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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Racing History

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Category: Racing

Datsun 1200 racing



B110 (Sunny, aka Datsun 1200) Japan Racing Concise History source: Sunny Owners Club.

Japan the premier class was TS racing (1300cc grand prix).

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1970 Round Australia Trial

Sunday 5 July 1970 Ampol Trial at Alice Springs: Womens's prize won by Alison Parker and Carol Waldron crewing a Datsun 1200.

November 22, 1970 Fuji Speedway 200

B110 Brilliant Debut! All Japan Fuji stock car 200 mile race 全日本富士ストックカー200マイル Trans-Nics

Although sales of the 2nd generation Sunny (B110) started in January of 1970, the racing debut was in the 1970.11.23 Fuji Speedway 200 miles race. "TS" class race is the 1300cc class.

It didn't seem much of a threat to the Mazda Capella rotaries and the mighty Toyota KE Corollas, but when preliminary round ends, a drastic reversal of fortune was hinted at. Suzuki Makoto marked the time of 1:42:28 and took pole position. The crowd at large still expected the factory Toyotas would have the advantage, as they had dominated the Sunny B10s (Datsun 1000s).

On race day, in the first corner is was Corollas, 1 2 and 3. However, on the last corner, the Sunny slipped in and it was all over. Victory for Sunny!

Winner: 鈴木誠一 Suzuki Seiichi privateer & Tomei co-founder

JAF race result
 1. 鈴木誠一 Suzuki Seiichi	No. 84 Maruzen Oil Technica Sunny
 2. 見崎清志 Misaki Kiyoshi	No. 37 Corolla coupe
 3. 高橋晴邦 Takahashi HareKuni	No. 38 Corolla coupe
 4. 中野雅晴 Masaharu Nakano	No. 36 Publica SL
 5. 鑓田実 Minoru Yarita		No. 11 Takashimaya Corolla
 6. 五十嵐悟 Satoru Igarashi	No. 26 Honda 1300 coupe
 7. 鈴木昭一 Shoichi Suzuki	No. 58 Takashimaya RORO sprinter
 8. 新井隆頼 Arai RyuYoriyuki	No. 15 Honda 1300 coupe
 9. 玉川亜美 Ami Tamagawa      	No. 21 General sprinter
10. 石部安雄 Ishibe Yasuo      	No. 14 Sugiyama Marin paprika
11. 高橋章 Akira Takahashi	No. 16 Pearl Harbor Corolla
12. 佐藤光一 Koichi Sato       	No. 18 Bardahl Publica
13. 真田睦明 Sanada MutsuAkira	No. 5  Subaru FF-1 Sport
14. 勝又良文 Yoshifumi Katsumata	No. 8  Komadori Publica
15. 舘信秀 Nobuhide tachi    	No. 35 Publica SL
16. 渡辺憲一 Kenichi Watanabe	No. 19 Corolla
17. 今泉克夫 Katsuo Imaizumi	No. 10 Publica SL
18. 藤田直広 Fujita Naohiro	No. 22 Corolla coupe
19. 立川重正 Shigemasa Tachikawa	No. 30 AFC Corolla
20. 原邦紘 Hara KuniHiroshi	No. 3  Honda 1300
21. 横田正夫 Yokota Masao      	No. 23 Beetle Publica
22. 吉田勝久 Katsuhisa Yoshida	No. 1  Contessa
23. 黒沢勝 Masaru Kurosawa	No. 32 Corolla
24. 大久保柾治 Okubo MasakiOsamu	No. 25 Site Publica
25. 大矢利美 Oya Toshimi       	No. 7  Colt 1100
ns  金丸修二 Shuji Kanemaru	No. 12 Publica
ns  清水進 Susumu Shimizu    	No. 20 Honda 1300

Maruzen Technica coupe WINNER
26430.jpgAlbum click to view

October 9, 1971 Fuji Master 250 kilometer race

Cherry X Debuts (E10 FWD series) 富士マスターズ250キロレース

For some reason the Cherry X A12 engine was tuned to a higher level than in the Sunny 1200. Rather than the Weber carbs in the engine, Lucas fuel injection (from the Skyline GTR PGC10) was fitted. This was reported to delivered more torque than the carbureted engine.

Injected A12
246.jpgAlbum click to view

* TSA Class (1300cc) A12s were at 1270cc

In the rain, the Cherry X-1 went to head of the pack, with Suzuki's Sunny in 3rd nearly 30 seconds behind. See Auto Technic

Qualifying Race Results:

1. 長谷見昌弘 Masahiro Hasemi      No. 12 Nissan Cherry    2:13:18
2. 辻本征一郎 Tsujimoto Seiichirou No. 9  Sunny 1200 coupe 2:13:50
3. 鈴木誠一 Suzuki Seiichi        No. 8  Sunny 1200 coupe 2:13:63
4. 黒沢元治 Kurosawa Motoharu     No. 11 Nissan Cherry    2:13:77

一ツ山康 (Hitotsuyama Yasushi) also raced the No. 22 Datsun 1200

In the class race (November 10) Suzuki ended the season as the TSA class champion.

May 3, 1972 Japanese Grand Prix

Race of Negligent Destruction!
Debut of Sunny Excellent
The Excellent is the PB110 (L14-engined Sunny)

TS-a class race Starting line accident
12770.jpgAlbum click to view 231.jpgAlbum click to view 12774.jpgAlbum click to view

Toyota vs. Nissan -- woohoo!

In the TSA (Touring car) Class (1300-1600cc)

The Excellent L14 OHC engine was increased from the original 1428cc to 1598cc. With ECGI the highest output was said to be 160 horsepower. Unfortunately, the suspension hadn't been sorted out yet, also with a weight of 795kg it had a disadvantage.

JAF race results 日本グランプリレース大会 (Japan Grand Prix race series)
Fuji International Speedway 富士スピードウェイ
 1. 舘信秀 Tachi Nobuhide     	No. 67 Celica 1600GT
 2. 竹下憲一 Takeshita Kenichi	No. 68 Celica 1600GT
 3. 高橋晴邦 Takahashi Harekuni	No. 71 Corolla Levin
 4. 藤田直広 Fujita Naohiro	No. 72 Celica 1600GT
 5. 北野元 Kitano Moto       	No. 62 Sunny Excellent red
 6. 鑓田実			No. 70 Corolla Levin
 7. 久木留博之 Kukitome H.	No. 36 Corolla coupe
 8. 蟹江光正			No. 35 Corolla coupe
 9. 歳森康師			No. 15 Cherry
10. 星野一義			No. 16 Cherry
11. 森泰章			No. 38 Publica SR
12. 都平健二			No. 14 Cherry
13. 鈴木恵一			No. 39 Publica
14. 高橋健二 Takahashi Kenji	No. 17 Sunny Coupe 1200
15. 秋山孝司 Akiyama Takashi	No. 11 Sunny Coupe 1200 red/white/blue
16. 新井鐘哲			No. 48 Publica
17. 田沼昭雄 Akio Tanuma       	No. 18 Sunny Coupe 1200
18. 佐藤文康			No. 40 Corolla coupe
19. 鈴木八須男 Suzuki            	No. 22 Sunny Coupe 1200 red
20. 高橋章			No. 45 Corolla coupe
21. 大浜義登 Oohama Yoshito	No. 19 Sunny Coupe 1200 smashed
22. 見崎清志			No. 69 Corolla Levin
23. 鈴木昭一			No. 73 Corolla coupe 1400
nc  一ツ山康 Hitotsuyama Yasushi	No. 23 Sunny Coupe 1200
    阿部辰男			No. 7  Corolla coupe SL
    鈴木要一			No. 64 Bluebird U
    森幸吉 Mori              	No. 12 Sunny Coupe 1200
    太田和義 Ota Kazuyoshi      	No. 25 Sunny Coupe 1200
    片桐昌夫 Katagiri Masao 	No. 31 Sunny Coupe 1200
    長谷見昌弘 Hasemi Masahiro	No. 63 Sunny Excellent
    北条茂 Hojo Shigero      	No. 21 Sunny Coupe 1200
    高橋国光 Takashashi Kunimitsu	No. 61 Sunny Excellent
    大木惟久夫 Ooki              	No. 20 Sunny Coupe 1200
    中山松雄 Matsuo Nakayama	No. 52 Sunny Coupe 1200 mecca
ns  田端米道 Tabata Yonemichi	No. 53 Sunny Coupe 1200
 V I D E O  race 3 May (click to view)
 V I D E O  qualifying 2 May (click to view)

12771.jpgAlbum click to view 12773.jpgAlbum click to view 12775.jpgAlbum click to view 12776.jpgAlbum click to view

No. 19 Ohama 1200 finished the race after the starting line smashup!
26431.jpgAlbum click to view

No. 62 Moto Kitano on qualifying day

Takahashi Kunimitsu "Drift King" driver of No. 61 Sunny Excellent

August 1972

Source: Nissan Heritage Collection

140 HP A12, development test car, Touring Special (TS) class


  • Vehicle weight: 650kg
  • 1,298cc A12 (overbored)
  • Maximum output: 140ps @ 8,400rpm
  • Torque: 120N-m (12.5kgm) @ 7,600 rpm
  • Tires: 7.0/21.0-13, 7.4/21.8-13

March 18, 1973 Grand Champion first race Fuji Speedway 300km race


Minor Touring (MT) champion race at Fuji International Speedway

The field was 80% Sunny! The days of Sunny vs. Corolla are gone, now it's Sunny vs. Sunny. The qualifying race was held in the rain, where the FWD Cherry once again showed its strength.

The Sunny grille mask debuted here
26427.jpgAlbum click to view

Unexpectedly, race day had fair weather. The Cherry and Akiyama's Sunny sprint off at the signal. By turn one there was a bunch-up of Sunny's, including Tomei and Mecca cars.

JAF race results
1. 高橋健二 Kenji Takahashi      No. 25 Tomei Special Sunny  
2. 田沼照雄 Teruo Tanuma         No. 1 Pit Road Sunny coupe
3. 歳森康師 Toshimori Yasushishi No. 3 Cherry X-1 coupe (pole position)
4. 佐々木弥市 Yaichi Sasaki      No. 16 Harada Chamber of Commerce Sunny
5. 沢田稔 Minoru Sawada          No. 6 Perfect Processing Sunny
6. 中村正和 Nakamura Masakazu    No. 10 Yellow Sprinter
7. 酒井良郎 Yoshiro Sakai        No. 5 エスキャール Sunny
8. 長田博宣 Nagata Hiroshisen    No. 23 Sunny 1200 coupe

Cars in the Qualifying race (March 17) included:

太田和義 Ota Kazuyoshi           No. 27 Sunny coupe
塩本繁 Shiohon Shigeru           No. 12 Z Auto Sunny
辻本征一郎 Tsujimoto Seiichirou    No. 2 Sunny coupe
秋山孝司 Akiyama Takashi         No. 21 Turbo Tsuchiya Sunny
由木勉 Yoshiki Tsutomu           No. 18/17 Kashima Sunny coupe
千代間由親 HazamaYukarioya Chiyo  No. 24 Tomei Special Sunny
宇佐美順 Usami                   No. 14 Rush Sunny coupe
丸山紀男 Maruyama Norio          No. 22 Kyoseki Sunny coupe

Mecca Sunny [メッカ]
26428.jpgAlbum click to view

May 3, 1973

Debut of LZ14 engine

Moto Kitano -- winner via LZ engine
17296.jpgAlbum click to view 17297.jpgAlbum click to view

001  2  2   北野 元 サニー1400クーペKPB110  20  31:36.48 
002  2  3   都平 健二 サニー1400クーペKPB110  20  31:40.59
003  2  5   鈴木 誠一 サニー1400クーペKPB110  20  31:42.76
004  2  16  高橋 晴邦 トヨタスプリンタートレノTE27MBQ  20  31:46.76
005  2  15  久木留 博之 トヨタセリカ1600TA22-K2  20  31:49.38
006  2  10  久保田 洋史 サニー1400クーペKPB110  20  31:55.62

November 23, 1973 Grand Champion fifth race Fuji Speedway Victory 200

富士ビクトリー200 Fuji Victory 200 at Fuji Speedway

Sunny is Defeated by DOHC Toyota
TS-MT (Minor Touring) class

The day that lives in infamy, as the Sunny sweep comes to an end at the hands of the Toyota Starlet DOHC 4-valve engine.

Red Starlet leading Yellow Sunny
232.jpgAlbum click to view
Note the blue cam cover, Nippondenso fuel injection, dry sump oiling
Note the 30-degree high bank track

Based on the Toyota 3K engine of 1166cc, engine was increased to 1293cc. The result? 180ps (hp) @ 9500 rpm. Torque 14.0 kg at 7000rpm. Starlet is fitted with front and rear spoilers, tubular a-arm suspension and a differential oil cooler. Although having a heavy weight of 717kg (about 100kg heavier than Sunny), with its power-to-weight ratio of 3.9kg/PS vs. the Sunny's 4.0kg/PS, the Starlet's perfomance was better.

JAF race results
1.  久木留博之 Kukidome Hiroyuki	  No. 37 Toyota Publica Starlet
2.  舘信秀 Tachi Nobuhide		  No. 36 Toyota Publica Starlet
3.  高橋健二 Kenji Takahashi	  No. 22 Maruzen Technica Sunny
4.  星野一義 Hoshino Kazuyoshi	  No. 2  Cherry coupe 1200 X-1R
5.  寺西孝利 Takatoshi Teranishi	  No. 38 Cherry coupe
6.  柴田正裕 Shibata Masahiro	  No. 15 Sunny 1200 coupe
7.  辻本征一郎 Tsujimoto Seiichiro  No. 3  Cherry coupe 1200 X1R
8.  星野薫 Hoshino Kaoru        	  No. 30 Sunny 1200 coupe
9.  陸昭司 Hitachi Shoji  	  No. 18 Mecca Sunny
10. 由木勉 Yoshiki Tsutomu	  No. 31 Kashima Sunny coupe
11. 酒井良郎 Sakai Yoshiro	  No. 5  World Mach ワールドマッハサニー
12. 丸山紀男 Maruyama Norio	  No. 25 Joint Petroleum Sunny 共同石油サニー
13. 磯野春海 Isono Harumi   	  No. 32 JB Special
14. 中村正和                   	  No. 11 Green Starlet
15. 清水興一郎                   	  No. 10 Lotus Publica
16. 鯉沼三郎 Koinuma Saburo	  No. 23 Obigashi Sunny 扇橋サニー
17. 吉田正博 Yoshida Masahiro	  No. 17 Bali Sunny バリ島サニー
18. 秋山孝司 Akiyama Takashi	  No. 7  Turbo Sunny ターボサニー
19. 鈴木恵一                   	  No. 9  Takashimaya Publica
20. [ 石田修一] Ishida Shuichi	  No. 28 Tomei Special Sunny
21. 森川輝雄                   	  No. 29 Bridgestone Corolla
22. 杉崎直司 Sugisaki Naoshi	  No. 8  Sunny 1200 coupe
    石田金男 Ishida Kimuotoko	  No. 16 Tachibana Sunny 1200 coupe
    柳田孝 Yanagida Takashi	  No. 12 Pitroad Tonichi Sunny ピットロードトーニチサニー
    庄司和博 Shoji Kazuhiro 	  No. 21 Turbo Sunny
    佐々木弥市 Sasaki Yaichi	  No. 6 Harada Shokai Sunny 原田商会サニー
    中村義秋 Nakamura Yoshiaki	  No. 33 Kashima Ind., Komi, Sunny カシマ工業・コミ・サニー
    田沼昭雄			  No. 1  Color Check Publica
    歳森康師			  No. 39 Cherry 1200 X1R
    福島進 Fukushima Susumu	  No. 27 Scuderia Sunny 1200
    塩本繁 Shiohon Shigeru	  No. 26 Tonich Z Auto Sunny
ns  長田博宣 Nagata Hiroshisen  	  No. 40 Harada Sunny 原田商会サニー
ns  鈴木康生 			  No. 34 Publica
ns  小沢英次 			  No. 35 Starlet

Maruzen Technica Sunny
26429.jpgAlbum click to view

K. Hoshino, " "fastest man in Japan" and founder of Impul

May 3, 1979 Grand Champion Second race 1979 Fuji Speedway

source 79富士グランチャンピオン第2戦 マイナーツーリングチャンピオンレース

Sunny technology has advanced

The injection-equipped Sunny did not show inferiority to the Starlet even on the straightaways, with only a 0.15 second finish difference.

 JAF race results
 1. 杉崎直司 Naoji Sugisaki	No. 30 Tsuchiya Sunny
 2. 鈴木恵一 Suzuki Keiichi	No. 24 ADVAN starlet
 3. 渋谷栄治 Eiji Shibuya  	No. 84 Otsuka Tomei Sunny
 4. 高橋健二 Kenji Takahashi	No. 25 ADVAN Sunny
 5. 星野薫 Kaoru Hoshino   	No. 1  Tomas Starlet
 6. 都平健二 Tohira Kenji      	No. 37 Scuderia Sunny
 7. 越野照喜 Koshino Teruki	No. 38 Speedstar Masakazu Sunny
 8. 泉善男 Yoshio Izumi    	No. 11 Asada Racing Sunny
 9. 萩原光 Hikari Hagiwara   	No. 2  Sugimoto Tire Torii Sunny
10. 伊藤清彦 Kiyohiko Ito   	No. 36 Fujisawa Nissin MORI Sunny
11. 茂木和男 Kazuo Motegi 	No. 10 Sunny
12. 彦坂昭 Akira Hikosaka 	No. 31 Tsuchiya Sunny
13. 鈴木康生 Yasuo Suzuki     	No. 5  Toyota Publica
14. 八木秀治 Hidetsugu Yagi	No. 40 Yamamoto Sunny
15. 酒井良郎 Yoshiro Sakai	No. 6  Suzuki Sheet Metal Sunny
16. 加藤富一 Tomiichi Kato	No. 57 YAJISMOTOR Sunny
17. 岡垣善良 Okagaki Yoshinaga	No. 33 Tokyodo Izumi Sunny
18. 米森敏男 Toshio Beimori	No. 22 Family Sendai Sunny
19. 小島良夫 Yoshio Kojima	No. 34 Kosugi Tire Bell R Sunny
    池沢さとし Satoshi Ikezawa	No. 19 Matsuoka Sunny
    大場次雄 Tsuguo Oba   	No. 67 YAMOTO Civic IV
    武藤文雄 Fumio Muto   	No. 3  Racing Forg Sunny
    見崎清志 Misaki Kiyoshi	No. 18 Kuwahara Super Starlet
    金子浩明 Hiroaki Kaneko	No. 29 Sagami Ueki Tsuchiya Sunny
    相葉文男 Aiba Fumio   	No. 28 Otsuka Sunny
    関根基司 Sekine Mototsukasa	No. 39 Shigeta Auto Service Sunny
ns  牧口規雄 Norio Makiguchi	No. 51 Makiguchi Starlet

March 29, 1980 Fuji 300

80富士300キロ マイナーツーリング・レース Fuji 300 km Minor Touring race

Of 21 entries, 12 were fuel-injected B110 Sunnys. Again, the 16-valve Starlets won the pole position. However, the over-head valve (OHV) Sunnys pull thier own. Some Sunnys were eliminated after experiencing injection pump, differential or electrical trouble. The winning Sunny exceeded 10,000 rpm.

Fuji Speedway Incorporated (FISCO) sponsor the race.

JAF race results
1. 都平健二 Tohira Kenji    	No. 2 Enkei Sunny (avg. 165 kph)
2. 星野薫 Hoshino Kaoru		No. 7 Tomas Starlet
3. 真田陸明 Sanada RikuAkira	No. 8 Racing Forg Sunny
4. 杉崎直司 Naoji Sugisaki	No. 30 Tsuchiya Sunny 
5. 渋谷栄治 Eiji Shibuya		No. 84 Racing Forg Otsuka Sunny
6. 早乙女実 Minoru Saotome	No. 80 愛車センター鈴木板金 Sunny
7. 彦坂昭 Akira Hikosaka		No. 31 Tsuchiya Sunny
8. 相葉文男 Aiba Fumio		No. 3 Otsuka Sunny
9. 鈴木四郎 Shiro Suzuki		No. 16 Tin and Cafe Mecca Sunny
10. 茂木和男 Kazuo Motegi		No. 21 Z Sport Sunny

Qualifying race included:

野口和次 Noguchi Kazutsugi	No. 45 Yumi Kashima Sunny
泉善男 Yoshio Izumi		No. 11 Asada Sunny

March 29, 1982 Fuji 300 km


The trouble with a straight
Hagiwara MT victory!

 1. 萩原光 Hikari Hagiwara	No. 24 ADVAN Tomei Sunny
 2. 越野照喜 Koshino Teruki	No. 37 Racing Service Masakazu Sunny
 3. 富岡弘司 Hiroshi Tomioka	No. 85 カンワ商会 Suzuki Sheet Metal Sunny
 4. 相葉文男 Aiba Fumio        	No. 3  Arrow Sting Otsuka Sunny
 5. 伊藤清彦 Kiyohiko Ito      	No. 36 New Fujisawa Sunny
 6. 栗山純一 Junichi Kuriyama	No. 15 San'yokiki Tokyo Aoki Otsuka Sunny
 7. 橋本泰道 Yasumichi Hashimoto	No. 12 Sekiguchi Cars VOLK Sunny
 8. 駒光武                   	No. 33 Quattro Sport Kan Wa Sunny
 9. 下田次郎 Shimoda Jiro      	No. 9  Hawk Hagi Tire Torii Sunny
10. 安部陸 Abe Riku          	No. 23 Matsui Sunny
11. 安光一 An Koichi         	No. 11 Asada Sunny
12. 都平健二 Tohira Kenji      	No. 2  Enkei Sunny
13. 佐藤茂 Sato Shigeru      	No. 6  Friend Fraternity Tire Shop Sunny
14. 和田孝夫 Wado Takao        	No. 25 ADVAN Sunny
15. 武藤文男 Muto Fumio        	No. 5  Vicodin Supermarket Matsuoka Sunny
16. 前田英夫 Maeda Hideo       	No. 50 Grand Slam Lauda Tanaka Sunny
17. 渋谷栄治 Shibuya Eiji      	No. 84 Racing Forg Otsuka Tomei Sunny
18. 森谷幸雄 Moriya Yukio      	No. 10 San'yokiki ADVAN Torii Sunny

Oct 10, 1984 Minor touring race

B110's Last Race

After 12 years, the B110 Sunny races its last race. 

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