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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Shock absorbers

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Category: Rear Axle And Rear Suspension

Datsun 1200 used tradional shock absorbers in the rear suspension (the front used a McPherson strut). Shocks differ between coupe, sedan and wagon (van). Kayaba (KYB) and Tokico are the factory rear shock brands, so they are good. These came in a black tube. Oil shocks are recommended for street use.



For street use:

VAN (WAGON) Koni Classic 80-1904 search
COUPE       Nissan 56210-H1825   search
SEDAN       KYB 442006           search
TRUCK (UTE) Nissan 56210-G1026   search
            KYB 443066           search
            Koni 80-1904 (softer) search

Shock Interchange Tips

As 1200 shocks are no longer in stock, choosing an alternative shock has become the norm.

  • Ensure the shock does not bottom out. For Coupe, wagon and ute, the weight of the car must not rest on the shock (it should instead bottom out on the bump stops). Too long of shock, and at full bounce, the shock will bottom out leading to early wear. When fitting, push down on the rear side and ensure the spring hits the bump stop. If it stops before hitting the bump stop, the shock is too long (compressed length is not short enough)
  • Ensure the shock has enough rebound length (extension). Loosen the lower shock mount, then Jack the car up one side, letting the wheel hang down. See if the shock will still slip into the mount. If the shock extended length is too short, it won't fit, and it will cause the suspension to stop short when going over holes, etc.
  • Coupe shocks use smaller lower mounts (8mm) than most shocks (12mm). Swap the lower bushings OR use KYB KIT105 sleeve adapter (reduces lower mount from 12mm to 8mm bolt size)

Gas Charged

Gas charged shocks became available in 1972

  • They raise the car up 10-15 mm
  • They can work better on bad road surfaces - for example washboard roads - as the gas pressure keeps the oil from aerating under extreme vibrations

24392.jpgAlbum 24392


Shocks differ for Sedan, Coupe, Van and Truck.

  • Coupe shocks are similar to sedan shocks (both have upper threaded bayonet), but Coupes have smaller piston shaft.
  • Sedan shocks are stronger and have a bump stop -- they can support the weight of the car under full bounce.

New aftermarket shocks can cause bounce. The genuine Nissan shocks are carefully tuned for the stock suspension and do not cause bouncing. Most all aftermarket shocks are more firmly valved and cause a harder ride. If you get adjustable units they work well.

24916.jpgAlbum 24916

Van (wagon) and Truck (ute) shocks are identical except for a small difference in rebound specification.

Coupe & Sedan shocks are different in physical measurements and in compression/rebound.

24951.jpgAlbum 24951


3772.jpgAlbum 3772

Bottom mount Nut & Washer
 8mm: Coupe
      08915-13810 WASHER-lock
      08911-13810 NUT
12mm: Sedan,Van,Truck
      08911-14210 NUT
      08915-14210 WASHER-lock
24923.jpgAlbum 24923
Top Mount Nut & Washer
 8mm: Coupe (piston threads)
  08911-10810 NUT
  08911-30810 NUT
 10mm: Sedan (piston threads)
  08911-14010 NUT 2 Sedan
  08911-34010 NUT-jam 2 Sedan
 12mm: Van,Truck (bolt)
  08911-14210 NUT
  08915-14210 WASHER-lock

Truck upper mount
24921.jpgAlbum click to view 24920.jpgAlbum 24920 15255_4e9bd84a7b0f2.jpgUpload click to view 16828.jpgPost click for topic

Lower Mount
* Loop Mount (E1 or E2 type)
12mm Bushing Inside Diameter (sedan)
14mm?? Bushing Inside Diameter (truck, van)
10mm? bush inside diameter (coupe)
32mm Bushing overall length
Upper mount
* S1 standard 3/8 inch (10mm) O.D. stem bayonet mount (sedan & coupe)
* Loop mount (van and truck)




Bilstein and KONI are considered the best mass-market shocks, while Boge, Tokico and KYB are considered quality brands. KONI classic/special is recommended for street and track.

Adjustable Shocks

Adjustable-length, adjustable-damping
174_617883d43daba.jpgPost 496080

See discussion: Where can you get replacement strut inserts?

KONIs are rebound damping adjustable only, so get the correct damping to start with.

KONI can rebuild most KONI shocks, so if you find a used pair or even worn out part of adjustables, call KONI to see if they can be rebuilt. The new name is "classic" or "Special-D".

KONI are twin-tube, oil filled shocks. All the control of regular gas shocks, but without the extra harsh ride that gas shocks cause.

See KONI web site:

HAYASHI DOAR11 8-way adjustable shocks
doar11.jpg doar11x.jpg doar11y.jpg doar11z.jpg

Air Shocks

* Suitable for 1200 sedan
Gabriel Air Jacker 39579 043645307906
* Original use: HX Holden 1976-1977 rear
Open 501mm
Compressed 305mm
Stud at top
Rubber bush bottom ~16mm hole... use sleeve bush
The shock mount is slightly offset

527_51cc20a214ab5.jpg 527_51cc20af9aef7.jpg 527_51cd62ba50474.jpg

Part Numbers


  • comes with bump stop
  • upper mount: S1 (standard 3/8 inch O.D. stem bayonet mount, 16 threads)
  • lower mount: E2 (12mm I.D. x 32mm long Eyering with bushing and metal sleeve)


24801.jpgAlbum 24801

  • Nissan 56200-H1001 COMP-ABSORBER SHOCK REAR (order 2) - Sedan $57.18
  • Nissan 56210-H7926 fits, and is just slightly softer $76.40
  • 56210-H1001 SHOCK ABSORBER KIT-rear (order 2) - Sedan TOKICO NLA
56113-09400 WASHER
55240-H1001 BOUND BUMPER A
56124-H1001 BOUND-BUMPER B
56112-09400 BUSH
08911-14210 NUT-HEX M12X1.25


15943.jpgAlbum 15943

  • KYB 442006 oil B110 sedan (from KYB catalog)
  • KYB 552003 gas (from KYB catalog: PB110 & B210 while supplies last
  • KYB 55476 ? non-gas
  • KYB Gas-A-Just KG3798A
    16240.jpgAlbum click to view
  • KYB K6064
  • KYB 342003 gas B110 sedan (from KYB catalog)
    • One vendor says it fits all 1970-1982 sunny sedan
    • Interchange:
      • KYB 552003
      • SACHS 101 272
      • ACDelco AF42878
      • ACDelco AX69990
      • Nissan 56200-H1001, 56200-H5025, 56210-H1001, 56210-H2801, 56210-H2825, 56210-H5000, 56210-H5025, 56210H5026, 56210H5825, 56210H5826, 56210-H6100, 56210-H6126, 56210-H7900, 56210-H7925, 56210-H7926
  • KYB 552003 (B210)
    • also 66-70 Corolla except Van
  • KYB 442006 oil
    • also 66-70 Corolla except Van (Toyota OEM 4853012013, 4853119056, 4853119125)
Shock Kit (2 spacer, 2 washers and 2 locknuts)
* KYB KIT105 Shock (Sleeve) Adapter Kit; Rear Lower
KYB GR-2 Gas Shock 343140 fits (per KYB catalog):
* 1971-73 Datsun 1200 Sedan
* 1976-82 Datsun 200SX all
* 1979-82 Datsun 210 all
* 1978-81 Datsun 510 exc. wagon
* 1974-78 Datsun B210 except coupe
* 1978-85 Mazda RX7 all
* 1967-74 Toyota Corolla exc. wagon
* 1973-74 Toyota Corolla SR5 all
* ext. length: 20.75 inches
* com. length: 13.39 inches
* stroke: 7.36 inches
* no dustcover
* no rebound stop
* comes with bump stop
* upper mount: S1 (standard 3/8"/10mm O.D. stem bayonet mount)
* lower mount: E2 (12mm I.D. x 32mm long) 
* Eyering with bushing and metal sleeve
  Length is measured from center of eyering to shoulder of stem
200SX and 210 also use KG4764A (Obsolete) use mounting kit C199:
1980-83 Datsun 200SX all
1979-82 Datsun 210 all
ext. length: 21.06 inches
com. length: 13.90 inches
stroke: 7.17 inches
no dustcover
comes with rebound stop
comes with bump stop
upper mount: S1 (standard 3/8 inch O.D. stem bayonet mount)
lower mount: E2 (12mm I.D. x 32mm long) 
RX7 shocks also come in KYB Gas-A-Just model KG4644A:
1978-85 Mazda RX7 all
1987-89 Toyota Van (4 w/d)
ext. length: 21.34 inches
com. length: 13.39 inches
stroke: 7.95 inches
comes with dustcover
comes with rebound stop
no bump stop
upper mount: S1 (standard 3/8 inch O.D. stem bayonet mount)
lower mount: E2 (12mm I.D. x 32mm long)


Tokico Prodra-G- (Prodrag)

  • featuring heavy-duty larger diameter piston
  • トキコ プロドラG リアショックアブソーバー
  • gold 金
  • black 黒
B110     1088 56200-H1001
KB110    1031 56210-H1825
VB110    2048/E2048 56210-H1425
B120     2048/E2048 56210-G1025 56210-G1026
PB110    1088 56210-H2825
KPB110   2203 56210-H2525
For Your Powerful & Beautiful Driving. TOKICO
ZH1 [green]
ZA1 [gold]
  • POST SG2203 R (gas charged) for PB110, so are a bit stiff for the lighter 1200
  • 2203 - 2= Bore Size 203=Serial Number

28106.jpgAlbum 28106 19486.jpgAlbum 19486 28107.jpgAlbum 28107

Tokico is your best choice!
* Blessed experience
* Excellent technology
* Splendid production
* Talented quality control


Which is best?

ACDelco (gas charged)
Gabriel Guardian (gas charged)
Monro-Matic Plus (gas)
KYB Gas-A-Just
ACDelco 520166 or 88946011 (Sedan, gas charged)
Gabriel Guardian (gas shock) PN 81501 fits:
- 1200/B110 1971-1973 Sedan
- 200SX 1976-1984 (solid axle)
- 210/B310 1979-1982 all
- 510 1978-1981 exc. wagon
MONRO-MATIC Plus (gas) PN 33272:
74-78 B210
Orca/BOGE PN OR-27103x2 is 50/pair at


Coupe shock has small diameter 8mm pin that goes through the bottom eyering bush, and a smaller-than-sedan 8mm stem
9374_4deadd0804e8d.jpgUpload click to view

174_5d5e61bc20da4.jpgPost 492343shock_coupe-0c.jpgshock_coupe-0e.jpg

Sedan shocks may physically bolt to the coupe, but 1) have less stroke and 2) are softer

Nissan 56210-H1825 SHOCK ABSORBER KIT-rear (2) - Coupe
* 2011 USA catalog $65 each
* 2019 USA catalog Discontinued
* Classic Garage NOS $80/pair
* Stroke: 7.1 inch (180 mm)
* Compressed length: 10.2 inch (260 mm)
Tokico 1031
* replaces 56210-H1825 
* BOGE 27-A17-A
* SACHS 110 166 


1974-1979 MKII Escort & RS2000 (sedan/coupe) rear shock
* Monroe 15-3065+
  max: 478
  min: 288 (28mm longer than 1200 Coupe)
Perhaps good with 1"+ lowering blocks?
Not good for reset-spring lowered coupes?
Gabriel Classic 82020
* $14/each
* 279 mm (11.00") Compressed [19 mm longer than stock]
* 460 (18.11) Extended
* 181 (7.11) Stroke
KYB KG3608 Gas-A-Just
KYB GR2/Excel-G 343143
* $31 each
Per KYB interchange, this fits:
* 1971-73 Datsun 1200 Coupe
* 1974-78 Datsun B210 Coupe
* 1970-74 Toyota Corolla wagon (starting 5/70)
* 1966 Volkswagen Type I (except 1200)
* 1967-70 Volkswagen Type I all FRONT
* 1971-77 Volkswagen Type I (except Super Beetle) FRONT
* Compressed Length 11.89" [42 mm longer than stock]
* Extended Length 17.01" [8 mm shorter than stock]
* Upper Mount S1 (10mm stem)
* Lower Mount E2(12x32)
* Use with KYB KIT105 sleeve adapter (reduces lower mount from 12mm to 8mm bolt size)
* Stroke 5.12 inch [51 mm less than stock]
1992 Hilux Front
* do not compress as much as stock (not good for lowered coupes?)
* reportedly work good for offroad rally racing 
* 360 mm extended [80 mm less than stock]
* 300 mm compressed [40 mm longer than stock]
Koni 80-1551 adjustable
* 1965-1994 Alfa Romeo, about $200 pair
* extended:  415 mm (25 mm less than stock)
* compressed 270 mm (10 mm longer than stock)
* stroke: 145 mm (35 mm less than stock)
* eyelet 7mm wider than coupe (so POST trim the bushing)
KONI KO-80-1787 VW FRONT Steering Damper
KONI KO-80-1977 - Coupe (NLA)
* reportedly: 430 Uncompressed / 270 Compressed
Koni 80-2359 / 80A-2359
* sold by Nissan Motorsport as Nismo Part Number 99996-2359A
1980 SAAB 900 Front Shock 
SACHS 55 1700 106 517, 89 91 713
* 360 Uncompressed 
* 275 Compressed
KYB 343136 
* 1966-1970 Datsun Roadster 1600 & 2000 (rear)
* 275 mm (10.83") Compressed [15 mm longer than stock]
* 455 (17.91) Extended
* 180 (7.09) Stroke [same as stock]
* Mount S1 & E1
These do not compress as far as stock, but are close
Gabriel 82130 
* 1966-1970 Datsun Roadster 1600 & 2000 (rear)
* 275 mm (10.84") Compressed [15 mm longer than stock]
* 450 (17.70) Extended
* 174 (6.86) Stroke [6 mm less than stock]
* Upper mount S6 (3/8 threads, 7/16 shoulder) 
* ES22 lower mount (1/2" i.d., 1.25" long)

For off-road racing, here is a longer but stiff shock. ARB Old Man Emu NitroCharger Shock (N43) for FJ55 Toyota front. 295 mm compress length. Require the bigger 16 mm pin diameter bottom plates from a 910 Bluebird or Vanette. NOTE: Stiff shocks with gas cause increase mount loads, so it's also good to brace the area where the top pin mounts to the body as this starts to fatigue.


Nissan 56210-H1425 SHOCK ABSORBER KIT-rear (2) - Van
KONI KO-80-1904 - 1200 wagon/van, Toyota Landcruiser
* Koni Classic Red
* Sunny 1200 Station Wagon (VB110) 70-73 Heavy Track Rear 80-1904

25694.jpgAlbum 25694

Potential Wagon Shocks

Mini part number 150309
AVO adjustable TA233
Extended length: 316mm
Body: 212mm
Also see Truck section below.


1200 ute (truck) shocks are physically same as VB110 wagon, but with different damping characteristics.

20528.jpgAlbum 20528

B120  リヤ サスペンション <シヤシー>

ショック アブソーバー
56210-G1025 SHOCK ABSORBER KIT-rear (2) リヤ ショック アブソーバー キット
56210-G1026 ABSORBER KIT-SHOCK, REAR コクインNO 56210-G1001 トキコ 8504- [Tokico]
superseded 56210-G1025 コクイン 56210-G1000  カヤバ -8503 [Kayaba (KYB)]
Interchange: Hyundai, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan
* SACHS 101280
* AL-KO 1436
* BOGE 275509
* KYB 343121 [gas]
* KYB 443066 [oil]
KYB oil: 443066
KYB gas: 343121 Excel-G, 553100
Per KYB catalog, these replace Nissan OEM parts:
* 56210-G1000 (truck/ute)
* 56210-G1001 
* 56210-G1025
* 56210-G1026
* 56210-H1400 (van/wagon)
* 56210-H1425
Tokico (Hitachi Automotive Systems)
Oil: 2048
Gas: E2048
Per Tokico catalog, these replace Nissan OEM parts:
* 56210-G1025
* 56210-G1026
* 56210-H1425 (van/wagon)
* Datsun B110, B210, B310
* 1987-1994 Vanette C22 4WD
* 1980-1984 Toyota Blizzard LD10V
* 1980-1986 Toyota LiteAce M20
* 1977-1982 Toyota Town Ace TR11/15
* 1980-1982 Daihatsu Delta KD20 single tire
* 1977-1979 Daihatsu Delta Wide
* 1975-1984 Daihatsu Taft
* 1981-1999 Mazda Titan
* 1969-1973 Mitsubishi A51V,52V,53V,54V
* 1978-1985 Mitsubishi L300/Delica
* 1983-1987 Mitsubishi L300/Delica some
* 1995-     Mitsubishi L300/Delica some
* 1972-1985 Mitsubishi Lancer van (see Mitsubishi_Lancer_(A70))
24915.jpgAlbum 24915

Possible interchange

coxsteve: Last Ute I built we used VW Passat Wagon Koni rear shocks worked a treat
1973-1980 VW Passat Estate (rear)
* Top eye
* Bottom eye
KYB 443049
KONI 22-2291
Daihatsu TAFT F10/F20 REAR (1971-1978)
Mitsubishi Colt A20/A20V/A23/A27 1964-1972 REAR
Mitsubishi Lancer A72V/A75V/A141V/A142V/A148V/A149V 09.76-04.79 REAR
Toyota BLIZZARD LD10..TP (SOFT TOP) 03.80-05.84 REAR
Datsun SUNNY VHB310 (VAN) 10.77-10.80
Datsun SUNNY 1200 VB110 (VAN) B120 Series (TRUCK) 01.70-05.73
Datsun SUNNY VB210 (VAN) 03.73-10.77

Volkswagen Type I

* E2 type eye mounts
* 390mm extended, 255mm compressed length
KONI KO-80-1349 adjustable (450N/900N)
* VW FRONT 1955-1967
KONI KO-80-1350 adjustable (750N/1050N)
* VW REAR 1955-1967
* about 40% stiffer (750N vs 450N)
KONI 80-2149 externally adjustable + upper mount
* 386mm long with 129mm stroke
* Top mount: M12 x 34mm
* Bottom mount: M12 x 48mm


Maddat Product No. ARSK: Adjustable Rear Koni Shocks (pair), Suit Ute, Sedan or Wagon

Ute/Wagon pictured

Coupe version
1333_56ea5cf53cf70.jpgPost 477326

Suit Coupe
Koni 80 1551 (26-2012) 
Rebound Adjustable off vehicle
extended:  415 mm (25 mm less than stock)
compressed 270 mm (10 mm less than stock)

1333_56ea5cc3266c0.jpgPost 477326

Lowering Shocks

Sedan lowering more than 2 inches causes problems as the rear lower shock mount is on the axle housing.


Sedan shocks have built-in bump stops. The weight of the car is designed to rest on them (they have a reinforced ledge on the shock). Also, the sedan shocks bolt to the axle housing bracket, so lowering the car compresses the shock.


You can get about 1" extra travel by cutting the Bump Stop in half (Bound Bumper A). The downside is when you hit bigger bumps it will have less cushioning effect.
24951.jpgAlbum 24951

Here's the other place you gotta watch. Look under your lowered sedan and see how much room between top of differential snout, and the pinion snubber. If needed, cut an inch off the snubber and reshape into cone (which helps with compression).
174_509b12abdfe7b.jpgPost 422644

If your sedan shocks are actually bottoming out, measure the ones you have. Stock ones are 339 mm compressed (measured from center of eyering to shoulder of stem -- not to the end of the stem).

Coupe shocks are the go for your 2-1/2" to 3" lowered sedan -- they are 18% stiffer and 3" shorter. The issue is the small bush hole, which can be drill out to the 12 mm sedan size. Be sure to move the bump stops (bound bumpers) from your old sedan shocks to the new shocks. For sedans lowered 1" or 2" stock length shocks work fine. BUT not recommended for stock-height sedan because at maximum drop they extend 2.6" inches less.

Datsun Competition recommended modifying the shock mount by using the Coupe mount plate.


In general, lowering the coupe, ute or wagon does not require a shorter shock. On these models the bump stops prevent the shocks from bottoming out.

174_5d5f2a23e8356.pngPost click for topic 174_5d5e61bc20da4.jpgPost 492343

26720.jpgAlbum 26720 26721.jpgAlbum 26721

Whether lowering by reset spring, or lowering with blocks, the compressed length does not shorten. So a shorter shock is not needed.
174_5d5f2abf70f25.jpgPost 492352 174_5d5f2a6a52a39.jpgPost 492352

However, removing or cutting down the bump stops will require a shorter shock. Once you cut about 1" (?) off the bump stops the standard shocks can bottom out. Coupe uses a small mounting stud, so bottoming out will either bend the stud, or the shock will be internally damaged. Ute uses a large stud, so the shock will likely be damaged before the shock stud bends. To avoid this problem, use a shorter shock — or modify the shock mounting location.
174_6171e6e1e5dd0.jpgPost 496058 shock_coupe-3-block.jpg

One thing that will help when trimming the bump stop is to reshape it into a cone shape (as in the original) but a shorter cone. The shape helps progressively stop the suspension compared to just cutting it off flat.

Alternatively for using longer-than-stock shocks, the lower shock mount can be moved down. See Datsun 1200 Competition Suspension Manual.
19038.jpgAlbum 19038
NOTE: In this photo the bump stops have been removed, allowing about 2" more compression -- although it is not recommended as it will "crash" when you go over a large enough bump. Recommendation: keep the Bump Stops but shorten them as appropriate.

COUPE: Koni 80-2359 (or 80A-2359) is reportedly for 1200 Coupe with increased suspension compression due to bump stop modification. Pedders may have a compatible shock. If you use an aftermarket shock that comes with bump stops, remove the the bump rubbers. The sheet metal of the shock was not designed to stop the weight of the car.

UTE/WAGON stock compressed length: 288 mm (11.3 inches): 
Monroe Original Gas 23908 - stiff
* Holden Astra G Sedan 2002-2004 rear
* Push the metal tube out from the bushing of the eyes
Monroe GT Gas 150048
* Type 1 & 3 Beetle rear
KYB 343144 GR-2/Excel-G
* Type 1 Beetle rear
* 10.3 inch compressed length 
  (1" shorter than stock, good for about 1/2" extra travel)
KYB KG5529 Gas-A-Just
* Type 1 Beetle rear
* Compressed Length (in) 10.59 (good for about 3/8" extra travel)
KYB 343008 GR-2 (reported exact fit for 1200 Ute)
* Original application: 1978-1988 Saab 90 front
** KYB 443035 Oil
** KYB 553014 Gas-a-just
** Boge 27-021-9 EUR except turbo
** Monroe R2572


The stock factory damping force specification is:

Measured at 0.3m/s
Stroke mm(in)167 (6.6)180 (7.1)180 (7.1)180 (7.1)
Max. length mm(in)506 (19.9)440 (17.3)468 (18.4)468 (18.43)
Min. Length mm(in)339 (13.3)260 (10.2)288 (11.3)288 (11.3)
Rebound kg(lb)N58 (128) 56968 (150) 66790 (198) 88393-127 (205-280)
Compression kg(lb)N38 (83.8) 37345 (99.2) 44145 (99.2) 44132-50 (71-110)

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