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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Fuel Piping

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Fuel System

Datsun 1200 used steel and rubber fuel lines. As usual for the time period, no fuel return line was used until the emission-controlled 1989 models.



Chassis fuel line comes from the Fuel Tank into the Engine Bay. A rubber hose will connect it to the Fuel Filter
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From the filter, a rubber hose goes to the Fuel pump, then out to the #Fuel Rail

Fuel Rail

17523-H1002 JDM TUBE-fuel pump to carburetor 7011- <> 17522-H1002 < 17522-H1000 -7010
17523-H1900 USA 0671-0370 0
17523-H1902 USA 0470- <> 17523-H1901
17523-H2300 GX
  • Right side of rocker cover middle
  • Left side of rocker cover rear (non-GX) or front (GX)
  • Front of fuel tube bolts to thermostat housing via clamp-bracket

Datsun 1200 Fuel Rail bolts to the rocker cover and thermostat Housing.
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1200 GX fuel rail
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B210 Fuel Rail bolts to the cylinder head, allowing for easier rocker cover removal
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17522-H8401 TUBE ASSY-FUEL A14T

Late B120 Sunny Truck from Oct 1989 has dual fuel/return line
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EFI Fuel Rail

A14E and A15E use a circular fuel rail with attached fuel regulator.

See Main Article: EGI#Fuel_Piping

Part Numbers

See Fuel Piping Part Numbers 

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