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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Body Modifications

A spoiler helps direct airflow on the car, usually to increase downforce (with the side effect of increasing drag). They are often fitted to coupes. Spoilers were part of the Datsun 1200 FIA homologation. Sometimes they are called "wings" but a true wing is something different.

See also: Air dam
See also: Wing



The motorsport definition of a spoiler is an aerodynamic device attached to an automobile, contiguous with the bodywork, and where only one surface (ie the top) is exposed to airflow.

The motorsport definition of a wing is an aerodynamic device attached to an automobile where both upper and lower surfaces are exposed to airflow.

Spoilers slow the airflow down to create and area of higher pressure on the rear of the car (downforce). Wings (on a car to make downforce) acellerate airflow on the underside of the wing and slow airflow on the top to create the pressure differential.

Also see: 
* Air dam (front "spoiler")
* Wing (rear spoiler)

2930.jpgAlbum click to view


The "FIA" style rear spoiler -- aka Bobtail, Ducktail, etc.

Classic old-school "bobtail spoiler"
309.jpgAlbum 309 310.jpgAlbum 310

The classic old-school "bobtail spoiler" works by stablising and slowing the rotational velocity of the bound vortex at the rear of the vehicle. Effectively a vertical strip of material at the tip of the boot (trunk) will do the same. The result is reduced lift and reduced drag. In simple terms, a bob tail works by increasing the air pressure on the rear of the car relative to if it weren't there.

Tomei spoiler
174_5b1646fb843e8.jpgPost 488502 174_5b16471c0a8eb.jpgPost 488502

19894.jpgAlbum 19894

Wing Type

"Wing" style spoiler
2842.jpgAlbum 2842 708.jpgAlbum 708

Modern style
8659.jpgAlbum 8659 8658.jpgAlbum 8658

Adjustable Spoiler
4018.jpgAlbum 4018 2535.jpgAlbum 2535


See Body panels

  • Atomic Aero Parts Product, TEL 048-874-7602
    • Saitama City, Japan
    •  ??????????????????????????????


Most spoilers are made out of wikipedia:fiberglas.

aluminum spoiler
4655.jpgAlbum 4655 9965.jpgAlbum 9965

wooden spoiler
1269.jpgAlbum 1269

Also see: Parts Reference



1864.jpgAlbum 1864 2423.jpgAlbum 2423 26462.jpgAlbum 26462 26463.jpgAlbum 26463 2843.jpgAlbum 2843 2844.jpgAlbum 2844 708.jpgAlbum 708

FIA Spoiler

See Main Article: FIA#Coupe_Spoiler

25802.jpgAlbum 25802

205.jpgAlbum 205 6604.jpgAlbum 6604 207.jpgAlbum 207

Nissan Competition

The 1984 Nissan Competition Catalog listed this factory fibreglas part for Datsun 1200 Coupe:

Competition198446.jpg1200 Coupe Factory Fiberglass Parts


    Not SCCA or IMSA legal.

Drag Racing

251.JPGAlbum 251 2081.jpegAlbum 2081


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