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Main : Members : L18_B110 x-member mod L18

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x-member mod L18
x-member mod L18Popular
SubmitterL18_B110More Photos from L18_B110   Last Update2003/3/24 7:22    Tell a friendTell a friend
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sectioned the hoop and moved rearwards to mount the engine as low and rearward as possible. you could probably modify the sump for clearance instead.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/6/21 2:19  Updated: 2004/6/21 2:19
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2004/5/19
From: sydney
Posts: 95
 Re: x-member mod L18
L16 sump and oil pump pickup are the most forward mount sump that is available. L18 is slightly more reward. and most L20's are all to the rear

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/6/21 2:59  Updated: 2004/6/21 2:59
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2002/8/6
From: Brisbane, Australia
Posts: 3792
 Re: x-member mod L18
to clarify, the Stanza L16 sump is the forward one and most suitable for 1200 conversion. It's what I used. L20 sumps are the same as this.

510/1600 L16 sump is rearward, as are the L18 sumps.

Sumps and pickups can be interchanged, but the blocks will need to be drilled for the dipstick. So its easiest to use Stanza L16 or an L20 block for the conversion in a 1200. If you really want the L18, the crank will fit straight into the L16 block.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/12/10 9:03  Updated: 2004/12/10 9:03
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2002/12/2
From: Brisbane
Posts: 2317
 Re: x-member mod L18
so this a is Modded 1200 xmemba and you just welded the Engine Brackets on from any L18 xmemba yeah...?