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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Lighting System Diagnoses

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Body Electrical System | Diagnoses and Corrections

Lighting system problems can be caused by many things. So there is no one simple answer to fix it. It will take some patience, and methodical approach to finding the cause. The fix will be easy once the cause is understood. Don't get too frustrated -- if you find it overwhelming, take your 1200 to an auto electrician, or feel free to ask for specific advice in the main forum.


For the "lights arent working":

  1. Check the fusebox:
    • A fuse may be blown
    • The fuse terminals may be bad. It is not rare for Datsun 1200 fusebox to overheat and melt some wires
  2. Check the main ground/earth wire. The battery cable should be connected directly to the 1200 body AND to the engine block.
    • If that isn't happening, run a new earth (large wire) direct from battery NEG to the body and to the engine block
  3. Check the bulbs themselves. Maybe they are burnt out.
  4. Go through all the circuit parts (wires, switches, connectors etc) until the problem is found. You will need to consult a wiring diagram such as in your Nissan Factory Service Manual, your Gregory's, Chilton's or other Repair manual, or for an overview and schematics see Wiring.


Also see: Headlights for wiring and overview of how it is supposed to work. 

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