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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Fan belt

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Cooling System

Datsun 1200 uses a traditional V-belt to drive the engine accessories. This is commonly called the "fan belt" because it drives the radiator Fan on the Water pump.


Minor Maintenance

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 35 ... ):

th_00_cover.jpg   th_35.jpg
Fan belt slackness: 10-15mm

Check the belt slack between the alternator and the fan pulley and adjust it. Grab with finger and thumb (in-between the pulleys) and see how far it moves with moderate effort. It should move about 1/2 inch.

Fan belt slackness: 0.394 to 0.591 in (10 to 15 mm)

To adjust the fan belt tension, loosen the Alternator adjusting link bolt and adjust the tension by moving the alternator. Use a pry bar such as a large screwdriver to move the alternator, and while applying pressure, tighten the adjusting bolt. Be sure to apply pressure on the first section of the case (next to the pulley). Do not pry against the iron portion of the alternator.

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To loosen the alternator means loosening three bolts: The adjustment bar bolt, and the two on the bottom of the alternator bracket.

1970-1973 engines | 1974-up engines
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Part Numbers

B110 (1970-1973)
* V-belt, 29/64 inch by 33.5 inch length (838mm). About $6
* V-belt (USA AC models) 45 inches ~$10 
* NISSAN: 11720-18002 BELT-FAN L=838 (838 mm length, 33.0 inches)
* Drive-Rite B70895 $5.99 USD
* Gates 20777
* Goodyear Gatorback 15335 11AVO840 0535 97 (7/16 x 33.0 inch)
* Gates 9330 XL or Green Stripe Belt 1-3 (177S) (12mm x 848mm/33.4 inch)

NOTE: B210 and B310 models are different. See Water_pump#Pulleys for a comparison of various fans, pulleys and belts.

B120 Datsun 1200 1976-1994
11720-77701 BELT-FAN&ALTERNATOR (L=980 BANDO) 7510-8503
11721-H7200 BELT-FAN&ALTERNATOR (COOLER USE L=970 BANDO) 7804-8109
11720-77702 BELT-FAN&ALTERNATOR (L=980 BANDO) 8504-
11721-H7210 BELT-FAN&ALTERNATOR (COOLER USE L=975 ミサボシ) 8504-


USA interchange
* 1971-1973 Datsun 1200
* 1962-1967 AMC six w/manual steering
* 1967-1969 Chevrolet w/o brake booster
* 1999-2002 Daewoo 1.6 a/c belt
* 1985-1988 Dodge Colt A/C
* 1990-1993 Hyundai Excel A/C
* 1982 Mazda 626 A/C w/o power steering
* 1977 Mazda 8080 air pump
* 1985-1988 Mitsubishi Mirage A/C
* 1980-1985 Nissan 720 A/C [some]
* 1982-1983 Nissan Maxima 2.8 power steering pump
* 1985-1988 Plymouth Colt 1.5 A/C
* 1976-1979 Renault 
* 1986 Camry 2.0 
* 1980 Toyota Pickup air pump
* 1969-1975 Volvo 164 power steering pump


You can fit a high-tech cogged-tooth belt:

See main article: Gilmer drive

A shoelace can be used in a pinch:
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