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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B10

Datsun 1000 truck in coupe utility style came in the 2nd model year of 1968. It is quite a bit smaller than a Datsun 1200 ute.



1967 Dec Truck (B20 Ute) added as 1968 model

Export B20 (B20U) introduction
B20_introduction_front.jpg 29300.jpgAlbum 29300


20567.jpgAlbum 20567 20568.jpgAlbum 20568 20569.jpgAlbum 20569,

Loading capacity: 2 passengers + 500kg in cargo body.

1968 B20TU chassis number B20-014367
1968 B20T chassis number LB20-000001
1969 B20STU RHD STD Floor-shift 4-speed 
LB20ST LHD DLX Floor-shift 4-speed

size: B20 tray fits entirely within Hilux tray

1969 Changes

For the 2nd model year B20, the following changes were implemented:

* Safer, sturdier door locks
* STD model now gets 2-speed wiper as standard equipment
* Interior anti-glare treatment (chrome reduction)
  horn bar
  shift lever
  Turn signal lever
  rearview mirror screws
* Safety pad added to dash
* Fuel filler lid added
* Grille redesigned along with front apron
* Back-up lamp now standard equipment

Fuel Filler

1968 had exposed fuel filler cap
P1010792.jpgPost click for topic lafoto-34.jpg

1969-1970 had a fuel filler lid
post-9-1325300571117511098.jpg boost 2009-12-01%2001.jpg


See Main Article: B10 Grille#Truck

7266.jpg 3182.jpg




Back-up lamp with 12V-25W bulb
Fog lamp on front bumper
Cigarette lighter
AM radio
double horn (low tone horn option)
two-speed wiper motor
windshield washer
passenger sunvisor
outside rear view mirror
safety belt
fuel filler cap lock
1969 adds these options
LHD steering lock
anti-skate wiper blades
45 AH battery
air cleaner with deicer

Not Available

B10 options Not available on B20
LHD passing light
front reclining seats
arm rest
anti-sun glass
door side moulding
drip channel moulding
back window moulding
windshield moulding
door switch
fuel filler lid lock
over rider
large wheel cap

Standard Equipment

standard fitment
40 AH battery
back-up lamp (1969)
safety glass
2-speed wiper (1969)
white sidewall tire

7_4a34dc8431fb1.jpgUpload click to view 12426.jpgAlbum 12426


1968 Export
red trimming
637 white
652 light blue
701 red
702 light gray
714 yellow green

Green and Gray switch for 1969.

1969 Export
red upholstery
825 Green
701 Red
637 White
714 Light Green
642 Blue

8261.jpgAlbum 8261 4025.jpgAlbum click to view

B20 Style

See Main Article: B20 Style

8222570467_e9bedc4977_b.jpg b20top6.jpg


17615.jpgAlbum 17615 17616.jpgAlbum 17616 17617.jpgAlbum 17617 17618.jpgAlbum 17618 17619.jpgAlbum 17619 17641.jpgAlbum 17641

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