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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Lighting System

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Datsun 1200 uses the standard 7-inch round sealed beam headlamp. 12V large round headlights from *any* car will fit circa 1956-1986.

9748.jpg 2962.jpg


Also See

* Headlight Aiming
* Headlight Wiring
* Lighting System for specifications
* Headlight Part Numbers
* Relay Adding a relay for more performance
* High Power Headlamps Aftermarket high-power off road headlights
* Converting to Round Headlights
* Converting to Square Headlights
* Grille

Grille & Headlight conversions
10528.jpg 824.jpg


Datsun 1200 uses the standard 7-inch round sealed beam headlamp. 12V large round headlights from *any* car will fit circa 1956-1986. Original equipment was Koito, Ichiko (IKI), Toshiba or GE.

NOTE: Large round (7") headlights from *any* car will fit the Datsun 1200.

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H4 is high-intensity lamp, not a regular headlamp. Not legal in many countries for highway use.

The headlight type matter for the country driving type. Whether you have an LHD or RHD car, you mut use the same headlight to match the road. For example, in France they drive on the right -- typically (but not always) using LHD cars.

Sealed Beam Headlamp Unit, domed glass

A with front position lamp/city light/standing lamp/side light/parking lamp
C/R low/dip + high/main e.g. Tungsten
HCR low/dip + high/main High power e.g. Halogen
DCR low/dip + high/main Gas Discharge/HID
left-drive countries (marked with arrow)
* typically they use RHD vehicles
26705-89991 KOITO Marked E6 D18452, A E6, I6RE
Lucas SB7014RHD 12 volt 60/45W 7603 A
right-drive countries
Lucas SB7014LHD 12 volt 65/55W may be marked E11 or other circle-E mark

16730.jpgAlbum click to view


The left side and right side headlamps are the same - each car uses two of the same headlights. However, RHD (right hand drive) pattern is reversed from LHD - the lens pattern and high cutout is on opposite sides. If you fit RHD headlights in a LHD country or vice versa, it will blind oncoming traffic. So when importing cars, change the headlights to the locally approved type. Or you could fit tape to the lights as is done for visiting cars in Europe.

Rectangular Head Lamp

Square Headlights were IKI supplied. B122 starting in October 1989 uses square headlights as did B140 in 1990.

7403.jpgAlbum click to view

NOTE: These appear to be same as B310 square headlights with buckets swapped left/right. But the adjuster screws and grommets are different.

19561.jpgAlbum click to view 19597.jpgAlbum click to view


POST Headlight replacements

Headlight Globe Assembly Round 7" (178mm) 12V
* 50/40W original specification
* 60/45W
* 75/50W SB7019 or BSB7 sealed beam
* 110/95W Hansa FH6014 - LHD?
Semi-sealed Beam with park light opening 
* 200mm x 142mm Large Rectangular Sealed Beam 
* 85/65W Hansa EL07817

North America

USA requires a LHD light dispersion pattern. Use of JDM headlights will blind oncoming drivers.

VENDOR: Product: headlight bulbs for Datsun 1200

CAUTION: Any headlight marked "DOT Approved" is bogus.

7" round sealed beams are type 6012/6014 for a two-headlight system (a single large round lamp on each side of the car). These are "dual beam" lights (two-filament), encompassing both regular and high-beam in the same sealed beam unit (sealed so the reflector will not tarnish). Recommended is type H6024, which is a direct-replacement but higher power (65W/35W) bulb. About $13 on

2962.jpgAlbum click to view

Head Lamp LHD - North America specification
26705-89925 UNIT-SEALED BEAM (ICHIKO) <> 26705-04201

These are type 6012/6014 for a two-headlight system (a single large round headlight on each side of the car). These are "dual beam" lights (two-filament), encompassing both regular and high-beam in the same light.

Note that the original specification 6012 headlamp is only 50W/40W. You can substitute the brighter 6014 which is 60W/50W. Type 6015 is a longer-life bulb, but more expensive.

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 36 ... ):

th_00_cover.jpg   th_36.jpg

Alternatively, and recommended, H6024 (65W/35W) is a halogen replacement. Halogen is a brighter light, and now available in shades of blue, gold, white. Street-legal in USA.

The brighter 6014 is as inexpensive as $3. See RockAuto headlights for Datsun 1200

Type Spec. Comments
6012 50/40 watt Original spec.
6014 60/50 watt replaces 6012
6015 60/50 watt long-life
H6014 60/50 watt Halogen
H6024 65/35 watt Halogen
H6024 XV 65/55 watt Extra-bright, long life
H6024LED Wagner TruView Plus LED Extra-bright, whiter, long life
NHLED7ROUND GE NightHawk LED Plastic lens
26010-H6200 HEAD LAMP RH (GE #6014) B210 USA COUPE
26060-H6200 HEAD LAMP LH (GE #6014) B210 USA COUPE
26075-88839 UNIT-SEALED BEAM GE 6014 (2) USA COUPE
26010-132T0 HEAD LAMP TOSHIBA (2) <> 26010-89925
26010-89935 HEAD LAMP RH TOSHIBA USA B310 (2)


USA bulbs may be marked 'USA' and 'DOT'

2D1 - Type 6014/H6014/6015/H6017

PL_6014C1_Fro.jpg PL_6014C1_Lef.jpg PL_6014C1_Bac.jpg


Instead of limiting the brightness (candlepower) or flux (lumens), FMVSS limits the power.

S7.3.5 Type D headlighting system. (a) A Type D headlighting system consists of two Type 2D1 headlamps ...

(b) The maximum wattage at 12.8 volts (design voltage): 65 watts on upper beam, and 55 watts on lower beam.
LUMENS per SAE-J1383
2D1 lower: 1320 maximum
2D1 upper:  800 minimum
9004 65/45W  1316/800
H1   55W     1550
H2   55W     1450
H4   60/55W  1650/1000

As can be seen, H4 type 60/55W bulb meet the spec: more than 800 upper beam, less than 1320 lower beam. Sealed beams are also commonly available; 65/55 (H6024 Xenon) and 60/50 (H6014). Although it seems Sylvania has down-graded the H6024XV to 60/40 (maybe due to overheated wiring)?

6014 NAPA LMP 60/50W (Incadescent/non-Halogen)
Approx. Max Candle Power
* Primary 32000
* Secondary 25000
H6024 (Halogen)
138/60 cp (high/low beam)
1735/754 lumens
H6024 Philips/Wagner
* 35,000/27,000cp

High-power Headlamps

H4 euro-type, Halogen, etc that require upgraded wiring.

NOTE: LED headlights can be brighter without using higher power and so work with the stock wiring.

Halogen high-wattage
2962.jpgAlbum click to view

Koito brand H4 headlamps, from original equipment supplier for Datsun 1200. Power Up - Wo!
20594.jpgAlbum click to view

H4 headlamps are apparently legal for use on USA roads -- if the bulbs are 60/55W (this is to prevent blinding oncoming drivers). In other words, about the same brightness as H6014/H6024 Halogen sealed beams. Higher watt H4 bulbs are for off-road use only. Higher watt bulbs require higher-wattage capable wiring (factory wiring was designed for 50/40W headlamps).

H4 crystal headlight lenses with white LED insets.
25012.jpgAlbum click to view

HID lamps put out up to 1600 lumens -- far more than round sealed beams -- but with a wide dispersal pattern and a sharp vertical cut-off. So they light up the road surface more, but don't light UP the horizon.

For H4 lights, the stock Datsun 1200 headlight connectors are large enough gauge. Only replace if corroded.

For most H4 lights, the stock Datsun 1200 wiring is large enough (12 gauge for high beams). However to prevent fuse problems, use a wiring relay.

6656_4d8c36d59c972.jpgPost click for topic

H4 Globes
48881BL Narva H4 12v 60/55w globe - S9.00ea
12342PRB1 Phillips H4 60/55w globe - $9.45ea
12342BVB1 Phillips H4 60/55w bluevision 4000K - $25.00ea
12342XPS2 Phillips H4 60/55w x-treme power - $79.95pr
12342CVB1 Phillips H4 60/55w crystral vision gl - $42.00ea
H4 loom
49894 Narva H4 Connector - $3.65
* only needed if stock connectors are corroded

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non-standard head lamp arrangement (aero, 4-bulb, etc.)

Philips CrystalVision bulbs -- for that "xenon-looking" light
17851.jpgAlbum click to view 17853.jpgAlbum click to view 17854.jpgAlbum click to view H6024CV.jpg

Square headlights - See Custom Rectangular Headlight Grilles
824.jpgAlbum click to view

Quad headlights - See Grille#Customized_Grilles
5668.jpgAlbum click to view

Headlight Protectors

wire mesh to protect the headlights from rocks, brush, etc.

mesh headlight covers

mesh headlight covers in the eyebrows
9862.jpgAlbum click to view

Rock guards in the headlight rings
17851.jpgAlbum click to view


9748.jpgAlbum click to view

B110, B210, and round-headlight B310 all use the same parts.
19577.jpgAlbum click to view

The buckets differ left side and right side. Retaining rings and other small parts are the same both sides.

26017-M4900 RIM-MOUNTING [bucket] RH
26019-M4900 RIM-MOUNTING [bucket] LH
26017-89910 RING-RETAINING KOITO -8910
26017-14801 RING-retaining IKI -8910
* 520, B110, B120, B210, B310, F10, S10
148 designed for Datsun 520 light truck
899 common Nissan part (not model-specific)
08310-40812 Rim-retaining screw (3 per side)
  Machine screw, Pan head M4x8mm
* B110 (6), B310.square-eye (8), A10.square-eye (16), 610, 710 Sedan (12)
26705 7" head lamp
26701 5.25" head lamp inner
26702 5.25" head lamp outer

Springs (from Bunnings) and screws
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The adjuster are common, used by many, many Datsun models. Both RHD and LHD Datsuns use the same adjusters.

  • Nissan North America has NLA'd them. But some dealers may find NOS leftovers
    26022-H1000 SCREW $2.65
    26022-H1010 BLOCK NLA
    26024-H1000 SPRING 2 <> 26024-58000 NLA
  • At the local wreckers that specialize in old cars

Dorman Help! 42182C
26846.jpgAlbum click to view

* B110, N10, 620, 810, A10.round-eye, F10, S10
Adjuster Assembly includes:
    * 26022-H1000 ADJUST SCREW ICHIKO $2.65
    * 26023-H1000 NUT ICHIKO [nylon block]
    * 26022-H1010 ADJUST SCREW KOITO
    * 26023-H1000 ADJUST SCREW
    * 26023-H1010 SCREW MOUNTING (NUT) KOITO
These 'alternate OEM' (Koito or Ichikoh) parts interchange
26024-H1010 SPRING KOITO <> 26024-H1011
26024-58000 SPRING ICHIKO NLA <> 26024-H1000
* 410, B110, B210, B310.round-eye, S10

Adjuster Assembly
27974.jpgAlbum click to view

Nylon nuts: Taper-style and Square-style
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