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Re: Wide sump for A15
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
2004/2/14 6:21
From Coondle, WA Australia
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Yeah righto.

The SR20 sump thingo - I'm not familiar with SR20s - too fancy for me...

So If I was to cut off (or most of it) the front hump on the oil pan, make up a flange to suit and both this up.

at $130 delivered, thats cheap.
The casting doesn't look fancy, but its a sump and what do you expect for $130.

Only thing of course is to make sure I can still get the turbo oil return hole somewhere. It could be an easy option, plus it has cooling finns and its alloy -- fully sic racing spec! I wonder if i get a sticker that I can put on the drivers door.....

Looking at that sump.
I guessing that the flange is supposed to be square to make a slanted bottom for the oil to drain to one side?

Posted on: 2018/1/19 22:41
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Re: Wide sump for A15
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
2002/10/28 6:49
From Criminal Pig free land
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The green area is the flange or plate to act as a flange
It could go all the way across the bottom if you cut the
complete base area of the sump including the A series front hump
but you must make sure you give it a little angle before it
meets the window drain area at the front.
Being flat steel plate you can bend it a tad to create this angle
and the yellow dots indicate nuts on the outside to secure the
SR hump but the pink ones indicate fastening from the inside.
Use studs on the sr hump and lock nuts for securing.
This is nothing flashy just purpose build that reflected my older
Alfa engines which came with winged sumps since after the war
if not before ww2 also. Alfa and Abart Fiats rust buckets were
my favorite budget cars their engineering if nothing else.
Datsuns equally fave at the time for their simplicity
and lightweight potential that allowed for more tinkering.

Posted on: 2018/1/20 5:51

Edited by D on 2018/1/20 13:19:13
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