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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering Gearbox

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Category: Steering System

The B110 uses a steering gearbox integral (one unit) with the steering column. Optionally available was a collapsible-column unit for safety in case of a crash. The collapsible column was standard for USA models. The gearbox is a relatively fast 15:1 ratio with only 3.3 turns lock to lock, and used a quality recirculating-ball type system. The only problem was a bit of play, as is common to boxes of this type, but as the years have gone by many boxes are worn out. Unfortunately no other gearbox fits. New ones may be available from Nissan South Africa.

Also see Steering Column



For modification-required swaps, see Steering Gearbox Swaps

21937.jpgAlbum 21937 25282b.jpg

The B210 and B310 units both have a seperate gearbox and column, joined by a flexible coupling. But these gearboxes will not bolt to the B110 subframe connection.

  • B120: Type RB41N, 15.0:1 3.3 turns
    • Available in standard or collapsible column types
  • B210: 15.0:1 3.38+ turns
  • B310 A12: Type RB43N 16.4:1 3.5 turns
  • B310 A14/A15: Type BR45L 15.0:1 3.2 turns
  • B310 Australia uses 16.4:1 model for all engine (per Gregory's)

20922.jpgAlbum 20922

The steering arm is fastened to the gear by an M16 nut, with 24mm hex.


LHD uses a mirror-image version of the RHD gearbox. The chassis side rails (front side members) appear to be drilled on both sides.

10318_4c46d976dc0b1.jpgPost 328659


Datsun 1200 uses RB41N (Recirculating Ball) steering gear, a type which is also known as Worm and Sector. RB type is still used by fullsize cars and trucks as it is stronger/more durable than rack & pinion gearboxes.

Generic recirculating ball diagram
400px-RecirculatingBall.pngWIKI go to Wikipedia

Datsun 1200 RB gearbox. Normally the ball-nut block is not removed from the shaft.
25283.jpgAlbum 25283
Datsun 1200 uses 60 ball bearings (7/32 in. size). 38 are rolling in the ball nut at any given time, while the other 22 are moving in the ball nut tubes. Ball grades 10 (best) to 50 (OK) are probably acceptible, with Grade 25 being recommended (these are about $5 per 100). Maximum axial play is 0.0031 inch -- if greater play is measured then oversize balls should be fitted.

RHD - Japan B110 & B120
48805-H1033 GEAR ASS'Y-steering impact (collapsible) GL, GX
48010-H1002 GEAR ASS'Y-steering 3-speed
48010-H1005 GEAR ASS'Y-steering 4-speed, A-all
LHD - North America

20921.jpgAlbum 20921


Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Seal
* Oil Seal: Nitrile 
* Shaft Size=0.984" 
* Housing Bore=1.496" 
* Outer Diameter=1.505" 
* Width=0.276"
National 222535 
SKF 10173

Alternate Part Numbers: 013-8340-2, 052-3346, 089-409-085, 089-409-085B, 089409085C, 0928326016, 10171, 10173CHR, 10A-0143, 145810171, 145810173, 194740-55620, 222630, 26X38X5T, 26X38X6DG, 26X38X6R21P, 26X38X8HMS, 26X38X8HMSA, 26X38X8MHS, 26X38X8MHSA, 314360-4232-00, 3436454M1, 48137H1002, 65551A, 67453-00117, 67477, 70-7565, 71-10171, 8734980, 965810173, AB1463E0, AB1464E0, AE1306K, AE1306K0, AE1463E, CFW226X38X6, CH14736, CH14765, CHR 10173, CR10173, MHS26X38X8, N10171, N10173, NJ849, SBA334290180, SBA334290181, SBA334292001, W26X38X6R21P, ZAR10171, ZAR10173

Shaft Bearings

Two ball bearing assemblies hold the column/worm shaft in place.

48025-18000 BEARING-WORM $40 USD


Only Datsun 1200 gearbox interchanges. Made in Japan through 1994, and in South Africa through 2007.

B110 mounts with one front bolt, two rear bolts. PB110, B210, B310, 510 mount with two front bolts, single rear bolt. Cherry uses Rack & Pinion, so it does not interchange.

20920.jpgAlbum 20920

Some parts inside the gearbox, including seal and bearings, interchange between B110 RB41N and the smaller B210 (early RHD) box and the smaller B310 box -- type RB43N. B210/B310 BR45L boxes share zero parts with the B110 box.


oil change - see POST Refill steering box - how?
Square fill plug is on top


23421.jpgAlbum 23421

Up to 1" play is normal and does not indicate a worn box. Check to see if it is worn out. Wiggle the steering wheel back and forth with your pinky. Look under the car at the same time to ensure the steering box gear arm is not moving -- if it is then you are applying too much force to the wheel for this test.

17660.jpgAlbum 17660

If the steering wheel moves up/down, that is the column bushing, easily replaceable new from Nissan.

If the steering wheel moves in/out it indicates the Steering Wheel needs to be tightened down.

Steering Column

The steering column is integrated with the gearbox; they do not come apart.

See main article: Steering Column
Steering Column Bush


Datsun 1200 does not use a separate steering column; it has the column as one piece (integral) with the steering gearbox.

B210 and B310 use a separate column with a rag joint.

Datsun 510 and 240Z use a U-joint

* 28 spline
* ~14 mm diameter
48080-E4155 ASSY-JOINT STEERING -0773
* superceded 48080-E4150 
48080-N3150 ASSY-JOINT STEERING 2+2 0873-1076
48080-N3151 ASSY-JOINT STEERING 2+2 1176-
48085-23125 KIT-U/JOINT STG
* superceded 48095-23100


See main article: Steering Specifications

Part Numbers

Collapsible Gearbox & Column


LHD drive gearbox - North America Catalog

NOTE: no parts interchange with B210 LHD gearbox/column

48850-H1900 ASSY-TUBE,JACKET 1 OP. - NLA 
48011-H1601 ASSY-HOUSING,GEAR 1 OP. - NLA 
48820-H1900 ASSY-SHAFT,COLUMN 1 OP. - NLA 
48025-18000 BEARING-WORM 1 OP. - $33.94 
48103-H1002 SHAFT-SECTOR 1 OP. - $170.32 
48137-H1002 SEAL-OIL 1 OP. - $5.87 
48135-66000 SCREW-ADJUSTING 1 OP. - NLA 
08911-3401A NUT 1 OP. - 08911-34010 $0.11 
08911-34010 NUT 1 OP. - superceded 
48133-66000 SHIM-SCREW,T=1.62 0 OP. - NLA 
48134-66000 SHIM-SCREW,T=1.65 0 OP. - NLA 
48131-66000 SHIM-SCREW,T=1.56 0 OP. - 
48130-66000 SHIM-SCREW,T=1.53 0 OP. - 
48132-66000 SHIM-SCREW,T=1.59 0 OP. - 
48201-18000 COVER-SIDE 1 OP. - 
48204-18000 PACKING-SIDE COVER 1 OP. - NLA 
08931-10410 PLUG 1 OP. - 
08120-82010 BOLT 8 OP. - 
08915-13810 WASHER-SPRING 8 OP. - 
08911-24610 NUT 1 OP. - 
08915-14610 WASHER-LOCK 1 OP. - 
48031-18000 SHIM-COVER,T=0.05 0 OP. - NLA 
48032-18000 SHIM-COVER,T=0.07 0 OP. - 
48033-18000 SHIM-COVER,T=0.08 0 OP. - NLA 
48034-18000 SHIM-COVER,T=0.10 0 OP. - 
48035-18000 SHIM-COVER,T=0.12 0 OP. - 
48910-H1020 BUSH-COLUMN 1 OP. - superceded 
48910-H1021 BUSH-COLUMN 1 OP. - 2 48910-H1020 $35.58 
48931-H1020 WASHER-PLAIN 1 OP. - 
00922-11700 RING-SNAP 1 OP. - 
08110-81210 BOLT 4 OP. - 
08915-13810 WASHER 4 OP. - 
08915-13810 WASHER-LOCK 4 OP. - 
08110-81210 BOLT 4 OP. - 
08120-83010 BOLT 2 OP. - 
08915-53810 WASHER-PLAIN 3 OP. - 
48361-H1000 BOLT 3 OP. - 
48366-H1000 NUT 3 OP. - 
48502-H1600 ARM-STEERING GEAR 1 OP. - $36.79 


RHD collapsible drive gearbox - JDM GL & GX trims

NOTE: Some parts interchange with early B210 gearbox

Only showing parts that differ from LHD:

48805-H1033	GEAR ASS'Y-steering impact (collapsible)
48820-H1021	COLUMN ASS'Y-steering
08931-10410	PLUG
08915-13810	WASHER-lock (8)
48011-H1002	HOUSING ASS'Y-gear
08915-14610	WASHER-lock (fixing sector shaft)
48850-H1021	JACKET ASS'Y-column
48932-H1020	SHIM (t0.05) as req.
48932-H1021	SHIM (t0.01) as req.

Standard Gearbox & Column

RHD drive gearbox - JDM STD & DX trims

rigid (non-safety, not collapsible) column

Only showing parts that differ from JDM Collapsible Column

48010-H1002	GEAR ASS'Y-steering 3-speed
48010-H1005	GEAR ASS'Y-steering 4-speed, A-all
48150-H1002	COLUMN ASS'Y-steering
08140-82010	BOLT (8)
08931-10400	PLUG
24210-89913	CLIP
48250-H1002	JACKET ASS'Y-column 3-speed
48250-H1005	JACKET ASS'Y-column 4-speed, A-all
48054-H1002	BUSH-steering column
48502-H1000	ARM-steering gear
48324-H1005	CLAMP-upper
48326-H1005	CLAMP-lower
40325-04100	PACKING
08915-43810	WASHER-plain (fixing steering post) (2)
08120-82510	BOLT (fixing steering post) (2)


48010-H2551 GEAR ASS'Y-steering [rigid] DX
* 48011-21000 HOUSING
48010-26510 GEAR ASS'Y-steering COLLAPSIBLE GL,GX
* 48011-21000 HOUSING

48011-21000 HOUSING is used by the larger Datsuns including 510/610/710.


B210 RHD
48010-H5000 GEAR ASS'Y-steering A12, A14(HB210)
* 48011-M5000 HOUSING
48010-H5800 GEAR ASS'Y-steering L14(PB210), L16(GB210)
* 48010-H5850 alternate
* 48011-21000 HOUSING
48010-H5500 GEAR ASS'Y-steering Van-rigid type
48010-H5510 GEAR ASS'Y-steering Van-for collapsible

PB210 gearbox uses the same housing as Datsun 510, same input and output shafts so likely it will interchange with 510(1600) or 610(180B) gearboxes, though ratio may differ.

Steering Box Brace

See: Steering System#Gearbox Brace

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