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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering Column Bush

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Steering System

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Here's a fix for the loose steering column which every 1200 now seems to have after 30 years... a polyethylene bushing.



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The bushing is located at the tip of the steering column(i.e. steering wheel end) and unscrews. It is behind the turn signal switch assembly.

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This is like a $10 fix, although you have to drill, cut and/or whittle the polyethylene yourself. It is low-friction and self-lubricating. Machine one up yourself out of Nylon - $10. With some time and patience you can whittle it with a knife.

20541.jpgAlbum 20541 20542.jpgAlbum 20542
Home-made nylon bushing

Or buy one already made from Nissan. The Nissan part numbers are:

48910-H1020 or 48910-H1021 Column Bush for Collapsible Steering Column USA ALL, JAPAN GL, GX
25545.jpgAlbum 25545 27467.jpgAlbum 27467 27468.jpgAlbum 27468

48054-H1002 BUSH-STEERING WORM Sedan/Coupe/Wagon/Pickup (all years, for non-collapsible column)
VENDOR: Bprojects Product: Steering Rubber Bush
19646.jpgAlbum 19646 27469.jpgAlbum 27469

There are two kinds of bushings, with a totally different setup

  • The screw in type AU$56. Press the new bush into the screw part, per the Factory Service Manual
  • The press fit type AU$26, essentially a rubber bush with a metal sleeve

A friendly Nissan dealer is the place to ask for the part.

  • you can still get them genuine from Nissan
  • looks like some sort of engineering plastic (eg delrin) and encased in the threaded and castellated metal outer

Make Your Own

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  • as a quick fix , cut 4 small pieces of cork, lube them up and push them in place.
  • cut a spare LCA bushing with a 32mm hole saw. See Quick fix for sloppy steering column bush
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Removal and Installation

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  1. Remove the Steering Wheel
  2. Remove the column shell
  3. Remove the turn signal mechanism
  4. If equipped, remove the circlip & thrust washer
  5. Uncrimp the column where it has been hammered down to lock the bush in place
  6. Unscrew the bushing sleeve. Use a special spanner wrench or lightly tap it around (takes a very long time, so be patient)


Unlock the crimp-locks, (uncrimp it, notice it has been hammered)

Unfortunately if the previous mechanic screwed it in too far (as on my ute) the it's much more difficult. In this case you can tap it with a punch or screwdriver anti-clockwise -- but it will take a very, very long time, so be patient.

After fitting the new bush, screw it in and adjust for less than 1.0 mm clearance to the washer.

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Part Numbers

48054-H1002 BUSHING-column non-collapsible column
48910-H1021 BUSH-column Collapsible type column

Bush is part #18
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コラキシブル collapsible GL, GX ステアリング シャフト コラム ブッシュ steering shaft column bush 

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