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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Old School Reunion

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Meetings

The 4th annual Old School Reunion was held Sunday June 10, 2012 in the Seattle area. There were maybe 200 cars, all imports, both European and Japanese.

It was at Country Village in Bothell, Washington

These two Datsun sunnys attended:
20120610105648DSC01330.jpg 20120610111102DSC01371.jpg

20120610111019DSC01366.jpg 20120610111108DSC01372.jpg 20120610111134DSC01375.jpg 20120610111138DSC01376.jpg 20120610111146DSC01377.jpg

A group of 14 Ratsuns met at Safeway before the show and trundled in together. About a dozen more Datsuns were there too. And one 1971 Nissan Gloria.

045.jpg 20120610102727DSC01308.jpg 20120610104553DSC01317.jpg 20120610104638DSC01319.jpg 20120610104832DSC01323.jpg 20120610104845DSC01324.jpg 20120610110250DSC01338.jpg 20120610150037DSC01444.jpg

* 32 Datsun/Nissan vehicles
* 2 RHD vehicles (both Nissan-Datsun)
* A cadre of VW Caddy pickups
* VW Squareback trike
* 1970 Subaru Sambar
* Dave's convertible Datsun 620 pickup lowrider
* a2lowvw's Datsun BBQ

Rick-rat's rug rat

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