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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Manifold

14035 is Nissan Part Numbers type for GASKET-MANIFOLD TO CYLINDER HEAD. Identification includes intake port size, and whether it is a "dry" or "wet" type (if there are any water passages in the gasket).


Round Port


180 was parts originally designed for Datsun 1000 (meaning A10 engines). This manifold gasket was also used by A12 engines for B110 and E10, and B210.

* Dry type
* Original style bolt pattern
14035-18000 -7909
14035-18010 [alternate manufacturer]
superceeded by 14035-K7700 $12.58 USD
22050.jpgAlbum 22050


Used by newer A12S (1976?) and A14 Van engines.
* New type bolt pattern
* Dry type
14035-H7400 7908-8109 
superceeded by 14035-H7401 $13.82
14035-H7410 8110-
22052.jpgAlbum 22052


Late model A12, A14 KFU, A15 KFU (see FU Engine)
* Round port
* New Type Bolt Pattern
* Wet Intake
14035-H8501 B120 -9111, B310 USA 0879-0780 KFU A14/A15 $12.58 USD
14035-H8511 B120 9111-
22055.jpgAlbum 22055
also available aftermarket PN MS15316

Oval Ports

All oval port manifolds use the new-type bolt pattern.


For A12GX Engine and A12T engines 
* Original bolt pattern
* Port size 30x36 mm (Large Oval Port)
* Wet type (has intake manifold water ports)
Stainless trimmed intake & water ports:
22047.jpgAlbum 22047
aftermarket Dual bolt-pattern
23279.jpgAlbum 23279

H23 Competition

For use with twin sidedraft manifolds that have no provision for water heating.

14035-H2301 - with dry ports (for competition)
22051.jpgAlbum 22051
Nismo competition gasket:
22054.jpgAlbum 22054
Even-larger ports competition gasket:
22053.jpgAlbum 22053


1974 A13 engine
* 28x30 intake port size
* Partial-siamese intake ports
* Dry type (no water ports on manifold face of head)
14035-H6200 $4.87 USD
Or you can use 14035-H7200 instead
22070.jpgAlbum 22070


H72 is the applied model code for late model B210 (late 1974, which is the 1975 model year)

For A15 and most A14 engines from introduction 1974 to 1979
* 28x34 mm intake ports (Regular Oval Port)
* Dry type (no intake manifold water ports)
14035-H7200 -7906 $12.35 USD
14035-H7210 [alternate supplier]
22048.jpgAlbum 22048
22046.jpgAlbum 22046


A14T from late B210
* regular size oval ports
* difference from 14035-H7200 unknown


* Wet type (has intake manifold water ports)
superseded by 14035-05H01
copper-trimmed water ports
22049.jpgAlbum 22049
14035-05H01 $25.20 USD
23938.jpgAlbum 23938


EFI Heads (A14E, A15E)
* 28x32 mm intake ports (medium oval) with notch for injector
* Wet type (has intake manifold water ports)
22088.jpgAlbum 22088
14035-H9202 -copper reinforced
24925.jpgAlbum 24925

EXマニフォールド INマニフォールド ガスケット 

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