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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B310 Options

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Datsun B310 | Options

B310 came with many factory and dealer options.


Styled steel Wheels became available for the 1980 model year and by 1982 were the only factory wheel.

With export plain 'D' center caps

Styled steel Wheels with export Deluxe center caps

Also see: Wheels#Datsun Option Wheels


OPTION B & C Wheels (JDM and USDM dealers)


In United States, all body styles except the regular wagon (VB310) were offered. Instead the WB310 (slope-back wagon) with coil rear supension was available.

The MPG model was a special fuel-economy champ model. It was based on the STD 2-door sedan, but with a special low-power A14 engine and 5-speed transmission.

Wood-finish Coupe-type (3-spoke) Steering Wheel was a dealer OPTION.


Automatic Transmission with lock-up torque converter (1982)

Body Side Molding (rub strip)


B310 Trim Levels include STD, MPG, DX and SL

These 1982 dealer options could be applied to any trim level:

Tire and Wheel

  • No full wheel covers offered
  • Styled steel wheels: ALL
  • Bright Trim ring: Coupe SL & Wagon SL
  • Deluxe models: 175SR13 tires
  • Wagon SL: 175/70R13 whitewall radials
  • Coupe SL: 175/70R13 raised white letters
  • SL: Scallop center caps
  • DX: 'D' plain caps
  • Wheel Lip Molding. Surgical-quality stainless steel, no-rivet construction.

Wheel Lip Molding


  • STD & MPG: Argent-finish Mirrors
  • Deluxe: Chrome-finish
  • SL: dual black-finish "Aero" mirrors
  • SL: passenger vanity mirror on sun visor
  • Rear View mirror, plain for STD, all others Day/Night Mirror

Audio Accessories

  • AM/FM: SL standard, optional for all others
  • SL: 3-spoke wheel, all others 2-spoke
  • F. AM Radio. Great reception with five station selection buttons.
  • G. AM/FM Stereo. It'll flood your 210 with waves of stereophonic sound.
  • H. AM/FM Stereo with Cassette (Manual Tune). Turn your car into a concert hall.
  • I. Cassette Deck. Adds a new dimension to your existing sound system (requires AM/FM tereo).
  • AM/FM Monaural Radio. You'll be moved by the clear, full-bodied sound.
  • Speaker Kits. Custom-designed to look and sound as if they belong in your living room.
  • Pillar Mount Antenna. Mounted flush on your front window pillar to resist breakage.
  • Whip Antenna. Bends with the wind and picks up remote stations.


  • Body Side Molding. Helps reduce parking dings and scratches.
  • Wagon Roof Rack. Gives your wagon loads more carrying capacity.
  • Sports Accent Stripe. Jazz it up.
  • Wagon Woodgrain Trim. Hard to believe it isn't wood but rough, durable vinyl.
  • Rocker Molding. Stainless steel. Unique no-exposed-rive construction.
  • Car Cover. Protect your investment with a custom-fitted cover to keep away salt air, smog and weather.
  • Resin Glaze and Touchup Paint. Helps keep your finish looking showroom-new.
  • 2-door: Clear glass
  • Others: Tinted glass
  • Sunroof: SL OPTION

Interior Accessories

  • E. Floor Mats. Carpet or rubber. Easy-to-clean, long-lasting and beautiful.
  • Air Conditioning. Fully integrated with your 210's heating system.
  • 4-doors: child-safety rear door locks
  • SL: Glove box light
  • Trip odometer (Except STD & MPG)
  • Tachometer: SL only
  • Highback bucket seats: 2-door STD
  • Low back bucket with headrests: All except STD
  • Vinyl: STD
  • Vinyl: DX with chamois color interior
  • Cloth: all others
  • 2-door: No warning chimes, no cigarette lighter, no carpet
  • Console: SL, optional for all others
  • Coupe SL: cargo cover


  • Electric Engine Block Heater. An easy way to ensure fast starts in cold weather.
  • 2-door, single horn. Others: Dual-tone
  • SL: Intermittent wipers

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