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1972 Coupe w/A15 for sale Aichi
2001/5/3 7:04
From Hawaii, USA
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Only 2.38 ten thousand yen ... 00020060530190624005.html

What I like about this is its stockness. USDM model judging by the large side lights & reflectors. Is that a stock color? Seats look to be recoved 1973-style? A15 with single Weber. Btw, it's not really a GX

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jpg  U00023232000_004L.jpg (100.76 KB)
174_5d50d51dab8fe.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_2_001.jpg (36.89 KB)
174_5d50d5279debe.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_3_001.jpg (45.81 KB)
174_5d50d53ce4844.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_4_001.jpg (36.20 KB)
174_5d50d545726d4.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_5_001.jpg (39.84 KB)
174_5d50d54f984a3.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_6_001.jpg (32.92 KB)
174_5d50d556b328a.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_7_001.jpg (27.26 KB)
174_5d50d55d47c69.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_8_001.jpg (38.21 KB)
174_5d50d576867cb.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_9_001.jpg (38.58 KB)
174_5d50d57de5cc1.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_10_001.jpg (32.58 KB)
174_5d50d586cbc6e.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_11_001.jpg (37.61 KB)
174_5d50d58e7d849.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_12_001.jpg (40.03 KB)
174_5d50d59925183.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_13_001.jpg (32.11 KB)
174_5d50d5abcef25.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_14_001.jpg (30.86 KB)
174_5d50d5b13744c.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_15_001.jpg (32.44 KB)
174_5d50d5b8f0d23.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_16_001.jpg (41.65 KB)
174_5d50d5c179a35.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_17_001.jpg (46.36 KB)
174_5d50d5e605631.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  U00023232000_18_001.jpg (39.05 KB)
174_5d50d5ec46802.jpg 640X480 px

Posted on: 2019/8/12 3:59
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Re: 1972 Coupe w/A15 for sale Aichi
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
2002/11/26 0:38
From Las Vegas USA
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So are they asking $21,658 or $2,165.80 if it's the later sign me up.....if it's the former pfft.

Posted on: 2019/8/12 18:16
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Re: 1972 Coupe w/A15 for sale Aichi
Home away from home
2007/10/28 20:41
From Cambria, California
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Definitely U.S. spec per the marker lites and the LHD steering. Interesting that they dropped a modded A15 into it but kept the OEM 12" wheels/tires and forgot a Datsun in-dash tach. I'm with Rallyetwit...are they asking $21,658 or $2,165.80? If it's the latter sign me up.....if it's the former pfft.

Posted on: 2019/8/14 20:00
'73 1200 coupe vintage racecar
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