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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Wheel And Tire

Minilite style rims are possibly the classiest wheels of all time. Famous 8-spoke design originally with banana-shaped spokes.

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Many companies make 8-spoke minilite-style wheels.

Banana-style spokes
* #Sportmax 513
* #Panasport C8 3-piece wheel
Long spoke
* #Watanabe F8B
Octagonal center
* #Classic 8 by VTO
* #Minilite Mag
* #Contessa [large center disc]
* Enkei#Compe 8
* #Panasport [triangular-section spokes]
* #Superlite by Performance [triangular-section spokes]
* #Rota RB
* #Watanabe RS8
* #Western [large center disc]
Round center
* #Minilite Sport
* #Minilite EV5000
* #Konig Rewind
* #Watanabe F8
* #Superlite ridged hub
* #Superlite 10 by Performance
* #Western Superlite

8574.jpgAlbum 8574 11369.jpgAlbum 11369


3-piece style 16-bolt | 24-bolt
17751.jpgRS8 Watanabe 14224.jpgC8 Panasport

One-piece style
Enkei_EK80.jpgEnkei Compe 8 12-400.jpgMag Minilite Minilite-Sport.jpgSport Minilite ev_500.jpgEV2000 Minilite 510-4GP24LS-A.jpgVTO Classic 8 18758_55489eb066799.jpgROH Contessa 10291.jpgRewind 4900.jpgPanasport 174_5751eaa042303.jpgRota RB 12365_4c32d6b116a33.jpgSportmax 4812a.jpgSuperlite 10 4812v.jpgSuperlite 8 9530.jpgSuperlite 2011-12-17123811-.jpgSuperlite by Western 737_4ecda99bdfb88.jpgF8A Watanabe IMG_5182.jpgF8B Watanabe


Kilograms discussion
4.0 Panasport 13x5.5 race
4.5 Panasport 13x5.5 road
4.5 Minilite 13x6 (old high magnesium content wheels)
5.5 Superlite 13x7


26451.jpgAlbum 26451

Minilite was developed from 1962-1964 and made its competition debut 1964. Aluminum version came out 1973.
minimlitesport.jpg IMG_1509.jpg

Minilite Wheels - The real deal! alloy racing wheels 12x5 only $159 each in Silver, Black, White. Gold and Anthracite also available.


* Minilite Mag - the original with flat hub
* Minilite Sport - aluminum with ridged hub
* Minilite EV2000 - aluminum for high offsets

Sport - marked 'MINILITE' on the outside of the barrel
Minilite_Sport.jpg Minilite-Sport.jpg

The authentic look of the 60's manufactured using modern technology, custom made in England. Minilite were originally available in 10" and 12" diameters (12" for the Mini Cooper). Today they are available in more sizes including 13x6 for Datsun.

EV2000 for FWD offsets


See Main Article: ROH_wheels#Contessa



Rewind - new for 2005
10291.jpgAlbum 10291 12693_4b0c3d1eba388.jpgPost 292578

Rewind 14x7
datto_stuff_010.jpgPost click for topic


Formula Mag Inc. | Panasport Racing

1511.jpgAlbum 1511 2988.jpgAlbum 2988 9984336103_6805484ccf_z.jpg

4900.jpgAlbum 4900

Panasport C8
14224.jpgAlbum 14224

15x7" with 205/60R15 tyres
5322.jpgAlbum 5322

race ultra light 5.6kg 14x7
4897.jpgAlbum 4897


Phillipine Aluminum Wheels Inc.

Rota RB

* Red
* Silver
* Black
* Gun metal
* Yellow


Sportmax by XXR Wheels New Zealand

513 (15x7+15) with 165/50R15 tyres, 8 mm spacers on the front

Sportmax 513


Superlite by Performance wheels
* #10-spoke Superlite - 15" old style
* 8-spoke Superlite - all other Superlite
4812.jpgAlbum 4812

726.JPGAlbum 726

15513.jpgAlbum 15513

campfire_creek_track.jpgPost click for topic red_hands_cave.jpgPost click for topic superlite.jpgPost click for topic

14" Superlite
1246.jpgAlbum click to view 2779.jpgAlbum click to view 666.jpgAlbum click to view

14x6JJ - recessed hub
9530.jpgAlbum 9530

13000.jpgAlbum 13000

13x7 Superlites with Toyo R888 205/60R13 tyres
15401.jpgAlbum 15401 15619.jpgAlbum 15619

13 x 7 +7 (or +42?) | with spacers (5mm front, 3mm rear). Tyres are 165/70/13 stretched
18595.jpgAlbum 18595 18596.jpgAlbum 18596

10-spoke Superlite

Old style 15" Superlite on left was 10-spoke large-disc, revised 15" Superlite on right (8-spoke)
4812.jpgAlbum 4812

15" 10-spoke Superlites
10275.jpgAlbum 10275 10271.jpgAlbum 10271 18437.jpgAlbum 18437 24604.jpgAlbum 24604 2054.jpgAlbum 2054


Superlite by Western Wheel, division of Rockwell International

364.jpgAlbum 364 2011-12-17123811-.jpgPost click for topic 6693.jpgAlbum 6693

with optional Knock-off cap
western_superlite.jpg western-superlite.jpg

Western Wheel 13 X 5.5
3636.jpgAlbum 3636


Watanabe 8-spokes debuted 1968.

See Main Article: Watanabe#8-spoke

5579.jpg 5352.jpg

Classic 8

By VTO Performance Wheels, 14x6 $166



13x7 wheels and 175/50R13 Dunlop tyres
15276.jpgAlbum 15276

7608.jpgAlbum 7608

25001.jpgAlbum 25001

13843.jpgAlbum 13843

deep dish
9161.jpgAlbum 9161 9163.jpgAlbum 9163 

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