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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B140 models

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: B140

B140 model changes



2002 Champ model - blocky Champ decal, 1200-style indicators

2005 Champ model - small indicators, blocky Champ decal (2005-2006) spear Champ decal (2007-2008)


  • Datsun 1400 wing decal
  • Deluxe B-pillar badge
  • Black-trim indicators
  • 'NISSAN' tailgate decal
  • 'DATSUN' grille emblem
  • ZA-style door cards
  • Factory hurricances
  • Sheet-metal air cleaner stay
  • Cable choke

174_58bd31e1edbd0.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd323898083.jpg 174_58bd3240581f5.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd324854181.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd324f877a7.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd3261d8368.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd3269d6c74.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd3277036e7.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd32835c81a.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd328d18d7b.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd32aca7517.jpgPost 484266

Knobs (Cigarette Lighter, ???, and choke) do not look stock
174_58bd37ab11613.jpgPost 484268

174_58bd3296bf2ed.jpgPost 484266 174_58bd32a42aa25.jpgPost 484266


174_589e9ebdb5e9d.jpgPost 483843 174_589e9fae89c68.jpgPost 483843 174_589e9f468cfcb.jpgPost 483843 174_589e9fda5d116.jpgPost 483843 174_589ea00cdd78b.jpgPost 483843 174_589ea014573a4.jpgPost 483843 174_589e9ee3c2ffa.jpgPost 483843


  • Grille emblem changed from JDM small NISSAN to large NISSAN
  • New Steering wheel
  • locally-sourced air cleaner with sheet-metal stay

174_58aaa1eb01d09.jpgPost 484023 174_58aaa2097b6fb.jpgPost 484023 174_58aaa1fa87871.jpgPost 484023 174_58aaa20263263.jpgPost 484023 174_58aaa1f3bc39b.jpgPost 484023


26715.jpgAlbum 26715


If it's no frills, hard working muscle you need, the LDV gets the job done.Up front its got a never-say-die 47kW engine linked to an economical five-speed gearbox. While at the back, an extra tough high-tensile steel loadbox takes everything from boxes to bricks. No matter what you are loading, rear wheel drive gives power where it's needed most - directly under the load. In any conditions, from the unforgiving city to the punishing heartland. And when it's all over, it'll leave you with enough fuel to do it all over again.

26712.jpgAlbum 26712

2002 Model

1998_champ1.jpg 1998_champ2.jpg 1998_champ3.jpg

from dealer web site in 2004, showing Champ chunk graphic
nissan_1400ldv_exterior_mai.jpg nissan_1400_exterior_3pic.jpg sec_hed_safety.jpg nissan_1400ldv_lifestyle.jpg

STANDARD Price R 70,490
CHAMP Price R 75,490
Release Date 200202
Discontinued Date 200412

Dimensions and Weight 
STANDARD Load 591 
CHAMP Load 588 
Length 3845 
Ground Clearance 160 
Height 1425 
STANDARD Licencing Mass 758 
CHAMP Licencing Mass 772
Width 1495 
Engine and Gearbox 
Engine Layout longitudinal inline 4 
Cylinders 4 
Aspiration natural 
Valves ohv 2 valves per cylinder 
Bore / Stroke 76.0x77.0 
Capacity 1397 
Compression Ratio 9.4:1 
Ignition Type electronic 
Gearbox Details 5 speed manual 
Number of Gears 5 
Automatic no
Maintenance and Warranty 
Oil Change Intervals 15000 km 
Service Intervals 30000 km 
Warranty Period (Months) 12 
* Warranty 1 year unlimited km
* optional maintenance plans from 3 year/50000km to 3 year/150000km 
Fuel Capacity 50 
Fuel Consumpsion - Highway 7.13 
Fuel Consumpsion - Urban 12.26 
Consumption Annual Average 9.9 
Fuel Type leaded/unleaded 
Fuel Supply carb. dual-barrel downdraught hitachi 
Acceleration 0-100 Final 13.7 
Top Speed Final 152 
Power Output 47kw@6000 
Torque 97nm@2500 
Limited Slip Diff no 
Towing Capacity (KG) 758 STANDARD
Towing Capacity (KG) 772 CHAMP
Turning Circle (Meters) 8.2 

Peripherals and Accesories
Fog Lamps - Front yes, CHAMP
Air conditioner no 
Radio no 
Metallic Paint option 
Options Group nis140001 
Rim Size - Front 4j 
Rim Size - Rear 4j 
Drive Wheels rear 
Wheel Base 2300 
Number of Wheels Driven 2 
Tyre Size - Front 155 sr12 
Tyre Size - Rear 155 sr12 

Front Suspension 
independent struts, coils, stabiliser bar, dual acting telescopic shocks 
Rear Suspension live axle, semi-elliptical leaf springs, telescopic dual acting shocks 
Steering Type recirculating ball

2004 Update

From Nissan ZA web site, 2003 August, showing Champ spear graphic
26713.jpgAlbum 26713

2005 Model

STANDARD Price R 70,490
CHAMP Price R 75,490
Release Date 200501
Discontinued Date 200909
small indicators

2005c.jpg 400fa04d-0187-455e-bb33-b5514fd6b0ec_nissan_b140_1027.jpg 2005a.jpg 458d4714-1c33-41f4-adcf-ab692c753812_nissan_b140_1026.jpg 2005d.jpg 3968ca72-1a00-45e4-bdfa-08d22a1e1674_nissan_b140_1028.jpg 2005b.jpg d6360c29-fe21-495a-946e-95881c1f0d33_nissan_b140_1024.jpg 3df3ae11-c5c8-4cae-aa38-626b0240e8a6_nissan_b140_1033.jpg 6f584b1b-0fe9-4049-9ef6-3c6aa8e0dd9f_nissan_b140_1035.jpg

Exterior Colours: black, blue, gold, gray, green, red, silver, white
black.jpg blue.jpg gold.jpg gray.jpg green.jpg red.jpg silver.jpg white.jpg

2005x.jpg 2005y.jpg

2006 Champ

Champ06a.jpg Champ06b.jpg Champ06c.jpg Champ06d.jpg Champ06e.jpg Champ06g.jpg Champ06h.jpg B140Champ2006f.jpg



CHAMP Base Price R 75,490.00 (incl VAT)  
Maximum Power 47 @ 6000 kW at r/min 
Maximum Torque 97 @ 2500 Nm at r/min 
Power To Mass Ratio 60.88 W/kg 
Acceleration 16.22 sec (0-100 km/h) 
Max Speed 146 (km/h) 
Tank Capacity 45 litre 
Fuel Range 476 km 
GCM 1750 kg 
GVM 1360 kg 
Ground Clearance 160 mm 
LoadBox 1518x1285x415  
Metallic Paint Option Optional  
Metallic Paint Option Price R 1050 (incl VAT) 
Net Load Capacity 591 kg 

2008 Heritage Edition

Limited edition of 150 Champ models

See Main Article: Nissan_B140#Heritage_Edition

174_589c2c7ede68c.jpg heritage.jpg 

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