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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Parts Donor

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Parts Donors | Datsun B210

Many mechanical parts from the B210 (1974-1978 Sunny) fit the B110 1200. Most other parts will not. However, many other parts are used to upgrade the B110.




  • Many B210 electrical parts fit B110, except the B210 used round waterproof connectors, while B110 used rectangular connectors. If you change the wire ends many parts can be used on the B110
  • In general, B210 uses sheet metal screws, while B110 used machine screws almost exclusively

Strict Interchange

Close interchange means the parts fit as-is without modification.

  • Ashtray (rear): 4-dr is same as B110
  • Armrest
  • Coat hanger and Assist strap (?)
  • 1974 Room lamp (dome light)
  • 1974 Muffler (has resonator!)
  • 1974 USA Mirror
  • (interior) Handbrake cover (new part is larger than original part)
  • Almost all engine parts except block and fuel pump
  • Fuel filter, Oil filter
  • A12- and A13-powered versions rear axle assembly (see notes in Differential article)
  • Front Seats. Use the B110 rails with the B210 seats
  • Leaf spring parts (except main leaf)
  • A12 models -- entire 56-series Transmission
  • Rear brake shoes & drums
  • Radiator (smaller models are strict interchange, larger ones fit with simple bracket extensions)
  • Wheels, 12" as-is, 13" with tire change
  • Tires (13" tires require corresponding 13" wheels)
    • Front Seat belts are a three-point with retractor that bolts to the B-pillar. Just like B110 seat belts. The advantage is they are a superior single-belt design without a separate shoulder belt.

Loose interchange

Loose interchange is where the part fits -- but may work or look significantly different.

  • Distributor (improved with internal condensor)
  • Air cleaner
  • Seat belt hook (can it be fitted to B110?)
  • Steering wheel 2-spoke 391mm (B110 is 400mm)
  • Rear brake shoes
  • Rear Axle: 1974 complete H145 axle assembly fits B110
    • Has improved, larger wheel bearings
    • Larger axle tubes, so get all the U-bolts and fittings
    • Improved oil control, with double-sealed bearings and anti-brake comtamination configuration
    • ISO clamp system for quieter ride at low speeds
  • H145 diff center: 3.9 ratio same as B110
  • H145 Propeller Shaft, same as B110 (1974 model)
  • Throttle cable
  • 56A 4-speed transmission with 2mm engine plate
  • 60-series Transmission 4-speed has strengthened gears and bearings and improved rear seal
  • Engine-to-transmission Gusset (improves wikipedia:NVH)
  • Clutch (improved for quieter ride), pressure plate (higher pressure) and throwout bearing
  • Improved front engine mounts with roll-control
    • 1974: softer
    • A14 models: harder
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Strut Parts
    • Strut bearing, oil sela, spring seat upper and dust cover (but not the top hat)
    • Swaybar larger than B110 (17mm). 1974: 18 mm.
  • Rear Leaf Springs (except main leaf, which is longer)
  • Wheels are 12" (Australia) or 13" (USA) and fits B110
  • Rear wheel cylinder. 13/16 size same as B110 with front drums, but larger than B110 with font discs (11/16).

No Interchange

For details, see B210.

  • Steering, Front suspension, and brakes: Many Datsun 610 parts fit B210 (USA models). These differ from B110
  • Engine crossmember (wider than B110)
  • Diff U-bolts and mounting pads (wider)
  • Rear Wheel bearings (larger)
  • Lug nuts. B210 uses larger 13/16 size. B110 uses 3/4 size

Swap Parts

Modification is needed

  • Console. Large size looks promising
  • 63-Series Transmission 5-speed from 1976-1978 models
  • Clutch slave cylinder: 11/16 instead of 3/4 of B110
  • Strut swaps into B110, as complete with rotor and brake, if using some of the B210 lower suspension parts
  • Coil spring (after cutting for length, B210 is longer). Virtually identical spring rate, so no advantage


  • Rearview Mirror
  • Sun Visor

See main article: Parts interchange

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