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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Turn signal switch

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

TS/Beam Switch Assembly is a key part of the Turn Signals system. It is column-mounted, a combination with dimmer/turn signal stalk and horn button contact.


Connects To

The turn signal switch connects to:

  • Steering Column
  • Steering wheel. Specifically the pins on the bottom of the steering wheel hub cancel the turn signals when the wheel is turned
  • Horn pad on the steering wheel, via the copper spring-action contact
  • 174_579e94be04978.jpgHorn Button


19645.jpgAlbum 19645

The TS/Beam Switch mounts on the Steering Column, just behind the Steering wheel. It contains the turn signal lever stalk, cancelling mechanism and the Horn contact wiring.

Steering wheel cancelling pins
174_5d6c7c27dacc3.jpgPost 492433

H10 type standard switch
SWITCH COMP-turn signal & dimmer
25540-H1007  B110 STD, B120 -7803 $155.78 USD
* superceded 25540-H1006
25540-H1007L B120 (BENT ARM 10 DEGREE)
25540-HG007  B120 (STRAIGHT ARM)
H11 type #Switch with Passing Lamp Button
25540-H1100 SWITCH COMP-turn signal & dimmer 
* Optional on B120 -7803
* Standard on B120 7804-

RHD & LHD use the same T/S switch assembly. Just rotate it 180 degrees.
23134.jpgAlbum 23134 19664.jpgAlbum 19664

H10 Switch

The normal B110 (H10 type) switch has a 6-pin rectangular connector plus an individual white wire.
28845.jpgAlbum 28845 28844.jpgAlbum 28844 28843.jpgAlbum 28843

Switch with Passing Lamp Button

H11 Passing Lamp switch has a button on the end of the stalk, and an additional two wires (so three individual wires plus the 6-pin rectangle connector).
19663.jpgAlbum 19663 19662.jpgAlbum 19662 23135.jpgAlbum 23135 23136.jpgAlbum 23136



The B210 indicator/high-beam switch is wired differently from the 1200 switch. It has the same 6-pin large connector but often only 4 pins are connected. It has a 2nd square 4-pin connector for the dimmer wires, which on the 1200 are in the large connector.

It looks very similar to the 1200 unit and fastens to the column same way with two bolts however it is unknown if it will bolt up to the 1200 column.

174_6541cfbe036f1.jpgPost 498012

25540-H5000 except STR,V-SMDX with large connector having 4 or 6 pins
25540-H5010 early V-STD 7624A 4-pin large connector
25540-H5020 early V-DX,V-SPDX
25540-H5300 STR,V-SMDX -7701 
* supersedes H5000

B210 electrical connectors differ (small square connector instead of three individual wires)
174_6541d041469ea.jpgPost 498012

The Horn ring contact arm is facing the opposite direction compare to the 1200
174_6541d09712710.jpgPost 498012

The two clamping screws are facing the opposite direction compared to the 1200 swith
174_6541d02a67834.jpgPost 498012

174_6541d05024d56.jpgPost 498012

Another difference from the B110 switch is that one of the T/S contacts are covered by a black plastic piece
28847.jpgAlbum 28847 28848.jpgAlbum 28848 28849.jpgAlbum 28849 28850.jpgAlbum 28850 28851.jpgAlbum 28851 28852.jpgAlbum 28852

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