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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Body | Heating And Ventilation Systems

The fresh-air ventilation system of Datsun 1200 allows for fresh air even with all windows rolled up.



1972 USA Owners manual

29378.jpg18   29379.jpg19
fresh air in any weather
Also see: 
* Heater
* Wing Window

No-heater models

Ventilation for models originally equipped with No Heater.

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 19 ... ):

29357.jpg   29379.jpg
The valve has only three positions: CLOSE, HALF OPEN and FULLY OPEN

Ventilation Flow

  • Coupe: air flows out through the side chrome grilles
  • Sedan: air flows out through the slots in the C-pillar
  • Truck: air flows out through the finisher in the rear pillar

20366.jpgAlbum 20366

Inlet: In the Datsun 1200 passenger compartment ventilation system, air is drawn from:

  1. the air intake on the cowl top, and
  2. ventilator (quarter window) on the front door.

Outlet: This air is exhausted from the slip shape air outlets on the rear pillar (coupe air outlets are under the chrome side vents). Thus, the body is ventilated sufficiently -- even with all the windows rolled up.

20367.jpgAlbum 20367
  • The baffle causes water to run past the cabin air intake.
  • Carefully tighten the ABS plastic grille, not very tight, so that you do not crack the plastic.

Diagram of body cabin air flow
20368.jpgAlbum 20368


Coupe side vents cover the cabin airflow openings just aft of the doors. This allows positive ventilation of the passenger compartments, and the air exits at the vents.

Coupe DX vent is unfinished, without a grille. See Japan_Brochures#Coupe
174_5ca8835629652.jpgPost 491121 17784.jpgAlbum 17784

GL and GX Coupe vent trim
20512.jpgAlbum 20512 174_57932ae81ab25.jpgPost 480061


7563.jpgAlbum 7563

The only body air exit is on the leading edge of vent.
174_5ca882f7dd9ea.jpgPost 491121 17803.jpgAlbum 17803

Lower & Upper side ducts -- two each. Fastens by means of two nuts and a push-on clip for the 3rd post
174_5ca8838933cbc.jpgPost 491121 174_5ca883953f0d0.jpgPost 491121

PB110 Sunny Excellent 1400

78843-H2525 GRILLE SET-air outlet, upper Coupe
78844-H2525 GRILLE SET-air outlet, upper Coupe

Custom by LOWTECH


As in all 1200s, the pickup air inlet is at the Cowl baffles. The cabin ventilation exits on the B-pillar under the plastic/chrome side vent finishers.

22652.jpgAlbum 22652 0504165A30160114W00127.jpg

  • 76850-G1001 FINISHER-REAR PILLAR, RH -7803 [gray?]
  • 76851-G1001 FINISHER-REAR PILLAR, LH -7803 [gray?]
  • 76850-G1060 FINISHER-REAR PILLAR, RH 7804- [Black]
  • 76851-G1060 FINISHER-REAR PILLAR, LH 7804- [Black]
  • 08530-71690 SCREW (2 per side)


1971-1978 Chrome Finisher
14433.jpgAlbum 14433

1971-1978 Gray? Finisher
26037.jpgAlbum click to view

1978-2007 Black Finisher
14362.jpgAlbum 14362

1976 JDM
B120b-vent.jpg B120a-vent.jpg

Without external Finisher
14181.jpgAlbum 14181 18951_55cb4bfd254fe.jpgPost 471450 22653.jpgAlbum 22653

Carbon Fibre
25009.jpgAlbum 25009 25010.jpgAlbum 25010

Stainless Fluted - POST post
IMGP6342.jpg IMGP6335.jpg IMGP6352.jpg

Stainless Steel - see POST clyons
DatsunSideVentsPolished.jpg 13419_548816c55fec2.jpgPost 461731 13419_548816736deef.jpgPost 461731

aftermarket Fluted Black - see POST clyons
B120V3.jpg B120V2-1.jpg B120V4.jpg

POST post

Stainless Steel - POST datsunbeginner
13419_518c27d01764f.jpgPost 436919 13419_518c27e9d113d.jpgPost 436919 13419_518c27f177d82.jpgPost 436919 13419_5416a778a7a8c.jpgPost 436919 3dblankfinal2.png 

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