the case together with reverse.

so according to tech wiki, late ute gearbox can handle an a14 but the nismo gearbox is marginal behind an a12?hehehe I've come to learn there's many a myths.

Nismo f5c56a has larger and wider gears than late ute gearbox and was designed specifically for motorsport race cars.

Here are my observations,
Just to give an idea incase the pictures aren't too clear,
for example,
Nismos' F5C56A  3rd gear on mainshaft is larger and wider than 2nd gear on Late ute gearbox. Compare its 3rd gear to the utes gearbox 3rd gear and its even a bigger size difference.
Simply compare gear to gear and should see the size and width difference.

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Posted: 2021/5/25 14:29  Updated: 2021/5/25 14:29
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 Re: Nismo F5C56A vs Late ute 56A gearbox 3of3
The wiki is talking about the original 1972 production 5-speed, not the NISMO 5-speed

By contrast the late 56A 4-speed (3rd case revision) is much strengthened and will hold up even with a bad driver. The 5-speed gears are strong, but the case is not as strong as the late 4-speed case

The production 5-speed can handle an A14 if used carefully -- like a race car driver does. But if used incompetently (missed shifts, stuttering starts, burnouts, etc) then eventually it fails even though a 4-speed behind a stock A12 driven the same way might go for 300,000 kilos

There are also a couple of minor improvements iirc the countershaft bearing change to bushing and the oiling system