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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Tray Liners

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Modifications

Sometimes the plain sheet metal of the Datsun 1200 pickup cargo bed is not enough. You might want wood, plastic, or shiny metal finishing for the tray.


Spackle Coat Paint

This stuff is pretty cheap - $70 AUD.

Hammer Coat is a hard rippled paint finish that you see on a lot of door sill & lower body panels. Also known as stoneguard. I believe you can colour code it & it's cheap too.

Spray on Liner

Rubberised spray on lining is popular option for truck trays. It protects the sheet metal from scratches. Hides dents too. Colour coded but expensive....

2561.jpg spray-on liner

Rhino lining is a very good liner, originally from South Africa but theres now a company in Ashmore but there could be more. They have a limited colour range but even still the black simple colour looks great. $500 AUD.

If you can do it yourself, get some Emer-Clad. If the surface is prepaired right, it will be as good as the liner stuff. It is an industrial waterproofer. That website shows heaps of info about it. phunkdoktaspok has used it plenty of times on customers cars and reports that many panel shops use it also. Use a stone guard gun and thats what it will look like. It cleans up with water but resistant to water and chemicals when dry. It comes in many colours and can be painted over with 2 pack paints etc. $80 for a 4-litre tin.

Polly gaurd they are on Algas st off Moss st costs about $500.

Removable Mat

Rubber or other similar mats might be nice in the tray.

5936.jpg fibreglass floor and guards

4279.jpg 4279.jpg 4272.jpg

1238.jpg rubber mat


Might be good for dry-weather climates.

5504.jpg fibreglass floor and guards

Synthetic grass ?

petergranger used plywood and carpet for a nice effect. He cut the plywood to the exact shape of the tray and put marine carpet on it. What's also great is you can just lift it out when you want to put a dirty or heavy load in.

Chequer Plate (Diamond Plate)

Stainless Steel is the shiniest type of checkerplate. Aluminum is lighter.

7454.jpg 2QKFU Tray

32 hours of labour and 2 pieces of checkerplate metal later here it is. Cost $450 AUD
1793.jpg Tudoy's Tray


A wood tray lining adds a bit of weight, but it sure looks sweet.

Consider adding some drainage holes in the bottom of the tray to let the occasional water out.

9130.jpg Clammy's Wood Liner

Also see: Tonneau Cover

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