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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Charging System | Engine Electrical System

Datsun 1200 was fitted with Mitsubishi or Hitachi alternator,.which were a lightweight (8.4 pound) 35 AMP alternator. These alternators will usually last 10-15 years or more than 100,000 miles before maintenance is required. The only normal maintenance is to replace the brushes when the dashboard alternator light starts flickering. The alternator uses an external Voltage regulator.



Hitachi Alternator LT-135 (35 AMP model) was used on all Datsun 1200s up into the 1980s. Mitsubishi was the second source.

23630.jpgAlbum click to view


Strict interchange: Alternator (35 AMP model) 
B110 1970-1973
B120 1971-1985
B210 1974 standard duty USA
510 1968-early 1971 USA
521 1969-early 1971 USA
620 1973-1979 USA

Loose interchange: Many kinds of alternators. See main article: Alternator Upgrades


Japan-market Datsun 1200s from October 1981 came with a 35A alternator with integral regulator. It is a DIRECT BOLT-ON for the stock 1200 35A alternator, and requires a one-wire connection. You can unplug or discard any external voltage regulator. Also used by Australia N10 E13 and other Nissan.

See Main Article: LR135

Lucas 15AC

Australian assembled 120Y have a Lucas alternator. Lucas 15-A.C.

See Main Article: Lucas alternator


Lucas AS123

Big-flange alternators were used in South Africa on the B140.

 See Main Article: Lucas alternator



Late model Datsun in Australia use a Bosch internally-regulated alternator.

See Main Article: Bosch alternator



Also see Head Face - alternator mounting bosses

Early A-series engines (1966-1973) mount the alternator down low on the left side of the engine, under the intake manifold as shown in this photo:
7891.jpgAlbum click to view 174_59eda1efec985.jpgPost click for topic

1974-up engines mount it high on the right side of the engine:
3265.jpgAlbum click to view 10489.jpgAlbum click to view

For the A Engine Redesign, the alternator was moved to this right-side position to make more room for accessories such as Air conditioning pump or Smog pump.

Details, Early

Early A-series mount details

23324.jpgAlbum click to view 23555.jpgAlbum click to view

Adjusting Bar buy at Bprojects
B10, E10, B110, B120 early (A10 & A12)
* 11715-18001 BAR-adjusting, alternator B10
* 11715-H2300 BAR-adjusting, alternator B110 (to '70-Aug.) [thin ~3.2mm]
* 11715-M0100 BAR-adjusting, alternator (from '70-Sept.) [thick ~4.5mm]
* 11715-M0110 BAR-adjusting, alternator (op.) E10 1974
Bolts Fixing Adjusting Bar
** 08110-81610 BOLT, fixing adjusting barp
** 08915-13810 WASHER-lock, fixing adjusting bar
* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) B10
* 11720-27720 BELT-fan B10 (op.) Rally
* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) B110
* 11720-25604 BELT-fan (L=856) E10
* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) E10 (from '72)
B10, B110, B120, E10
* 11710-H0100 BRACKET-alternator
B110/B120 - using studs in engine block
** 08911-20810 NUT (2)
** 08915-43810 WASHER-plain (2)
E10 - using bolts into engine block
** 08313-02210 BOLT, fixing bracket (2)
** 08915-14010 WASHER-lock, fixing bracket (2)

14950.jpgAlbum click to view

* 11710-18000 BRACKET-alternator B10 (replaced by 11710-H0100)
* 11710-27720 BRACKET-alternator (506W alternator) (op.) B10 Rally
B10 used these to fix bracket to engine block:
** 89-11210-1 NUT, fixing alternator bracket (2)
** 89-15140-1 WASHER-lock, fixing alternator bracket (2)
** 81-31022-1 NUT (2)
** 89-14140-1 WASHER-lock (2)
Fixing alternator to bracket
B10 early
** 11711-18000 BOLT, fixing alternator to bracket
** 89-15140-1 WASHER-lock, fixing alternator to bracket

B10 late
** 81-30830-1 BOLT (2)
** 89-11208-1 NUT (1)
** 89-15138-1 WASHER-spring lock (2)
** 89-15438-1 WASHER-plain (1)
** 08131-02210 BOLT (1)  [fixing alternator rear]
** 08915-14010 WASHER-lock (2)
** 08130-83010 BOLT (fixing alternator front) (1)
** 08911-20810 NUT (1)
** 08915-13810 WASHER-spring lock (2)
** 08915-43810 WASHER-plain (1)
** 08130-83510 BOLT (fixing alternator rear) (1)
** 08915-13810 WASHER-lock (2)
** 11713-M0100 NUT-stopper, alternator bracket

9595.jpgAlbum click to view 7304.jpgAlbum click to view 6417.jpgAlbum click to view

Adjusting Bar

Attaches to front face of cylinder head
15170.jpgAlbum click to view 20402.jpgAlbum click to view

Thicker version
174_5c9759df71a1e.jpgPost click for topic 174_5c9759f9ac8d7.jpgPost click for topic 174_5c975a08090c5.jpgPost click for topic

174_5c9759e751a11.jpgPost click for topic 174_5c9759eecd396.jpgPost click for topic

Details, Late

1974 and up 1200s アルタネータ マウンテング

23759.jpgAlbum click to view 25859.jpgAlbum click to view

Adjusting Bar
11715-H6200 BAR-ADJUSTING, ALTERNATOR [more curved, most vans]
11715-H7201 BAR-ADJUSTING, ALTERNATOR [less curved, sedan+coupe+(van.f/cold)]
Bolts Fixing Adjusting Bar
08120-82062 BOLT [engine end]
23164-H0100 BOLT [alternator end]

H62 curved adjuster | H72 adjuster
19344.jpgAlbum click to view altbrack.jpgPost click for topic 20170218_195534_zpssjsdkyqz.jpg

* 11170-H6200 BRACKET-ALTERNATOR -7801
* 11170-H7401 BRACKET-ALTERNATOR 7802- > 11170-H7400
Bolts Fixing bracket to engine block
* 08131-03510 BOLT [rear]
* 08131-04210 BOLT [front]
* 08915-14010 WASHER (2)
Bolts Fixing alternator to bracket
* 08915-43810 WASHER [plain] (2)
* 08915-13810 WASHER [lock] (2)
* 11915-U0105 BOLT (2)
* 11713-21000 SHIM T=0.3 (As Required)
* 11713-21001 SHIM T=0.2 (As Required)

* See Fan Belt

H62 low mount | H72 high mount
200balt.jpg 3265.jpgAlbum click to view

A15-B110.jpg 8091.jpgAlbum click to view 195.jpgAlbum click to view 6851.jpgAlbum click to view 8856.jpgAlbum click to view

Moving Bracket

Got a late-model A-series engine? Bolt the alternator to the left side down low for a cleaner look. No factory bracket bolt bosses here, but a simple adapter plate can be fabricated from a flat plate. Bolt to the block with the three outside holes, then bolt the alt. bracket to the two close holes. Size up a new fan belt and you are done.

27211.jpgAlbum click to view

A15 with left-mounted alternator
1409.jpgAlbum click to view

Adapter Plate bolts to engine left side, cast-iron bracket bolts to the plate
23465.jpgAlbum click to view 19344.jpgAlbum click to view

19281.jpgAlbum click to view

Upside down
6265.jpgAlbum click to view

Another method
12532.jpgAlbum click to view

Right side low-mount

See Alternator_Upgrades#Hardware
16063_53e965f45ca8a.jpgPost click for topic

POST racertech
3437964674_dd4946256d.jpg 3437156823_8d75b69faf.jpg


See: Alternator Wiring article.


The alternator should output 13.5v to 15v at 1200 RPM. A voltmeter is the only tool needed for testing.

The charge lamp on the instrument panel should come on before the engine starts, and go off while the engine is running. If the CHG light does not come on with the key (before the engine starts), then the alternator will not charge -- so replace a burned-out bulb right away.

If your charging system is not working correctly, see Alternator diagnoses

Disassembly & Maintenance

See Alternator Maintenance

Part Numbers

  • 23100-U0100 Stock 35 amp Hitachi LT-135-13
    • 23100-U0102 Hitachi LT-135-35B
    • 23100-U0103 Hitachi LT-135-35C
    • OE+ AL208 $18.04 USD
    • BECK/ARNLEY 1860077 $35.79
    • BOSCH AL231X,AL232X $50.79

B210 A13 engine 50 amp Hitachi LT-150

  • 23100-P0101 ASSY-ALTERNATOR OP -0973
  • 23100-H6203 ASSY-ALTERNATOR OP 1073-0874
    • replaces 23100-P0101, 23100-H6200, 23100-H6201, 23100-H6202

B210 A14 engine 50 amp Hitachi LT-150
NOTE: Does Not fit A12 engine.

  • Looks like stock 35A
  • 23100-H7200 0974-0375
  • 23100-H7201 0475-0975
  • 23100-H7202 0575-0177
  • 23100-H7203 0277-0777
  • 23100-H7204 replaces H7200/01/02/03
  • Bosch AL237X $75.79



23100-U0113 8102-8109 Mitsubishi 12V-35A
23100-U0112 7804-8101 Mitsubishi 12V-35A
* 23100-U0110 -7511 Mitsubishi 35A AG203
* 23100-U0111 7512-7803 Mitsubishi 35A AH203

Late Model

See main article: LR135


Hitachi LT 
* Nissan 1970-1978
* Subaru 1977-1978
* Isuzu (Chevrolet) 1975-1987
* 23133-H0300 ASSY-HOLDER,BRUSH $5.95
Brush Assembly with cover
23133-U0101 ASSY-BRUSH B210 -0874 $10.97
23133-P0100 ASSY-BRUSH B210 0974 $12.19
Niehof WA560 $9.99 
Fits thes USA models:
* Mazda 1986 323
* Mazda 1986-1987 B2000
* Mazda 1981-1986 626
* Mazda 1981-1985 GLC
* Mazda 1981-1984 B2000
* Datsun 1970-1973 240Z
* Datsun 1974 260Z 
* Datsun 1973-1976 610 
* Datsun 1974-1977 710 
* Datsun 1980-1981 810 
* Datsun 1975-1977 B210 
* Datsun 1975-1977 620 
* Datsun 1976-1977 F10 
* Datsun 1973-1974 620 PICKUP 
Brush Assembly
* 23135-H0300-  F B110, B210 A13 $5.95
* 23135-H0301-  E B110, B210 A13
Brushes, requires soldering


B110 uses an external voltage regulator. It uses a connector with spade terminals, and so is different from B210 which uses round pins. It controls the alternator output to between 13.5-15.0 volts.

See main article: Voltage regulator


If you are running high-power headlights, off-road lighting systems, or high-power stereo gear, using a high output alternator is called for. Or, if you need to replace the 1200 alternator and have free or inexpensive access to different alternators, you might consider a swap. Lastly you might have a bad Voltage regulator, and by swapping to an internally-regulated alternator reliability increases since these use a solid-state (no moving parts) regulator.

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