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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Brake Booster

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Categories: Datsun B210 | Brake Modifications

A Brake Booster was fitted to many disc-brake B210s, including most 1976-1978 120Ys and all USA models. The booster was added to counter the increased weight of these models. It is a very small 4.5 inch diameter model. This booster is not a direct bolt-in for a (Datsun 1200) as the mounting points are different. It can be fitted to a Datsun 1200 with small modifications.



B210 (including later 120Y) models that use a brake booster use a type M45 Master-Vac with 4.5-inch vacuum diaphragm. It is the same as the 610/180B booster except for a different vacuum hose fitting. It can be fitted to a Datsun 1200 with small modifications.

6800.jpgAlbum 6800

The booster setup includes:

  • a Front Spacer, a thin (20 cm) aluminum adapter so that a 2-bolt vertical pattern Brake master cylinder can be fitted
  • 4-bolt rear mounting to firewall
  • a Rear Spacer, a thick rectangular aluminum unit (45 mm thick). It fits between the booster and the firewall.


B310 vs B210 style

  • B310 has horizontal bolt-pattern master cylinder, Booster M60 (6" diameter)
    2745.jpgAlbum 2745
  • B210 has vertical bolt-pattern master cylinder, Booster M45 (4.5" diameter, 5.5" overall)
    12371.jpgAlbum 12371

1409.jpgAlbum 1409

Use in B110

Required parts:

  • B210 Booster
  • B210 Master Cylinder & adapter
  • Firewall spacer/adapter

The B210 and B310 booster mounts to the firewall with 4 bolts, whereas Datsun 1200 (B110) has only two bolts drilled in the firewall. The shape of the firewall also differs.

  1. drill larger center hole in firewall
  2. Use B210 firewall spacer
    OR Make 4-bolt to 2-bolt spacer/adaptor to go between the firewall and the booster
    13370.jpgAlbum 13370 22927.jpgAlbum 22927
  3. drill two extra mounting holes in firewall
    9519.jpgAlbum 9519 9520.jpgAlbum 9520 9521.jpgAlbum 9521
  4. change pedal box to new style
    9522.jpgAlbum 9522

9669.jpgAlbum 9669 9671.jpgAlbum 9671 13359.jpgAlbum 13359

H61 Mastervac

JDM B210 including A12-powered
610/710 small booster is the same except for the vacuum hose location
Booster Jidoshakiki Co. Ltd. Bendix License
diameter ~120mm width ~140mm flange
87mm thick
~120mm rod to pivot length
about 5" diameter
Firewall Spacer
45mm thick
bolt pattern: 53mm high x 80/89 wide

Master cylinder adapter
20mm thick
bolt pattern
* 60mm vertical (master side)
* 70mm horizontal (booster side)
Master cylinder length

Booster-1.jpg Booster-2.jpg Booster-3.jpg

47210-H7200 ASSY-MASTER VAC <> 47210-H6100 
47211-H6100 SPACER-MASTER VAC B210


Late JDM B210s of GX and GL trim (from April 1975) were fitted with Disc front brakes. A brake booster was standard for GX, optional with GL. The booster is a very small diameter, the M45 Master Vac, same basic type as used in the 510 and 610.

Note that B210 (1976-1978) models without booster used a 2-bolt to 4-bolt adapter plate (thin sheet metal type). 1974-1975 models did not use this.

JDM B210
47210-U0501 MASTER VAC (4-1/2) GX (op.)GL 1973-1975
47210-H6100 MASTERVAC ASSY-BRAKE 1976-1977 A14/L16 (op. others)
47211-H6100 SPACER-master vac
610 JDM
47210-U0501 MASTER VAC ASS'Y (4.5 inch) '72 GL,SSS,'73 DX
47210-U4000 MASTER VAC ASS'Y (6 inch) (from '73) GL, SS
47210-H6100 MASTER VAC ASS'Y-brake (from '74-8) DX
42711-26701 SPACER-master vac
710 JDM
47210-U0501 MASTER VAC ASS'Y-brake (4.5) DX,GL,SSS
47210-H6100 MASTER VAC ASS'Y-brake (from '74-8) DX,GL,SSS
42711-26701 SPACER-master vac
810 JDM
42711-26701 SPACER-MASTERVAC <> 47211-U7400
Details: JDM  B210 - Disc Front Brake models
47210-U0501 MASTER-VAC (45) 1974-1975
* 46010-U0601 CYLINDER ASSY-brake master tandem (3/4 inch)
47210-H6100 MASTER-VAC 1976-1978
* 46010-H7500 CYLINDER ASSY-brake master tandem A12 GL
* 46010-U0601 CYLINDER ASSY-brake master tandem A14, L16
47211-H6100 SPACER-master vac
47230-H6100 BRACKET-BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER [for non-boosted brakes]


120Y used the same parts as Japan, except for locally assembled cars.

See 1977-1979 Australian Rectangle Reservoir Brake Master

PBR master cylinder in Australia-assembled car
11567_4a36d57e1d8fd.jpgPost 258718


All North American B210s were fitted with Disc Front Brakes and a very small M45 brake booster. This is the entire brake system of PB110 (Sunny Excellent) specification for 1974-1975 models.

47210-H7200 ASSY-MASTER VAC <> 47210-H6100 
47211-H6100 SPACER-MASTER VAC B210
Compare to 710 USA
47210-U5200 -0874 <> 47210-U4000
47210-U6700 0974-0775
47210-U9500 0875-
47211-26701 SPACER-MASTER VAC 610, 710
Compare to 610 USA
47210-U5200 0873-0874
47210-U6700 0974-
47210-U9500 <> 47210-U6700
47211-26701 SPACER-MASTER VAC 610, 710

H61 or 267 spacer?
174_5a09300e5868d.jpgPost 69461

Large Booster

Most Datsun used a larger booster than the M45 unit.

This one looks identical to the B210 kit, except the booster is larger diameter. Perhaps it is Datsun 620? Or 810 (200B?)?
17717.jpgAlbum 17717

620 adapter is only about 10mm thick (B210 is 20mm)

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