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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Block Heater

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Cooling System

Keep Sunny happy on cold nights with a Genuine Datsun Accessory Part. Granted it is a rare thing which most cold Americans have never seen. It is really only needed when temps are far far far below 0 Celcius. Even so I reckon it'd be nice to jump in the ol 1200 and floor it without having to wait for a brief warmup period.

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Yes it ran on 110v US.

Yes it is still available, at about $20.00 USD

Part # 99998-10242. This part # applies to US model (just about everything) B210 '74 to '78. It wil actually fit most Nissan blocks except some L motors for some reason.

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Obviously you fit it into one of the welch plugs so it sits in the coolant, & when it's below freezing, you turn it on to heat the coolant before starting. Or maybe you keep it turned on all night so the coolant doesnt freeze & split the block.

They are mostly used in extreme cold climates, e.g. Alaska and Minnesota where temps can reach -40 F (below freezing temperature of anti-freeze). Although in mountain areas everywhere they are well known.

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